How to Become a Horse Trainer in QLD- All You Need To Know

Want to know how to become a Horse trainer in QLD? This article is all you need.

Want to know how to become a Horse trainer in QLD? This article is all you need.

Horses are not humans. However, since they live among humans, it is important that they are taught how to behave among humans. In addition, helping them interact properly with humans, as well as getting used to being among humans is important. This is supposed to be common knowledge. Nonetheless, it is something just a handful of people can do. The set of people that are tasked with the responsibility of training horses are known as horse trainers. These people are supposed to have a form of talent. However, they go through a series of training that qualifies them to take care of horses. If you are interested in becoming a horse trainer, read on to find out how to make your dream a reality.

How to Become a Horse Trainer in QLD

Who is a Horse Trainer?

A horse trainer is a professional that is responsible for taking care of horses on a farm or stable. This person is responsible for the total well-being of the horses under their care. This involves ensuring that horses are able to obey non-verbal and verbal commands, pull vehicles, allow various people to ride on them, take part in competitions, etc. Beyond the basics that a horse trainer is supposed to do in a stable, it is also the duty of a horse trainer to style horse coats, clean their ears, clip their nails, and bathe them. All these are in addition to spraying horses with insecticides, ensuring the animals are well fed and answering questions from visitors to a stable.

Qualifications for Being a Horse Trainer

Being able to ride horses properly is generally a criterion for working as a horse trainer. Beyond being a good horse rider, there is more. To work as a horse rider, some of the criteria are;

You Should Communicate Properly

Working as a horse trainer is considered a job that is about dealing with horses. However, beyond simply dealing with horses, as a horse trainer, you will also interact with several people. Some of them will be vets, horse trainer assistants, etc. If you do not have what it takes to deal with various people, you might be unable to work as a horse trainer.

An Interest in Horses

Knowing how to ride horses is a lot different from being interested in horses.  Anyone can ride horses if they are willing to learn how to. However, not everyone can become a horse trainer. To become a hose trainer, you must like the job description beyond the fact that it is a way to pay bills. You must enjoy being around horses and taking care of horses.

You should be Physically Fit

If you are not comfortable working long hours outdoors, you might not want to consider working as a horse trainer. The job of a horse trainer is very physically demanding. 


Horse trainers are very patient people. This is due to the long process involved in training a horse from the time it’s born to the time it is able to follow the most complex of orders.

How to Become a Horse Trainer in QLD

You do not need to be formally qualified to become a horse trainer. Nonetheless, lots of employers require horse trainers to have Year 10. Although you do not need formal qualifications to work as a horse trainer, your chances of getting a job as a horse trainer increase significantly if you have formal qualifications.

You might not need a formal education to work as a horse trainer. Nonetheless, you will need a lot of experience with horses if you must work as a horse trainer. To get the right level of experience, you must ride several different horses. You should also spend time reading about horses. This will improve your general knowledge when it comes to dealing with horses. 

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