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My Rabbits Won’t Eat Pellet

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My Rabbits Won’t Eat Pellet

Are you one of those asking the question- My Rabbits Won’t Eat Pellet? This article has everything you need.

Rabbits are herbivores and feed on several foods. However, of these many foods that they feed on, some are staples. Among these staples are pellets, leafy greens , and fresh hay. Since pellets are a staple so long as feeding rabbits is concerned, if your rabbit refuses to feed on pellets, it might be something to be worried about.
Is your rabbit refusing to eat pellet? Then, you should not be in a haste to get it to eat pellets. The first thing you need to do is find out why your rabbit is refusing to eat pellets.

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Why is My Rabbit Refusing to Eat Pellets?

There are several reasons your rabbit might refuse to eat pellets. Of these reasons, the most pronounced is it might be finding pellets boring. Also, it could have peed on the pellets. Some other reasons your rabbits might be turning down pellets are;
• It is having some challenges digesting pellets.
• It is dealing with stomach pain
• It gets too full when it takes pellets
• There is a foreign object among the pellets
• Your rabbit is reacting to irritants such as dust in the pellet.
• The pellets contain mold.

Getting Your Rabbit to Eat Pellets

As soon as you know the exact reason or perhaps the likely reasons your rabbit won’t eat pellets, you can go on to find a solution to this challenge.
The first thing you should try to do when your rabbit is refusing pellets is to convince it. This will require a lot of patience and effort. Also, there is no guarantee that you will get the results that you seek. So, if you do not get the results you are expecting, you will have to go to a vet.
Sometimes, your pet might be refusing its pellets simply because it does not find them appealing. In a situation like this, you simply have to make them more appealing. There is more;
You could try eating a couple of pellets while your rabbit watches. Of course you will not find pellets tasty. Nonetheless, they will not hurt you. If your rabbit begins to feel like the pellets are yours, then, it just might be interested in having some.
Pellets by themselves are tasty. However, you can make them a lot tastier. One way to do this is by mixing them with jam. If a food is sweet, then, rabbits will want to have a taste of it. So, mixing your rabbit’s pellets with jam will help them become more interested in them. While this could work, there is no guarantee that it will. The rabbit could simply lick the jam and leave the pellets untouched.
Rabbits could refuse pellets because of they are dusty. So, if this is the reason your rabbit migt be avoiding pellets, you simply need a new bag of pellets that is free from dust.
Different pellet brands have different tastes. While your rabbit might be uninterested in some pellet brands, it might not mind having another pellet brand. So, this is something you should give a try.
Sometimes, rabbits refuse pellets because they are full. This means you might want to offer your rabbit its pellets after a long day and it is too hungry to refuse food.

Must Rabbits Feed on Pellets?

Pellets are a stable in the world of rabbits. However, rabbits can actually do without them. When pellets are young, they love pellets and might be uncomfortable if pellets are taken away from them. With this, you will need to give them the freedom of eating as many pellets as they want.
While pellets might not contain all the nutrients that rabbits need, they contain calcium, lots of calories, and proteins. This implies that rabbits can get a lot from feeding on pellets.
Pellets might help rabbits gain muscle and weight. However, they cannot be a replacement for vegetables and fresh hay.

Although pellets seem very essential for young rabbits, they are not the best of meals for grown rabbits. This is because as rabbits grow older, their calcium and protein needs reduce significantly. As a matter of fact, having so much calcium and protein might be harmful to them. Going by this, as rabbits get older, pellets might not be so vital for their existence.
Since rabbits can do without pellets when they get older, you might not really have to worry when they refuse to eat pellets.

How to Select the Best Pellets

Since there is a likelihood that your rabbit could turn down pellets, if you must help them eat pellets as much as you want them to, then, you have to always buy the right pellets. Humans are not the only ones that need quality meals. Rabbits do also.
The many pellets brands in the market are of different qualities. So, if your rabbit must always eat its pellets, you will need to know just how to get the best.
As a rule of thumb, you might have to avoid pellets that come with nuts and dried fruits. If you serve your rabbit with pellets that contain nuts and fried fruits, your rabbits might be distracted from the main pellets and feed on just the nuts.
Additionally, you should take a good look at the label of whatever pellet brand you decide to buy. If you are shopping for an older rabbit, look out for pellets with about 14% protein. This, however, should increase to 16% if your rabbit is young. Furthermore, the right fiber content for pellets should not be less than 18%.
One more thing, the best pellets are prepared with ingredients that are grass-based. Such pellets can be digested really easily.

Can I Feed My Rabbits Properly without Pellets?

Pellets might be one of the foods that rabbits are used to eating. However, there are other ways they get nutrient. So, if your rabbit is refusing to eat pellets, you can simply give it more leafy vegetables. If your rabbit gets to feed on two cups of vegetables everyday, it will be able to get the calcium and protein quality that it obtains when it eats pellets.

Can Rabbit Pellets be mixed with Water?

Rabbit pellet might be designed to be eaten when they are dry. However, you can also mix them with water. When looking to blend rabbit pellets with water, ensure that you make use of warm water. Also, you have to note that the pellets will become marshy.

Must Rabbits Eat Pellets Daily?

There is a lot that rabbits can get from eating pellets. Regardless of this, they do not have to feed on pellets everyday. What they actually need to feed on daily is hay.
Can Rabbits survive without feeding on Pellets?

Yes, rabbits can do very well without having pellets. For this to happen, however, they must have green vegetables and hay in very good quantity.

Can Rabbits Stay Healthy on Simply Hay?

The best way to feed your rabbit and keep it healthy is to give it meals that are almost like what it feeds on in its natural habitat. Rabbits in their natural state feed majorly on grass. Going by this, your rabbit will be healthy if it just feeds on hay and water.

How Much Pellets Should Rabbits Eat?

A rabbit that weighs between 6 and 10 pounds will do well on one-quarter cup of pellets every day. If your rabbit does not weight up to 5 pounds, it will do okay with just one-eighth of a pellet cup. For rabbits that are over 10 pounds, a quarter cup will just be fine.
How frequently should you give Your Rabbits Pellets?
If pellets are a major part of your rabbit’s meal, then, you will need to give it pellets daily.

How Many Times Should Rabbits Eat Daily?

Rabbits do not need to feed on three square meals daily. They do very well when they are fed two times a day.

How Do You Help a Rabbit that is refusing to Eat?

Is your rabbit refusing to eat anything at all? You might not really be able to help it all by yourself. The only thing you can do is take it to the vet. If this is not done on time, things could get complicated.

How Long Can a Rabbit Survive Without Eating?

Rabbits eat frequently. This both keeps them healthy and prevents their teeth from growing non-stop. If a rabbit does not eat for up to 12 hours, it could fall into GI stasis. Furthermore, rabbits can survive for about three days without food.
Is It Possible for Rabbits to Overfeed on Pellets?
Yes, rabbits can overfeed on pellets. If they eat more pellets than they are supposed to, they could become overweight.


Rabbits enjoy being busy. Just beyond being busy, they enjoy being busy eating. So, if you want to keep your rabbit healthy and happy, ensure that it always has access to quality food. Beyond just having pellets, rabbits are free from boredom when they have top quality hay.

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