How to Become a Horse Trainer in UK – All You Need To Know

In this article, I’ll be taking you through well-detailed and comprehensive steps on how to become a Horse trainer in UK.

In this article, I’ll be taking you through well-detailed and comprehensive steps on how to become a Horse trainer in UK.

The process of getting a horse ready for whatever it is that you need it to do is always a long one. Regardless of what it is that you need a horse to do; working, competing, riding, or just breeding, you will need the services of a horse trainer. While lots of people might seem interested in spending ample time with horses, horse trainers are mandated to spend a lot of time with their horses. This will come in handy in helping them connect with the various horses in their care. It might not seem like a lot. However, connecting with a horse can go a long way in helping horse trainers determine their horse’s health and nutritional needs.

Not everyone might be willing to become a horse trainer. Nonetheless, there are quite a number of people that are interested in becoming horse trainers. If you are interested in working as a horse trainer, it is important that you know what horse trainers are supposed to do. Beyond merely knowing what a horse trainer is supposed to do, you can also find out about the steps that every one that is interested in becoming a horse trainer has to go through.

How to Become a Horse Trainer in UK

Who Really is a Horse Trainer?

A horse trainer is a professional that is qualified to work with horses and guide them through various activities. Some of these activities are working, racing, training, riding, etc. In addition to helping horses go through various activities comfortably, horse trainers have to help horses get used to having contact with humans, helping them obey commands, and also ensuring that they stay fit. Furthermore, they help horses get used to putting on riding gears and moving on different terrains. Additionally, it is the duty of a horse trainer to find out about a horse’s disposition and deal with behaviours like biting and kicking.

In as much as horse training is considered a generic field. It is actually a field that is very broad and professionals tend to do better when they are specialists in a certain aspect of horse training. 

As a horse trainer, you will not necessarily work between standard hours. As a matter of fact, horse training is a job for people that are very comfortable working at odd hours. You might have to work during weekends, late at night or early in the morning. 

How to Become a Horse Trainer in UK

Becoming a horse trainer in the UK is quite straightforward. If you are looking to become a horse trainer in the UK, you simply need to follow the steps below.

Step 1: Obtain a bachelor’s degree

Horse training is not for uneducated folks. This means you will have to get an education if you have any plans of becoming a horse trainer in the UK. In as much as it is okay to simply get started with a bachelor’s degree, things can actually be a lot easier if you have a bachelor’s degree. Now you will be on the same level as a high school graduate if you have a bachelor’s degree in just any discipline. If you must get a head start, it is important that you obtain a bachelor’s degree in equine science. If this seems a little too long, it is okay to get a two-year associate’s degree in a related course. 

When looking to study an associate course that will last for two years, there are quite a number of courses you can settle for.  Some of these programs are animal welfare animal ethics, horse diseases, horse nutrition, horse anatomy and physiology, horse behaviour, and facility management.

Step Two: Experience is Vital

No one can simply become a horse trainer simply because they enjoy spending time around horses. If you must get a job as a horse trainer anywhere in the UK, you will need to have spent quality time around horses. When you do this, you will gather a great deal of experience and you definitely will need this experience. 

There are various ways to gather lots of experience with horses. One way to do this is to work in a stable or on a farm as an assistant horse trainer. While you might want to get an equine study program before applying for lower positions at a stable, you do not really have to be done with it as several stables accept people that are not done with their equine study program.

When you start out working with horses at a lower level, you will be able to pick up a lot of experience with various horses; horses of different breeds and ages.  Beyond the fact that working around lots of horses will help you pick up experience, it will also make horses comfortable around you.

Step 3: Work as an apprentice

There are operations that are a major part of horse training. Sometimes, the operations can be complex. So, if you must get used to the many operations associated with horse training, you have to work as an apprentice.

Working as an apprentice is not difficult. You simply need to check out the stables around you. You could either work as an assistant horse trainer, an intern or an apprentice.

What Does a Horse Trainer Do?

There are several duties that are saddled on the shoulders of horse trainers. It is important that you know your duties as a horse trainer if you must get the job done properly. As a horse trainer, you will have to introduce your horse to equipment like saddles. This equipment can help them do better with jumping and racing. Additionally, as a horse trainer, you must take note of where owners keep horses. This way, you are able to identify any problems with their health and bad behaviour too.  Furthermore, horse trainers have to get horses ready for competition and ensure that they are at their best medically.

Qualities of a Horse Trainer 

Everyone that is looking to become a horse trainer has to have certain skills. In the absence of these skills, they might be unable to do well as horse trainers. Some qualities that every horse trainer must possess are;

Horse Handling Abilities

If you lack simple horse riding skills, you might be unable to work with horses. The implication of this is if you are aspiring to become a horse trainer, you must be comfortable around horses and must be able to handle them properly. Handling horses includes haltering, wrapping legs, blanketing, bathing, and leading horses.

You must be Able to Communicate Properly

Being able to communicate properly will go a long way in helping you pass ideas properly. As a horse trainer, beyond working with horses, you will also work with humans and communicating with these people properly is key to your success.


Horses are not humans. So, working with them will be a lot different from working with humans. You might struggle to understand your horses at the beginning. The implication of this is if you must do well with your horses, you will need a great deal of resilience.

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