How To Start Your Own Dog Grooming Business From Home

In this article, I’ll be taking you through practical steps on how to start your own dog grooming business from home.

In this article, I’ll be taking you through practical steps on how to start your own dog grooming business from home.

Thinking of starting a dog grooming business is a brilliant idea as the demand for dogs and grooming services is on the increase. Selecting your home for operating your dog grooming business is also a way to go.

An estimated $99 billion is generated in the pet grooming business annually. If you already have the experience of caring for dogs, it’s fair if you can get a quota out of this by officially starting your grooming services.

Dogs are man’s best friends. People love to have dogs around them as a pet, a companion, or security agents. Although people love to keep a pet, not everyone wants to be saddled with the responsibility of grooming the pet or even the time to do so. Such pet owners will be in regular need of services such as bathing, fur trimming, nail trimming, and all-around pet hygiene.

You trying to start a dog grooming business in your home might just make it easier for pet owners as you are providing a service with proximity.

How To Start Your Own Dog Grooming Business From Home

There are steps to follow in starting your dog grooming business at home:

1. Self-evaluation 

2. Get training and certification

3. Prepare a business plan.

4. Naming and Registering the business 

5. Get a license

6. Set up

7. Getting a financial software 

8. Notify your target audience

9. Start operation

1. Self-evaluation

The first step to embarking on any venture is self-evaluation and examination. If you want to start a dog grooming business at home, you have to assess yourself to find out if you have a passion for grooming dogs. Every business has downtime, and what could keep you going won’t be the revenue. Starting a business is also challenging, and you would need passion to keep you going before the happy time.

Since you are considering using your home for the dog grooming business, you need to evaluate the section of your home to be designated for the service. You need to ensure it is convenient to operate from home. You could go as far as getting a truck or a container to operate from, provided you have enough space in your yard.

2. Get training and Certification

You also need to evaluate your skills if they are adequate to run the business. You could then consider getting professional training. However, you don’t need the perfect skill to start up, if you are considering employing staff which also depends on the scale you are starting up. Whether you are the one to run the services or you are getting certified staff to do them, you just have to ensure your business can deliver the right services as a whole.

3. Prepare a business plan

The first step to launching any business is preparing a business plan. A business plan is crucial to the successful operation of your business. Additionally, it is useful for accessing grants and investors.

It is recommended you register your business as a Limited Liability Company as most pet owners do, particularly if you are in the US. This would make it easy for you to have other partners in the long run even if you are starting as a sole proprietor. It makes expansion easier. However, nothing stands in your way of registering as a sole proprietor.

Preparing your business plan goes in hand with deciding the name of your business, getting it registered, and opening a bank account.

4. Naming and Registering a business

Your dog grooming business needs a name to be identified with — something unique and simple to remember. You’ll want to check that the domain/hosting service is not already taken and that you can acquire the domain name.

You also need to confirm its availability on the social media channels you intend to use to ensure it’s not already in use by someone else.

Register your name once you’re certain no one else has claimed it. It’s also a good idea to patent or trademark the name. You’re good to go now that you’ve got your name, and domain URL, and have claimed it on your social media communication platforms.

5. Open a bank account

Your registered business needs a bank account for financial operations. This could be used to collect payments, grants, and savings.

6. Get a license

You certainly need a license to operate. Your license can be backed with insurance, to keep you, your staff, your customers, your properties, and even the dogs safe.

7. Set-Up

At this stage, you are sure you want to run a dog grooming business from your home and have already taken major moves. You have to proceed with the setting up of your business.

You have to evaluate the scale you are starting with and the number of staff to be employed. If you are self-sufficient and are willing to give it all your time, you can consider starting alone to expand later. You are probably planning to start small since you are trying to make use of your home for the dog grooming business.

 Aside from the available space, your capital will determine the scale you are starting with. This will enable you to decide to work as the sole dog groomer or employ dog groomers to work in your home dog grooming salon.

You need to evaluate your location and ask the following questions. Is it near the target audience? Are you residing in a residential environment? It will be unwise to open your business at home if you are located in an industrial or cooperative environment. If your location is close to a dog park, veterinary clinic, pet store, or walking trail, things would be easier for you.

You need to make available the crucial tools; like grooming tables, bathtubs, combs, brushes, scissors, clippers, shears, shampoos, conditioners, ear cleaning products, sprays, and dryers, nail clippers,  bandanas, washing machines, dryers, de-shedding tools, blaster, towels, and cages. 

8. Getting financial software

In this modern time, you need to take advantage of technology. Most business owners (including those in the dog grooming business) are revolving from manual documentation to software applications.

The appropriate software aids in the management of your company. You must maintain track of your finances. The software can automate appointment scheduling, payment processing, and even online review management. You will also need software to manage yours.

The software will create ease in your operations.

8. Notifying your target audience

Aside, from ensuring your home is situated in an easy-to-find location, you might take a step further by creating awareness and notifying your target audience of your operation, your target audience can be your neighbours. You can’t leave things to fate and the probability of them finding you by chance. 

You would need to place your posters in a strategic location where commuters could find your notice with your location stated. You can also carry out online advertisements where you pay influencers to promote you or you run ads. You also have to ensure that you place a banner over the roof of your location to gain the attention of passersby. A signpost along your street will help.

9. Start Operation

You need to begin operation. You didn’t put in all this hard work for nothing.

Your operation would include, determining your working hours, the conduct of the operation, and that of your staff (if you already have ).

It is also important to employ good customer service to have retention and recommendations.

By applying all these basic guidelines, your dog grooming is sure to be a success. Congratulations in advance!

You could take further steps by taking a tour through Katie Polar’s dog grooming salon set up in her home here.

This beginner’s guide could also be useful.


Dog grooming is a very lucrative business, one that would constantly be in need as people’s desire to own dogs increases.

Setting up the grooming centre in your home now can turn out to be a worthy investment later on. 

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