Why Does My Cat Lick My Other Cats Bum? – Find Out Here

Cats are a lot different from humans. This is as expected. While you should not be surprised that your cat differs from you in several ways, having a cat around can be an experience that lots of people have no words to explain.

Cats do quite a number of things that seem gross and one of them is licking other cats’ bums. If you live with cats, you perhaps have seen them licking one another’s bum. Also, you must be wondering why they carry out such activities.
Well, there are a handful of reasons why cats lick one another’s bums and you will be making a mistake if you simply guess what these reasons are.

Why Does My Cat Lick My Other Cats’ Bum

Why Does My Cat Lick My Other Cats’ Bum?

If you have always had to guess why your cats keep licking each other’s private areas, you might not have to do that anymore. This is because we have put down some reasons why your cat licks your other cats’ bums.

Read on to find out what they are.

A Sign of Bad Smell

Just like other pets and animals in general, when cats have not had their bathe for a fairly long period, they do not smell nice. Now, it is impossible for cats to throw one another into water as their anatomy was not designed for this.
Instead of throwing one another into a pool of water, cats will rather lick one another. This action is usually not limited to their bum so long as cleaning one another is concerned. They usually extend it to other parts of their body.

As a cat owner, you have to note that cats are not very comfortable in water. So, if you discover that your cat smells, you might actually want to avoid throwing it into a bowl of water and bathing it. Instead of doing so, try cleaning it with a warm and moist towel. Additionally, the only time you should bathe your cat is when it is really dirty.

A Sign of Familiar Smell

Everyone has a smell that can be used in identifying them and to a large extent, unique to them. Furthermore, people from a certain family sometimes have similar natural scents. You perhaps are very much aware of this fact. However, humans aren’t the only ones with smells that can be used in identifying them. Cats also have smells that are unique to them.
While cats have unique smells, some have scents that are similar other to others. If a cat comes across another cat that has a smell that is quite similar it its, it would always wonder how another cat smells almost like it and will proceed to lick its bum.

Sign of Acceptance

Beyond simply licking another’s bums, cats also lick other parts of each other’s bodies. This is an action that is usually carried out on young cats by their mothers. It involves licking their butts, tail, face, etc.
In addition to licking their kittens, cats can also lick the butts of other cats that they are not related to in anyway. They do this as a sign of acceptance. This is very important to cats as licking helps them in transferring scent.

Your Cat Licks Your Other Cats’ Bum as a Sign of Greeting

Cats are different from humans in several ways. And one of the ways they differ from humans is their inability to communicate extensively using their vocals. There is a lot of limitation to how well cats can communicate vocally. Going by this, when they want to greet one another, they usually do not have words for this. Instead of greeting vocally, they make use of body language.

That’s not all. Cats cannot hug like humans or shake hands. When looking to say ‘hello’ to one another, all they know how to do is either lick one another’s bum or rub their nose against each other.
Beyond merely licking each other as a sign of greeting, your cat can also lick your skin when it is looking to greet you.


Reproduction is a basic part of existence among animals and cats are not left out. So, if you find your cat, especially a male licking the bum of a female cat, it just might be interested in mating.
Male cats will not just walk to a female cat to lick its butt. They will usually do this in reaction to a smell released by the female cat. This smell is called pheromone. Additionally, they might lick a female cat’s butt in reaction to a sound produced by the female cat.
When a male cat licks a female cat’s bum because it wants to mate, that is not all that it does. It also goes on to become really aggressive towards other cats. At this point, if you do not want some more cats in your home, it is okay to neuter or spay your cats.

How do I Stop My Cats from Licking Each Other’s Bums?

You might not be comfortable with your cat licking each other’s bums and eating and drinking water with the same mouth. Nonetheless, this is not an action that you should attempt stopping. As a matter of fact, if you made any attempts at stopping your cats from licking each other’s bums, you will not be successful.
Why is this so?
Licking one another’s bum is a part of cat hygiene and is a major habit. Additionally, it goes a long way in helping them deal with stress. You will be unable to stop your cats from licking as they have a thing for not being stopped from carrying out their habit.

Why Do Cats Lick Their Humans?

There is a lot that cats do with their tongues. They lick one another, they drink and eat with their tongue. However, that is not all that they do with their tongue. They also lick their owners.
Cats lick their humans for a couple of reasons. Chief among these reasons are an attempt to clean you, a show of affection, and a request for attention.
In as much as there is nothing wrong with your cat licking you, sometimes this could cause your skin to become infected if your immune system is not so strong.

How possible is it for a Cat’s Tongue to Clean it Up?

A cat’s tongue is nothing like a sponge. Nonetheless, it can come in handy in helping cats clean up. This might seem strange. However, it can be quite effective as it features papillae which are small spikes numbering in their hundreds.

Is It Okay for Humans to Lick Cats?

The answer to this question is quite straight forward. Humans are not allowed to lick cats. If you want to show your cat some extra love, you can give it food or simply cuddle with it.
That’s not all. Cats have a tongue that was designed for cleaning their skin. Humans do not have such tongue. Additionally, cats are always dirty, so licking them is definitely not a healthy practice.

Why Don’t Cats Greet One Another with a Meow?

Grown cats do not meow. Only kittens’ do and it is a way they let their mothers know when they have a need.

Do Cats Always Sleep After Getting Licked?

Yes, it is absolutely normal for a cat to sleep just after it gets licked. This is because licking helps cats deal with stress.

Why Do Cats Lick Just After a Meal?

For cats, licking after a meal is something very natural. It is just the same as humans washing their hands after eating.

What Diet Should Cats That Enjoy Licking Each Other’s Bums Be Given?

If you have a cat that is fond of licking the bums of other cats, you might actually want to get a special diet for it. Generally, the best diet for a cat that seems to enjoy licking other cats’ bums is a diet that they will not struggle to digest. This diet should contain limited starch. This way, they will not struggle to use their potty.
Additionally, there is a likelihood that cats that enjoy licking other cats’ butts might deal with diarrhea constantly. So, you will need to give them plenty of water so they do not get dehydrated.

Why Do Kittens Lick One Another?

The major reason why kittens lick one another is because they are trying to show affection. It is also one way of grooming. They also do so in an attempt to be less anxious.

How do I Prevent a Cat with Diarrhea form licking its Bum?

Diarrhea is not an ailment that should be treated with kids’ gloves. It could make your cat dehydrated and can have many adverse effects on it.
Although diarrhea in cats is dangerous, you might not be able to stop a cat from licking butts even if it has diarrhea. All you can do is take it to see a vet. If a vet is quite far, mix your cat’s regular water with tuna water. Additionally, if you are dealing with an emergency, you might want to give your cat unflavored Pedialyte.

Why Does My Cat Lick My Kitten’s Bum?

The major reason a cat will lick its kitten is to clean it. Additionally, licking its kitten’ bum is one way your cat helps its anus and urine holes get stimulated. This makes it easy for the kitten to poop and pee.


There are several habits exhibited by your cats that you might not be comfortable with. Nonetheless, you will be unable to do much about them. If you are not comfortable with your cat licking other cats’ butts, you just might want to avoid keeping cats.

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