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Animals have several seemingly odd habits. You might not have an idea of this if you have not spent so much time around a pet. However, if you have had a pet for long enough, you have probably noticed a couple of their odd habits. Popular among these habits is digs licking their own behind, as well as them licking the butts of other dogs.

While a dog trying to lick its own butt or the butt of another dog is indeed strange, dogs can even do some things that can be even considered stranger; they sometimes lick the butts of cats. While you might think this is totally out of line, as a dog owner, it is important that you know why your dog licks the butts of the cats around it.

Why Does My Dog Lick My Cat’s Butt

Why does my Dog Lick my Cat’s Butt?: Reasons

Animals do not just act. To humans, their actions might seem completely without reason. However, everything that an animal does is with reason. You just need to discover the reasons they do the things that they do.

That said, let’s find out a couple of the reason your dog licks your cat’s butt.

Your Dog Wants to Help a Cat Pass Poop:

When dogs are young, pooping could be a challenge. The reason for this is puppies do not have a perfect control of their bowels. If they do not get any help, puppies might be unable to poop as frequently as they should and this can be a major challenge.
Grown dogs know about the challenge that puppies face while trying to poop. So, they help them poop easily by licking their butts. While this might seem really irritating, it goes a long way in simulating a puppy’s bowels.

In very much the same way as dogs help puppies poop, sometimes, they feel that cats have the same challenge and will need help to. This is perhaps because cats are quite small.
While dogs might lick a cat’s butt simply because they want to help the cat. Sometimes, this could end up in a fight.

Dogs Lick Cats’ Butts to Confirm Their Identity:

This particular reason is perhaps one you will never think about as you might simply assume that a dog should be able to confirm a cat’s identity by simply looking at it. Well, things do not always work that way for animals.

Dogs have a very keen sense of smell and this sense of smell comes in handy for several purposes. With their sense of smell, dogs can find their way to their homes, find their food, and also recognize living and non-living objects around them.
We are used to dogs sniffing humans and other dogs. However, they can take things further by smelling a cat’s butt all in a bid to identify such a cat.

Why do dogs actually have to lick your cat’s butt since they can simply sniff it?

Well, with licking your cat’s butt, your dog will be able to find out a lot more than it would find out by merely sniffing it. There is a lot of information that a dog can gather with just its nose. However, the details are a lot stronger when this ability is mixed with the information gathered by its tongue.
If a dog and a cat already live in the same environment, there is a likelihood that it already knows the cat. So, you might wonder why it is will still go ahead to lick the cat’s butt. The fact is sometimes, dogs try to confirm what they suspect.

They Are Looking to Derive Pleasure:

A Dog could lick a cat’s butt because it wants to help the cat. However, there are times it merely licks a cat’s butt because it is trying to derive its own pleasure.
Some dogs appear to like how poop taste. So, when they have the chance to taste poop in a cat’s butt, they will not hesitate.

Your Dog Might be trying to Groom Your Cat:

Grown dogs have a thing for grooming younger dogs. This action is basically instinctive and is one that seems very good. While it looks good when a dog grooms its puppies, it appears dogs might not know when to draw the line so long as grooming is concerned.
More often than not, dogs make attempts at grooming cats in very much the same way as they groom puppies.

Sometimes, cats seem very comfortable with dogs attempting to groom them by licking their butts. However, other times, a cat might not be very comfortable with this action and could put up some resistance.

Stopping a Dog from Licking a Cat’s Bum

At this point, you know the likely reason why your dog is licking your cat’s butt. Some dog owners do not seem to mind this habit in dogs. Others, however, are not comfortable with it. That’s not all. Cats might not be comfortable with it.
So, if you are uncomfortable with your dog licking your cat’s butt or your cat does not seem to be comfortable with this action, there is a lot that you can do.

Let’s walk through some ways you can stop your dog from licking your cat’s butt.

Tryout a Physical Deterrent:

You can try to keep your dog from licking a cat’s butt through various methods. One of these methods is through the use of a physical deterrent.
There are various physical deterrents. If water works for you, you could try it out. Also, you could physically separate your dog from your cat.

Get an Alternative:

You might try to stop your dog from licking a cat’s butt without any success. If you keep trying and are unable to achieve success, you might want to try out an alternative.
Dogs love treats. So, you can make a habit of giving them a treat each time you keep them away from a cats butt. This should work over time.

Ensure Your Cat’s Litter Box is Clean:

If you can keep your cat’s litter box clean always, your dog will be discouraged from licking your cat’s bum.

Apply an Anti-Lick Spray:

Dogs are not comfortable with anti-lick sprays. So, if it is beginning to look like your dog will be unable to stay away from your cat’s butt, you just might want to make use of an anti-lick spray.

Ensure Your Dog and Cat are Physically Separate:

Regardless of how much you do, some dogs might be unable to say away from a cat’s butt. If you have such a dog in your household, you might have to keep your cat and dog separate.

Help Your Dog Stop:

One of the easiest ways to get your dog to stop licking a cat’s butt is to teach it to stop. This can be achieved by giving it commands. With these commands, it will know how to behave when it is around people. If you notice your dog walking towards your cat to lick its butt, simply tell it to walk away.

Are There Dangers Associated with Your Dig Licking Your Cat’s Butt?

Your dog constantly licking your cat’s butt is strange. However, beyond simply being strange, is it a safe practice?
The average dog owner is of the idea that no harm can come to dogs simply because they lick cats’ butts. While it might seem like there is no harm coming to your dog when it licks a cat’s butt, you might not be too sure of what can happen when your dog lick a cat’s butt.
Nonetheless, there are some dangers associated with a dog licking a cat’s butt. Most pronounced among them is they could pick up parasites. When these parasites are contracted, a dog could go on to have issues such as weight loss, and gastrointestinal issues. Additionally, if nothing is done, it could lead to death.
That’s not all. If a dog licks a cat’s butt too frequently, it could end up being allergic. Also, this action could make cats and dogs in the same household fight too frequently.

Is There Anything Abnormal about a Dog Licking a Cat’s Bum?

There is really nothing abnormal about a dog licking a cat’s bum. While this might make you quite worried, you just have to deal with the fact that dogs seem attracted to the smell produced by cats’ butts.


Dogs have a reputation for licking and sniffing people around them. However, there are times dogs lick too frequently. They could do this for various reasons. Sometimes, these reasons are medical related. Also, sometimes, they simply enjoy the taste.

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