Why Doesn’t My Roomba Pick Up Dog Hair

Why doesn’t my Roomba pick up dog hair? I’ve got this question countless times and in this video, I’ll be giving you solutions.

Why doesn’t my Roomba pick up dog hair? I’ve got this question countless times and in this video, I’ll be giving you solutions.

If you have a pet, you are aware that there is a significant amount of hair to clean up, particularly during times when the animal is shedding.

 In general, Roombas are quite effective at picking up pet hair; but, if an excessive amount of hair becomes entangled in the cleaning brushes, it will prevent fresh air from entering the vacuum.

 In addition, owing to the accumulation of static electricity, dry surroundings make it more difficult for the vacuum to take up hair.

 A humidifier may be of assistance in this situation. If you have pets in the home, iRobot suggests cleaning the brushes at least twice a week.

Why Doesn’t My Roomba Pick Up Dog Hair

But why is my Roomba not Picking Anything up?

Because there is an excessive amount of hair and lint wrapped around the brushes, your Roomba is leaves behind clumps of hair when it cleans. 

The Roomba is designed to collect hair, including long hair, but it can only do so for a certain amount of time until the hair begins to coil around the brush, which reduces the suction and leaves behind clumps of hair.

Can this situation be avoided? 

You can avoid your Roomba from leaving clumps of hair by cleaning the brushes and the end caps of the brushes.

In the following paragraphs, we will demonstrate how to repair a Roomba that persistently leaves behind clumps of hair. Your Roomba should be able to clean like a pro by the time you finish reading this page without making a mess. 

Why Doesn’t My Roomba Pick Up Dog HairRoomba Doesn’t Pick Up Hair – Further Explanation of the Reasons

If there is hair trapped in the brushes of the Roomba or if the dustbin is too full to pick up any more debris, the Roomba may leave behind clumps of hair. In addition, if the filter is blocked, the device can have problems picking up hair.

In addition to that, you want to examine the quantity of hair that is strewn around your home. There is a limit to how much hair a Roomba can take up, and if there is an excessive amount of hair, it is possible that your Roomba will not pick up all of the hair.

The following is an explanation of the reasons in further detail:

1. An Excessive Amount of  Hair About Your Home

Even longer human hair can be collected by a Roomba since it is intended to do so; nevertheless, if there is an excessive amount of hair in your home, it is possible that your Roomba will not be able to collect all of the hair in a single pass.

Before turning on your Roomba, it’s a good idea to give your home a once-over with a conventional broom, especially if you have a lot of fuzzy pets or a lot of human hair that’s always laying about.

Keep in mind that there is always something you can do to make the job of your Roomba easier. You can stop your Roomba from leaving clumps of hair behind if there is less hair lying about, and you can do this by lowering the quantity of hair that is laying around. 

2. The Brushes Are Tangled With Too Much Hair

If you use a Roomba and observe that it leaves behind clumps of hair, it’s possible that the brushes have become entangled with the hair. If your Roomba is noisier than normal, this is one of the clearest indications that the brushes need to be cleaned.

A Roomba is capable of picking up human hair and even longer pet hair with its specially developed bristles. However, in order for the Roomba to perform without interruption, it is necessary for you to remove the hair that is tangled around the brushes.

In addition to cleaning the brushes themselves, you will also need to clean the brush roller bearings on a regular basis. These bearings are placed on both ends of the brushes.

 After you have removed the housing, there is a good likelihood that you will see that there are little spirals of hair or fur wrapped around the ends of each roller.

The good news is that removing those hair spirals won’t take you very long at all. After you have removed all of the hairs from the rollers and then reinserted them, your Roomba should be able to resume its normal cleaning routine.

3. The Dustbin is Full and The Filter is Clogged

A full dustbin and a clogged filter are two more reasons why your Roomba is leaving clumps of hair behind. Because of this, the Roomba is not providing enough suction strength to clear the hair that is laying about your home.

The capacity of the Roomba to pick up hair is diminished when the bin is full.

Do you routinely clear out the trash can and clean the filter?

