Dog Water Fountain Bowl – Everything You Need Know

Everyone that loves their dog goes great miles to ensure that they are well taken care of. There is a lot the average dog owner will do to ensure that their dog is comfortable and one of these things is ensuring that their dog is properly hydrated.

Everyone that loves their dog goes great miles to ensure that they are well taken care of. There is a lot the average dog owner will do to ensure that their dog is comfortable and one of these things is ensuring that their dog is properly hydrated.

It is a good thing to ensure that your dog constantly stays hydrated. However, beyond simply keeping it hydrated, ensuring it always has access to fresh water is great. While a good number of dog owners will go the extra mile in ensuring that their dog gets fresh water each time it drinks,  this is really demanding and very few people will be able to keep up with the demands of always changing their dog’s drinking water.

 Well, as a busy pet owner, you do not have to always change your dog’s drinking water. You simply need to get a dog water fountain bowl. With a dog water fountain bowl, you can ensure that your dog stays hydrated and constantly has access to freshwater regardless of how busy you might be.

If you are looking to buy a dog water fountain bowl for your dog and are interested in knowing a thing or two about a dog water fountain bowl before buying one, you are on the right page.

Dog Water Fountain Bowl

How Do Dog Water Fountain Bowls Function

Ideally, a dog water fountain bowl comes with a tank that simply plays the role of spring water. In addition to a bowl, it features a motor that plays the role of recirculating the water continually. The motor just does not circulate the water, it makes it go through a filtration process. This way, the water remains fresh.

Purchasing the Right dog Water Fountain

There is a lot you will need to put into consideration when looking to get value for your money with every dog water fountain bowl you buy. Some facts you must consider to ensure you do not waste money with each dog water fountain purchase are;


 Dog water fountain bowls feature a motor. So, you should expect them to make some noise. As much as making some noise is not out of place for a dog water fountain bowl, you certainly do not want to spend your hard-earned money on a dog water fountain bowl that is really noisy. If your pet’s water fountain bowl is noisy, it might struggle to drink water. Additionally, the sound made by a noisy dog water fountain bowl might make it difficult for your pets to sleep.

Buying a dog water fountain bowl that is not noisy might be difficult. However, to ensure you do not fall into the trap of getting the wrong one, simply take out time to go through buyer reviews on the internet.

Material is Key

There are various materials that can be used in making dog water fountain bowls. While these many materials have their pros and cons, one of the most reliable materials for making a dog water fountain bowl is stainless steel. 

Stainless steel is durable. However, it is not the most affordable. If you do not want to settle for stainless steel, you could make use of a ceramic bowl. While at this, you might still have to consider the price.

Regardless of the materials that you are most interested in, you will be dealing with some pros and cons. This means you will have ti weigh the pros and cons of the various materials that can be used in making a dog water fountain bowl before settling for any of them.


 The capacity of a dog water fountain bowl will come in handy in determining how frequently you need to refill it. If you do not want to refill the water fountain bowl frequently, you should buy one that has a big capacity.

Beyond the need to spend a long time away from a dog drinking bowl before filling it, if you own big dogs, then, you have no choice but to get a water fountain bowl ha has a large capacity.

Consider Ease of Use

Drinking will always be convenient for your dog.  So this will never really be a problem with a dog water fountain  bowl 

So what problem might you encounter?

 Well, the problem you might deal with when you get a dog water fountain bowl is how easily it can be assembled. In addition to the issue of assembling a dog water fountain easily, cleaning and maintaining might also be quite difficult. If you are not used to the idea of dealing with dog water fountain bowls, you should settle for one that is easy to use. 

Beyond just getting one that is easy for you to use, you might also have to consider ease of use if you have an ageing or sick dog.

Do Dogs Have a Need for  Water Fountain Bowls?

Experts have made it known that dogs can do very well without water fountain bowls. Also, they really do not struggle when drinking. This fact notwithstanding, dogs enjoy drinking fresh water.

Since water fountain bowls can help keep water fresh, they can come in handy in helping dogs drink properly.

