How to Become a Horse Trainer in Australia- All You Need To Know

Want to know how to become a Horse trainer in Australia? This article covers everything you need to know about becoming a Horse trainer in Australia.

Want to know how to become a Horse trainer in Australia? This article covers everything you need to know about becoming a Horse trainer in Australia.

The job of a horse trainer is not one that several people aspire to. Regardless of the fact that it is not a job that the average kid might consider when choosing a career, there are still a handful of people that are interested in becoming horse trainers. 

Do you live in Australia and are looking to become a horse trainer? If yes, then, you are on the right page. Read on to find out how to be a horse trainer in Australia.

Just like humans, horses have several needs. However, unlike humans, the average person is actually unable to tell exactly what a horse needs. Since horses have needs, there are certain people that can actually tell what a horse needs at various points. These people are horse trainers.

As a horse trainer in Australia, you certainly will need a great deal of empathy and patience as these qualities are needed to take care of a horse and meet its needs. To a large extent, empathy and patience will help you build the connection that you need to really care for a horse and get it properly trained.

Who exactly is Horse Trainer?

A horse trainer is an individual that was trained to prepare horses for various functions. Some of these functions include policing, riding, racing, etc. Beyond preparing horses for certain events, a horse trainer generally trains horses.  

The process of training horses is a complex one that involves teaching horses to listen to human commands and get used to being around people. That’s not all. They also teach horses to communicate properly with their rider. One more thing, a horse trainer is saddled with the responsibility of teaching a horse to behave properly. In as much as a horse trainer’s responsibility is basically towards horses, they also have some responsibilities to humans. It is the duty of the horse trainer to teach horse riders to deal with horses.

What are the Duties of a Horse Trainer?

There are lots of duties that a horse trainer is supposed to carry out. These duties might be quite a lot. However, they can be broken down into helping horses go through various exercises, helping horses through their grooming processes, teaching horses to get used to putting on bridles and saddles, and helping horses to adapt to commands by rewarding them when they are adaptive to commands, helping horses get used to riding on various terrains, etc.

Job Opportunities for Horse Trainers in Australia

If you are looking to become a horse trainer in Australia, then, it is important that you know the various places where horse trainers can work in Australia.

Some of the various places horse trainers in Australia can work are;

Stables: When working in the stable as a horse trainer, you can decide to work in a public stable or in a private one. If you are looking to work in a public stable, you will be responsible for giving people riding lessons, taking care of stables, and will be in charge of various riding sessions. On the other hand, if you will be working for a private stable, you will be mostly concerned with helping a horse get used to its owners.

What are the Various Types of Horse Training?

As a horse trainer in Australia, you have to be familiar with the various types of horse training procedures. There are quite a number of horse training procedures and you will have an edge over other horse trainers if you are able to master the various horse training procedures. 

Some of the Processes involved in horse training are

Cutting: In this process, a horse trainer helps horses learn how to take care of livestock safely.

Dressage: This is training that teaches a horse to move according to a command. It helps horses get obedient and précised. Since this training is usually carried out with a rider, horses that take part in it get used to the rider that they train with.

Barrel Racing: This training helps with a horse’s balance. This is possible because it involves the horse moving through a particular course where barrels serve as barricades.

Trail Riding: This training makes horses comfortable moving at a trotting pace. It is a training that comes in handy with teaching horses to move along trails. 

How to Become a Horse Trainer in Australia

The process of becoming a horse trainer in Australia might be quite challenging. However, it is one that is worth every time spent.

If you are looking to become a horse trainer in Australia, you will have to go through five steps. These steps are;

Going Through High School

Back in the day, it might have been possible to become a horse trainer in Australia without any high school experience. Nonetheless, as it stands, only high school graduates in Australia are considered qualified to work as horse trainers. This means if you have a dream of becoming a horse trainer in Australia but are yet to finish high school, you will have to exercise some patience until you are actually done with high school. 

Why is this important?

Well, training horses requires some skills.  A couple of these skills are soft skills and can be learnt in high school. One of these skills is effective communication. If you are unable to communicate properly as a horse trainer in Australia, you just might be unable to do so well at your job. This is vital as horse trainers must be able to relate properly with supervisors, horse riders, barn managers, and their assistants. Furthermore, science classes in high school can go a long way in helping you know about the anatomy of horses. 

You, Will, Need Some Experiences with Horses

As a horse trainer in Australia, it is important that you are very comfortable around horses. One way people get really comfortable around horses is if they have worked with horses in the past. The implication of this is you should be used to grooming horses, riding them, and taking care of them generally. That’s not all. You should be used to working with various types of horse

Work as an Apprentice

Being skilled at riding a horse or taking care of one is great. However, it is just a step toward becoming a horse trainer in Australia. As soon as you pick up enough experience with horses and become comfortable riding one, you will have to work with a qualified horse trainer as an apprentice.

The process of working as an apprentice might be tedious. However, it is one of the steps that you must go through before becoming a qualified horse trainer in Australia. When you work as an apprentice, you will be responsible for helping horses exercise, feeding them, grooming them, and maintaining a stable.

Take Part in an Equine Studies Program

To work as a horse trainer in Australia, there are no rules that state that you must have completed an equine studies program. Nonetheless, if you are interested in getting ahead of your mates, an equine studies program will come in very handy. 

When you go through an equine studies program, you are bound to have a much better understanding of horses. Through the course of your studies, you might learn about horse diseases and nutrition, horse welfare, ethic, horse behaviour, facility management, horse physiology and anatomy, etc.

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