Keep in mind that the trash can has to be cleaned out after each usage, and the filter needs to be changed out once every two months. If you have a dog, you should empty the trash can about five times during each usage.

If you don’t do these basic steps, your Roomba will not only have a greater propensity to leave clumps of hair behind, but it also has a chance of producing an error number 8, which indicates that it has poor suction.

4. Do Not Put too Much Stock in a Roomba

You should now understand the reason why your Roomba is leaving behind hair clumps.

You have to be aware of the capabilities and limitations of a Roomba. You shouldn’t put too much stock in a Roomba. It is true that it may clean your home intelligently without much of your involvement, but you will still need to take care of it and maintain it.

You may decrease the likelihood that your Roomba will leave clumps of hair behind if you frequently clean the bin and remove hair from the brushes that it uses. You could always assist your Roomba by cleaning the floor with a broom every once in a while, even if you have fuzzy pets. Couldn’t you?

Also, make sure that any pet faeces that may be laying about is cleaned up, since if it isn’t, your Roomba may pick it up and spread the horrible stuff all over your home. The procedure of cleaning is quite involved and difficult.

Best state of the art Roombas for Removing Pet Hair Easily

When you have the most effective vacuum for removing pet hair, you will discover that cleaning up after your dog or cat is a lot simpler. 

These vacuums are a must-have for pet owners worldwide since they are designed with features that can trap hair, dirt, dust,  crumbs, dander, and other allergens. They may be kept close at hand in case your furry friend creates a mess that has to be cleaned up immediately.

Below are the best Roomba for removing pet hair:

1. iRobot Roomba i7

The Roomba i7 further has a high-efficiency filter that is excellent not only for the cleaning of pet hair but also for enhancing the air quality inside your house. This filter is included as standard equipment.

Because it also has an increased suctioning capacity, you do not need to be concerned that this robot vacuum will perform a terrible job of cleaning your house.

 You can put your worries to rest. It is able to collect dirt and individual hairs of any size, regardless of how minute they may be. 

Its features are:

  • Compatible with the iRobot Home app. 
  • High-Efficiency Filter.
  • Dual Multi-Surface Rubber Brushes.
  • Features 10x Air Power for Power-Lifting Suction.
  • iAdapt 3.0 Navigation with vSlam technology.
  • Self-Recharge.

What I Love about this Product

Wasn’t expecting this iRobot to perform as well as it does. I am indeed very impressed with how it works/operates. Although it was annoying at how often it had to be emptied from our hairy dog, then purchased the auto emptier bin thing and the Lil guy does every job now without having to babysit.

Where to Buy From

The best place to get this Product is from Amazon. They’ve got this product at the best price ever!


2. iRobot Roomba 980

This is a free takeaway for those of you who are curious about which Roomba model is the most effective at removing pet hair.

The iRobot 980 has a clever navigation system, which is one of the things I like most about it. This capability enables the gadget to simply traverse between various rooms, allowing it to clean the whole house.

This model should serve as your only consideration if you have a big apartment. The Roomba 980 has a battery life that is much longer than its predecessor, the Roomba 880.

Even if the power starts to run low while the cleaning is being done, the gadget will instantly recharge itself and continue doing its job.

In addition to this, it does not take up where it stopped off at some arbitrary moment; rather, it resumes precisely where it left off before.

This model has a suction that is highly strong and is perfect for use on all different kinds of flooring. When you go from a hard surface, like hardwood, to a carpeted surface, the Roomba 980 will increase its air power by a factor of ten to better handle the carpet. 


  • HEPA filters for filtering fine particles, dirt, and dust.
  • Omnidirectional virtual wall barriers.
  • 4AA rechargeable lithium-ion batteries.
  • iAdapt 2.0 navigation to allow the vacuum cleaner to access multiple rooms.
  • Advanced dirt detects technology.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity for smartphone app control.
  • 6” low profile design to enable easy access beneath the seats or under the bed.
  • Two tangle-free rotating brushes and a spinning side brush

What I love about this Product

I simply had no idea how good this particular Roomba would work. My house was seriously mired in dog hair tumbleweeds. Everything was dingy and dirty. SHad other products, but decided to try this out. I really didn’t have a lot of hope, and dang, it was EXPENSIVE. But, trying to keep the peace. Well, it exceeded my expectations by double or triple!

