Horse Grooming Tools – Everything You Need to Know

The benefits of grooming your horse are almost endless; it guarantees a healthy horse, free from diseases, agile and ready for riding. It also helps you bond with your horse and exercises your horse. Any horse owner would tell you that this is one of the most important things that you have to do repeatedly as a horse owner.

The benefits of grooming your horse are almost endless; it guarantees a healthy horse, free from diseases, agile and ready for riding. It also helps you bond with your horse and exercises your horse. Any horse owner would tell you that this is one of the most important things that you have to do repeatedly as a horse owner.

However, just like any other type of grooming, you have to get the right tools hence the need for you to familiarize yourself with the various horse grooming tools and the horse grooming kit.

If you are a new horse owner, you might be wondering what a grooming kit is, we’ll think of it as a bag of the most important horse grooming tools.

Many people are aware that spending private time grooming your horse before and after riding is the best part of having a horse. The bond between the horse and handler is developed via grooming and can be carried over to other facets of horse ownership, most especially riding.

Even though it’s crucial to build and maintain a bond with your horse, that isn’t the only reason you need to spend time grooming him. The benefits of grooming to their health and wellbeing are significant. Chafing and other unpleasant sensations for your horse can be avoided by grooming your horse before you ride and giving great attention to the places where your tack goes. Daily grooming has the added benefit of rubbing the skin, promoting circulation, and generally boosting the skin and coat’s health.

Additionally, grooming does more than only improve your horse’s blood flow! You are up close with your horse during brushing. Nearly every portion of his or her body that you touch helps to lower the risk of numerous health issues like thrush, scrapes, and other skin issues.

Horse Grooming Tools

What is a Grooming Kit?

As earlier said, it contains the most important essentials for every aspect of your horse’s grooming. The major reason for the existence of this is the fact that it contains a universally accepted array of tools for the proper grooming of your horse and also makes it easy to transport your horse grooming tools along with you when you are moving around. Note that you have to get this without fail when you become a horse owner if you want your horse to be healthy.

Invest in grooming kits to take care of basic sanitation and to maintain your Horse’s overall appearance.

Most Important Horse Grooming Tools

Investing in a full grooming kit is a terrific way to get started when you receive a new horse, make a present, prepare for travel, or simply put together a stylish, coordinated kit. Many come packaged in a bag or box so you can keep everything organized and closed at hand. Make sure the bag is durable, has a decent handle, and has extra space for extra things, such as coat sprays or hoof oil if you plan to bring your new kit around with you.

The contents of grooming kits vary, but you can count on seeing the bulk of the following things in the ideal grooming kits for horses: a dandy brush, a body brush, a face brush, a rubber currycomb, a hoof pick, and a mane comb. A sweat scraper, hoof oil brush, sponge, or plastic currycomb could also be present.

Grooming Bag/Kit

This refers to the bag used to carry the grooming tools, this is the kit that contains them, there are various types, sizes and designs in different materials from plastic to wooden boxes to polyester etc. 

Shedding blades and blocks

This is necessary for when your horse is shedding its coat in the spring; this tool helps it get rid of the hair faster. These tools are specially designed for this and would get the hair out fast and if you make a determined effort to groom your horse with the shedding blades, you can allow your horse to transition, lose its winter coat, and grow the summer coat. Do note though, that the use of shedding blades is dependent on the breed of your horse, light hired breeds do not require this as they shed quickly on their own however the thick ones absolutely need it.

Curry comb

One of the most universally accepted horse grooming tools, the curry comb is used to remove dust and dirt from the coat of your horse. You might find the rubber version best suited for use as it’s cheap and also easy to handle, just use it in a circular motion to bring dust to the surface.

However, please note that this tool must only be used on the less sensitive parts of the horse’s body like the back, sides and rump, never use the curry brush on the sensitive parts like the legs and face. The curry brush actually brings the dirt to the surface so you are going to need another tool to get rid of the dirt. 

