How to Become a Horse Trainer NSW- All You Need To Know

If you’re one of those asking how to become a Horse trainer NSW or how to become a Horse trainer in New South Wales(NSW), this article has all you need.

If you’re one of those asking how to become a Horse trainer NSW or how to become a Horse trainer in New South Wales(NSW), this article has all you need.

There are quite a number of jobs that the average horse trainer is supposed to get involved in. Some of these jobs include getting horses ready for competitions, preparing horses for work, racing, breeding, and riding. There are various ways they go about each of these activities. However, regardless of how a horse trainer wants to go about training a horse or the horses under them, one thing is certain; they will need to spend a lot of time around horses.  The time spent around horses will be majorly focused on the horse’s behaviour, health, and nutrition. Beyond simply working with horses in various ways, horse trainers also have to work with veterinarians, horse riders, and horse owners for quite a number of reasons. 

Not everyone has what it takes to become a horse trainer. However, if you are analytical, curious, calm, and patient, and are generally interested in horses, then you perhaps fall into the category of people that can work as horse trainers.

If you are patient and calm, with a curious and analytical mindset, and of course, you love being around horses – then working as a horse trainer could be a job that you can’t wait to get out of bed for each day.

Qualities of a Good Horse Trainer

There are several people all around the world that are good with horses. However, not all of them are qualified to be horse trainers. There are certain qualities that every one that is interested in becoming a horse trainer has to possess. In the absence of these qualities, you will never really do well on the job. Some of the qualities that everyone aspiring to become a horse trainer has to possess are

Great Communication Skills

Horse trainers might be famous for relating with horses. However, their job does not only entail relating to horses. They have to relate with lots of other people ranging from assistants to horse riders, horse owners, veterinarians, etc. Relating with several people at different times might be quite stressful. However, with the right communication skills, it is very possible. 


Horses might not be as obedient as humans are. This means when dealing with them, you will need to be assertive to a degree. If you fail to be assertive as a horse trainer, you just might be unable to get the best from training a horse. 

High Energy Level

The job of a horse trainer is usually done outdoors. So, if you have any plans of working as one, you should be comfortable working outdoors. Additionally, you should have a good energy level. Horse training is very physical and will have its toll on your body if you are not a very energetic person.

Job Description of a Horse Trainer

Before going on to become a horse trainer, you will need to know exactly what it is that you will be doing. This way, you will never be caught unawares. Some of the activities that you will be taking part in as a horse trainer are;

  • Teaching horses to get used to riding equipment and vehicles
  • Giving horses various commands. These commands are verbal and non-verbal and can go a long way in addressing problems with their behaviours.  
  • Monitoring a HORSE’S Development: Various horses develop differently. In the same vein, there are health challenges associated with different horses. This means as a horse trainer, you will need to be particular about each horse under your care. While it might seem like you can get away with giving horses generic treatments, you might want to avoid giving the horses under you generic treatments because what works for one horse might not work for another. 

 Steps in Becoming a Horse Trainer

If you reside in NSW, you do not really have to get any formal qualifications before you can be employed as a horse trainer. In as much as a relevant certificate is generally not needed. Some employers will only offer you a job if you have a relevant certificate 

Step One

It is important that you are done with Year 10. Your opportunities are even going to increase if you have completed Year 12 

Step Two

You will need to take part in a short course. Some of the courses you can take part in are Diploma of performance horse management, certificate IV in racing, Certificate III in Equine Studies, or Certificate III in the performance horse. 

Step Three

After getting all the certifications you need, you do not qualify automatically. You will need a lot of experience with horses before you can get a job as a horse trainer. You should be very comfortable with horses. Also, horses should be very comfortable around you. Additionally, you should be able to ride various types of horses.

Step Four

At this point, if you want to work as a professional, you will need to get the right license. 

Step Five

This is the last step for anyone looking to become a horse trainer in NSW. In this step, you should specialize in a certain aspect of horse training. There are several alternatives. You simply need to settle for the one you are most comfortable with.

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