How Often Should Horse Hooves be cleaned – Find Out Here

One question horse owners love to ask is – “how often should horse hooves be cleaned?’ We shall be answering that in this article.

One question horse owners love to ask is – “how often should horse hooves be cleaned?’ We shall be answering that in this article.

Horses are primarily creatures of agility, strength and a lot of muscle, their speeds are phenomenal in the wild when they’re ridden for exercise, war or sport and for thousands of years and they have evolved to be truly marvellous creatures to own and rear.

In all of this glory lies one extremely important aspect of the horse’s biology, the hooves, these are the lifeline of the horse, these can make or break a horse and the state of their hooves and legs generally affects the mental state of the horse.

How Often Should Horse Hooves be cleaned?

On a general note, horse hooves should be cleaned at least once a day to maintain maximum cleanliness and for a variety of other reasons. 

In fact, if you are on a big farm and have the necessary hands, trimming your horse’s hooves before and after they leave the table means that they don’t bring back horrid clumps of dirt and other material on their hooves when coming back to the stables. The essence of doing it before leaving is to remove the surface area that dirt may hang on, the essence of the after finishing is to remove objects that may have been clogged up in the horse’s hooves. 

You are also expected to be extremely concerned about the legs of your horse, observing them for signs of lameness and inability to walk properly or participate in activities with much gusto. So it is necessary that you check your horse’s hooves daily as a regular body checkup to ensure good health. 

How Often Should Horse Hooves be cleaned

Benefits of Regularly Cleaning your Horses’ Hooves

Below are the benefits of regularly cleaning your horses’ hooves;

Better Performance

Horse hooves are their wheels, they use them effectively and hence it being in good condition means the horse is in good condition. A regularly hoof-cleaned horse would perform so much better than one that is neglected. 


 A horse that you regularly clean comes to accept you as its personal caregiver and grows to trust you more, this translates to a better and tighter bond between rider and horse. It is for this reason that horse riders are encouraged to groom their horses daily and before any ride.

Health Checkup

Horses can get diseases fast, and equestrian diseases tend to be fatal for the horse as they are unable to participate in feeding or exercise they get depressed and die fast, but regular grooming and hoof cleaning allows you to check up on your horse daily allowing you to spot abnormalities and diseases which helps prevent them from progressing to much more fatal and troublesome ones.

Helps in Feet Balance

 For a horse, the most important thing for the horse to remain standing is distributing their weight evenly, they are hefty animals, and if one leg or more is taking more than the other because of irregularities in the size and height of the hooves, then lameness could occur in the form of laminitis. Hence daily checks on the horse’s hooves prevent this fate from befalling your horse and also for effective weight distribution.

Relieves horses from the Pain of clogged items

Horse hooves tend to pick up quite a lot of things on the way that become lodged in their hooves, from large stones to nails, to cactus spines to horseshoe nails, to thorns, splinters and what have you. It’s no joke that these cause immeasurable pain to the horses and could result in the lameness of the horse if not properly looked into and identified on time, by regularly cleaning your horses’ hooves, you are sure of seeing these items and removing them before they trigger an infection.

How Often Should Horse Hooves be cleaned

Horse Hoof Cleaning Tools

The major horse hoof cleaning tools include;

A Hoof Pick

This is the absolute basic and you can pretty much use this for the bare essentials on the hooves, they are designed to remove all manner of debris from the hooves no matter what it is. 

Experts usually advise that you go deep with this tool when cleaning, use it effectively and get everything out from sand to stones to glass, everything.

If possible, please invest in the original and quality types as the cheap ones are prone to bending and breakage. 

A Hoof Brush

This is the second and is one of the two most important tools along with the hoof pick, this compensates the pick, as the pick dislodges, this sweeps it away and gets the parts the leg, the pick could not get. The object is a regular-looking brush but with stiff synthetic PVC bristles.  This also allows you to carefully examine the entire leg of the horse, once done, this is used to clean the soles and feet of the horse

When to Schedule a thorough hoof cleaning based on Climate

Like I said horse hooves should be cared for at least once daily, but the professional cleaning and picking did by experts, it’s usually a weekly or monthly affair and depends on the climate and living conditions of the horse as this is the greatest determiner. Be aware that if the horse lives in dirty and Muddy environments, you are going to take quite some time weekly getting him clean, although there is no fixed time from various sources, you are required to do the above time. 

Trim your horse’s hooves at least every 6 to 8 weeks in the summer, this is for an all-purpose horse as show horses and rodeo horses each require a different need as show horses require more grooming. Show horses may need more frequent trims. However, during the winter, you should trim the hooves every 6 to 12 weeks, although most horses require different growing standards horses at this time require less grooming because they are not as active during the summer as earlier said, depending on the breed characteristics and living conditions


Your horse’s hooves are its life, taking good care of them means getting amazing results from your horse, hence the need to invest a lot of personal and professional expertise in taking care of it. In a general sense, if you plan to own a horse, ensure that you are ready and set for the obligations that you are expected to perform. 

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