Body brushes

You must be familiar with this one, as you must have seen it in a lot of movies; this is used to get the dirt out from the coat and makes your horse generally look good. It is better to get a brush with stiff bristles as this will be more efficient to get rid of the dust and grime but never use this brush on the face and legs; the sensitive locations. You can actually buy another body brush, one with soft bristles for removing stubborn dust particles.

Soft brushes

These are extremely important and have a very specific purpose, which is for the grooming of your horse’s face and legs, although you can also use a soft cloth for this, a soft brush is the best option. Whichever one you use, just remember that these places are very sensitive to the horse, so be gentle with the face and extra gentle with the legs.

Mane-and-tail combs

This tool is also one with a very specific use, usually, because of constant movement, the hairs in your horse’s mane and tail can get tangled and form knots, to prevent this from happening, you use the combs to detangle the hairs. There are a few choices to choose with the most popular being the Large-toothed combs, which are best suited for detangling and the stiff mane-and-tail brush, which does the above task but avoids pulling out hair. Your choice depends on your preference and your breed of horse.

Horse Sweat scraper

This tool can save you quite the hassle when you are bathing your horse, you might be familiar with the fact that horses take a long to dry after being in the water, this tool solves that problem. This can be used to dry them after bath and grooming and if they were in the rain. Please, do not use it on your horse’s face or legs, they are sensitive.

Horse Hoof pick

Your horse’s hoofs are its life metaphorically, without the hoof in good condition, your horse is as good as dead, and so you have to pay intrinsic attention to them hence the need for the hoof pick. Although it doesn’t give an immediately visible effect like its above-named cousins, it is quite essential, helping you keep your horses foot away from dirt buildup which can cause an unevenness in the hoof which could lame it. There are several varieties that you could consider, some have a brush equipped on the side, but all come with the necessary pointed tip for manually getting rid of the clogged up and thick layers of dirt. 

Shine spray

Last on the list but definitely not least in importance is the all-purpose horse shine spray, which is a good idea to use on your horse after a bath. This is because it can serve as a repellent for dirt and dust, which helps keep your horse looking good for a longer time, and can detangle manes and tails.

8-piece grooming set by Equeenex

A body brush, dapper brush, face brush, mane and tail brush, foot pick, sweat scraper, curry comb, and curry face brush are all included in this quick-dry, dirt-resistant cleaning kit bag from Equeenex. To make grooming simpler, the items have comfort-grip handles.

Reasons  For Horse Grooming

An essential component of horse care is grooming. Daily grooming enables the handler to assess the horse’s overall health and wellbeing. Horses are typically groomed at the very least before being exercised, and they are typically cleaned up after a session as well. Horse presentation is a class in horse shows where the quality of grooming can account for up to 40% of the final score.

The following are the main causes for everyday grooming:

  • Improved skin and coat health
  • Reduces the likelihood of a variety of health issues like thrush, scrapes, and other skin issues
  • Cleans the horse to prevent chafing around the equipment.
  • Gives the groom time to evaluate the horse’s health, including checking for cuts, heat, inflammation, stiffness, a change in the horse’s disposition (such as depression), and checking to see whether the horse has loosened or missing horseshoes.
  • Establishes a bond between the horse and handler that can be carried over to subsequent handling tasks and riding

Horse Coat  Treatment

Several items, most of which come in spray form, have been created to give a coat more gloss, smoothness, or shine. Although some sprays are oil-based, coat improvement sprays—often referred to as “silicone” sprays because they don’t attract dust—are more frequently oil-free, leaving the hair coat incredibly smooth and glossy. Although they are typically used on horses that have been washed and dried, they are occasionally used on horses that have not been bathed to provide a brief gloss for momentary purposes, such as standing for a picture.


Horse grooming is a ritual that every horse owner has to do, its importance is limitless, and it is the occasion when a horse meets a man and acknowledges you as its owner. They are an enjoyable time for your horse and you and would aloe you have a healthier fitter horse. Just make sure you safely get your horse grooming kit set. 

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