How Long Does it Take to Become a Horse Trainer

I get lots of dog owners and enthusiasts ask me how long does it take to become a horse trainer and in this article, I shall be giving answers to that question.

I get lots of dog owners and enthusiasts ask me how long does it take to become a horse trainer and in this article, I shall be giving answers to that question.

A horse trainer is simply an individual that takes care of horses. Looking after horses includes getting them to learn various disciplines and ensuring that their physical needs are met. That’s not all. A horse trainer also has to teach horses to exhibit submissive behaviours and get them ready for various events. A good number of these events are contested. However, they are not limited to just contests. Being a horse trainer might not exactly be the most lucrative job around. Regardless, the pay is not bad. The amount a horse trainer gets to earn is dependent on how qualified they are, as well as where they are employed.

History of Horse Training

Horse training is a job that has gotten popular over the years and it goes all the way back to Kazakhstan. While horse training could even date beyond 3500BC in Botai culture, the earliest records are about 3500BC. 

While the domestication of horses is about 3500BC, the first record of an actual horse trainer was taken in 1350BC. In the Hittite Empire lived a famous master horse trainer. That’s not all. Based on the writings of Xenophon in 350 BC, there are various methods of dealing with horses and their flaws. This suggests that horse training was already in existence at the time. While there are a handful of approaches, so long as horse training is concerned, the sympathetic method first came into the limelight.

Responsibilities of a Horse Trainer

A horse trainer’s responsibilities are both generic and dependent on what it is that they are trying to achieve with a horse. It is the general duty of a horse trainer to ensure that the horses around them are in the best physical shape, are well fed, exercise regularly, and are generally healthy. Furthermore, if the horse under a horse trainer’s care is a racehorse, the horse trainer has to ensure that it is always ready to race and should also know the right races for the horse.

While it might seem like horse racing is the most prominent activity that horses might take part in, there is more.  Horses also take part in rodeo, reining, and show jumping. So, the horse trainer will have to prepare the horse for each of these activities. 

Duration of Training for Aspiring Horse Trainers

There is no exact duration for anyone looking to become a horse trainer. As an aspiring horse trainer, your learning period is dependent on several factors. Some of these factors are how much experience you had with horses before deciding to become a horse trainer

If you have built a great deal of experience with horses before deciding to become a horse trainer, you definitely will not be spending as much time as someone that does not know much about horses. 

Why is this so?

The process of becoming a horse trainer begins with getting really comfortable around horses. Once one gets comfortable around horses, they go on to build experience with various types of horses. This includes riding horses of all ages and breeds. This is quite a long process. This implies that if you are already very comfortable riding various types of horses before deciding to become a horse trainer, all you will really need to do is work with an experienced horse trainer as an apprentice. This is quite a long process. However, there is no exact time frame for it. You will only be considered a certified horse trainer when you have learnt all that you should learn. This could be a short period or a fairly long period.

While the process of becoming a horse trainer is not fixed if you will be working as an apprentice, the case is entirely different if you are planning on going to college. For those that will be taking a course in equine studies, the process of becoming a horse trainer will last 2 to 4 years. 

How much do Horse Trainers Earn?

There is no fixed amount for horse trainers. The exact salary of a horse trainer is dependent on where they work as well as on their certifications. This means horse trainers that are college trained are expected to earn more than those that simply learnt by being apprentices. 

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