My floors aren’t just clear of dog hair, but they shine. I like a clean house, I just don’t want to do it. I also bought an expensive 3-year maintenance agreement, because I can’t imagine it never breaks. Just awesome technology.

My rugs look fantastic. We have lots of them all over the Pergo floor. Everything looks good. Gets under the beds, and most furniture. Before running it the first time, we vacuumed very thoroughly. Hah! Had to run the Roomba about 5 times in a row. It was horrifying. Looks great now, though, and we are happily in maintenance mode.

Very intuitive interface. Love it so far!!!

Where to Buy From

The best place to get this Product is from Amazon. They’ve got this product at the best price ever!


3. iRobot Roomba 690

Within the realm of robotics, iRobot is hardly a newcomer. In point of fact, it is one of the pioneers in the industry, with more than 25 years of expertise. iRobot was recognized as one of the top 100 best small firms in the United States by Forbes in the year 2014.

The iRobot Roomba 690 is just what you need for those days when you are so busy that you simply do not have the time to do anything. It is in fact the most advanced Roomba model I have.

Not only is it effective in removing pet hairs, but it is also quite good at sucking up dirt, trash, and any other kind of particle that may be present on your floor.

The Roomba 690, being an intelligent gadget, has a high degree of dependability when it comes to locating the dirtiest spot and cleaning it properly. 


  • Auto-adjustable cleaning head to adapt to different heights.
  • Dirt detects sensor, which automatically recognizes areas with more dirt.
  • Dual multi-surface brushes for picking dirt off the floor.
  • A sweeping edge brush angled at 27°.
  • Voice control.
  • 2AA rechargeable batteries.
  • iRobot home app.
  • Filters for allergens

What I love about this Product

I did a lot of research before getting this product. I’m quite cheap and do not like spending my money, but this was going to be a gift for my mom since she’s legally blind and usually misses spots when she cleans the house and we’re not always home to help her out. I got the warranty just in case. We’ve been using her for a few months now and I can say with absolute certainty that this is one of the greatest Roombe purchases I have ever made.

Sure, it was a gift for my mom, but my siblings all took turns taking Rita (her name) into their rooms and watching her go. They have her set to clean every day and are amazed at how much dirt she still picks up.

I wasn’t sure if the app was necessary at first, but I love it. You don’t even have to be within WiFi range to start her, as long as you have Internet on your phone and she’s within WiFi range. It also tells you when she’s stuck, done cleaning, or any other important status. It shows you how to clean her and when she needs to be clean with instructional videos, which really helps my mom since an instruction book would be too small for her to read.

She is part of the family now, though they probably feed her too much. I feel bad for anyone(including myself) that doesn’t have an experience like them. They’ve bragged on her so much that two of my mom’s friends went and bought one after seeing the videos they posted.

Where to Buy From

The best place to get this Product is from Amazon. They’ve got this product at the best price ever!


4. iRobot Roomba E5 (5150)

When compared to some of their other models, the iRobot Roomba E5 (5150) is intended to provide you with a more comprehensive and thorough cleaning experience.

This model does not depend on brushes to brush up the hair and dirt; rather, it has incorporated tangle-free extractors that decrease clogging from pet hair and ultimately boost the suction power of the machine. Brushes are used to sweep up the hair and debris.

This type is secure for your family as a result of the increased allergy filters, and it will also keep your house smelling more pleasant.

The Roomba 5150 is equipped with an exclusive technology called Dirt Detect Series 1 that allows it to identify dirtier rooms and regions and direct more cleaning time and effort toward those areas that need it. 

  • Multi-Surface rubber bristles and brushes
  • Works through wifi, Alexa, Google Assistant, and iRobot app..
  • 90-minute runtime w/ auto recharging.
  • Increased suction power over regular models.
  • High-Efficiency filter to trap allergens.

What I love about this Product

This product is worth every penny. My GSD has fine, short hair and sheds horribly. This device worked AMAZINGLY on my hardwood floors! The extra suction power for pet hair makes a huge difference. Even on my area rugs, the Roomba does a great job.

If you are debating on whether or not to get this device, I am here to tell you that it makes life a whole lot easier with dusting and sweeping.

The battery life of this particular one is great we keep ours on the charger while we aren’t using it.

Setup and controlling the Roomba is very simple. It can be controlled straight from your phone. When the Roomba is done with its job or low on battery, it automatically returns to the charging port while sending you a notification of its movement.

Overall, great product! Would recommend this to everyone.

Where to Buy From

The best place to get this Product is from Amazon. They’ve got this product at the best price ever!


5. iRobot Roomba 890

If you have a lot of carpet in your house, you should strongly consider purchasing the Roomba 890. It is a wonderful choice.

Carpet may become a breeding ground for allergens like pet dander and hair, but this vacuum is equipped with a three-stage cleaning technology that generates five times the amount of suction than earlier versions did.

This filtration system is not only able to take up pet hair but it is also meant to get rid of at least 99%  of the allergens that are floating about in the air.

This includes particles as tiny as 10 microns in size, such as pollen, dust, and pet dander. The rubber brushes are designed to collect pet hair without tangling, and there is also an edge sweeper that will ensure that every nook and cranny of your house is spotless.


  • A filtration system that is very effective and can remove 99% of all allergens. 
  • Rubber brushes that allow for a more comprehensive cleaning.
  • Use the iRobot Home app to plan out your cleaning schedule.
  • A suction power that is five times more than normal for scooping up debris.
  • A three-step cleaning process to ensure that every floor is spotless afterwards.
  • Redocking and powering up on its own automatically.
  • iAdapt navigation for improved mapping.
  • Dirt detecting sensors that zero in on regions with a high concentration of dirt.

What I Love About this Product

This vacuum performs admirably, it is much quieter than I expected and is great to KEEP your house clean. If you are the type that fills the dirt bin in 10 minutes you probably should start with a leaf blower, then go to a shop vac and work down from there.
Wifi pairing was not difficult, If you don’t have any knowledge of pairing devices, then I would recommend you start with help from someone that is familiar with the technology or just start with a call to their tech support.
I read about docking problems, be patient and understand what has to happen for it to doc. It does not go directly to its home base, If you have some patience it will eventually find it. Don’t expect it to be quick.
This will not replace weekly vacuuming unless you are a very clean person with a small house or apartment. It is excellent for dog hair, If you have 8 dogs and 12 cats in the house, I would recommend you stay with a shop vac. Don’t rate the product poorly because the dirt bag is small, it is a poor reflection on your intelligence. Study before you buy, it will save you a lot of disappointment and it will save the rest of us a lot of time reading worthless reviews. I believe this product deserves a 5 star rating and I paid for it myself.

Where to Buy From

The best place to get this Product is from Amazon. They’ve got this product at the best price ever!


Frequently Asked Questions

Does hair get trapped in Roomba?

The AeroForce extractors that are used by this Roomba are comprised of two tread-covered rubber cylinders that are arranged next to one another on the underside of the vacuum. They remove the need for vacuum bristles by instead sucking up hair and chopping it into smaller pieces. This prevents individual strands of hair from becoming tangled, as would happen with bristle brushes.

Are long hair and Roombas a bad combination?

Any kind of upright vacuum cleaner, including the Roomba, is capable of efficiently wrapping long hair around its brushes and axles. However, it does have a niftiness tool that will assist you in trimming the excess hair off the brush. The axles are the parts that need to be taken apart on a regular basis. Anything that moves will get lengthy hair tangled around it at some point. 

Why does my Roomba leave strands of hair all over the floor?

If your Roomba® isn’t picking up debris anymore or if it’s leaving strands of hair or debris on the floor, you need to follow the maintenance instructions for the filter and cleaning head module to get the most possible performance out of it. Your robot’s bin may soon get full of hair in households that have dogs that are prone to excessive shedding, and the hair may then be redeposited on the floor.

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