In addition to the fact that dogs seem to enjoy drinking fresh water and water fountain bowls make that possible,  the instincts of the average dog make it prefer drinking running water. Dogs in the wild drink running water because they consider it safer than stagnant water. Your pet might no longer be in the wild. However, it has the same instincts as dogs in the wild and will always prefer water fountain bowls to regular water bowls.

It is Okay for Dogs to Drink from a Cat Water Fountain?

Dog water fountain bowls and cat water fountain bowls function in similar ways. Also, they come with the same features. This means a dog can comfortably drink from a cat water fountain bowl. 

In as much as dogs can always drink from cat water fountain bowls, the size difference between a dog and a cat will always come into play. This means large dogs might not be able to comfortably drink from water fountain bowls that were designed for cats.

What are the Advantages of a Dog Water Fountain Bowl?

They Help Prevent Liver and Kidney Diseases

With the right level of hydration, your dog’s kidneys get to work properly. They will not struggle to get toxins out of the body.  Furthermore, since consuming a lot of water works well for the liver, the chances of your dog being down with liver disease reduce significantly when they drink a  lot of water.

It Keeps Water Clean

No one is comfortable drinking from a cup that is dirty. Well, dogs, are intelligent and they too are not comfortable drinking dirty water or from a dirty bowl. A lot of fountain bowls make use of a filtration process that keeps the water clean always. Additionally, the water tastes better because its movement brings about aeration.

They Help Your Dog Stay Hydrated

This is perhaps the most obvious importance of a dog water fountain bowl. With this bowl, water is a lot more appealing to dogs when it is cleaner and fresher. Since dogs enjoy drinking water, they will always go to the water fountain to drink without hesitation each time they get thirsty.

What are the pros and Cons of Dog Eater Fiubtan Bowls?


  • Some were designed to help several dogs drink at once. They have lower and upper dish alternatives
  • They can be cleaned easily
  • They serve as an encouragement for dogs that do not really enjoy drinking water
  • They get impurities out of water
  • They are convenient


  • They are only very good when used indoors
  • Filters sometimes get clogged because of dog saliva
  • They are quite pricey as compared to regular bowls.

Best Place to Position a Dog Water Fountain Bowl

Wherever dogs drink will never be free from splashes. With this in mind,  you should position your dog’s water fountain bowl in an area that will never be damaged by excessive water. Furthermore, you should keep the fountain on a surface that can be cleaned easily. That’s not all. You should not keep the fountain in parts of your home with lots of traffic because water spillage could make people slip and fall while walking past.

Are Dog Water Fountain Bowls Associated with Any Safety Issues?

Dog water fountain bowls are great. However, they are not free from drawbacks. A major drawback of some of them is those made from plastics contain BPA. This chemical is carcinogenic. The fact that plastic dog water fountain bowls are carcinogenic is a good enough reason to avoid any fountain that is made of plastic. Additionally,  there is a huge tendency for your dog to scratch the fountain. When scratched frequently over a period, there could be openings that could house bacteria. In the long run, this could make your dog sick.

Ceramic is considered safer. It, however, is heavy and could drop if you are not very careful. This could lead to cracks that could hem four pets. Additionally, some ceramic fountains lead and this could cause your pet to be sick.  If you must buy a fountain made from ceramic, you have to ensure that it is lead-free.

One more thing, you might not want to get a fountain hard features a complicated design. One with a composed design might not be too easy to clean. When not cleaned properly, bacteria could build up over time. Also, if you struggle to change the filter and do not do so as frequently as it should be done, the water might get messed up.

How to Maintain a Dog Water Fountain Bowl

Dog water fountain bowls are good for your dog and come with a good number of advantages. Regardless of the many advantages that they come with, if you do not maintain them properly, you just will be unable to get the best from using them.

To ensure that your dog’s water fountain bowl is in top shape and free from germs,  you should clean it at least once a week.  This should be done with soapy, warm water. While at this, you will need to pay social attention to the pump area. Furthermore, make use of mild soap in cleaning the filter. This should be followed by rinsing it with clean water. You should also ensure that you change the filter as frequently as recommended by the manufacturer. Some areas will not be too easy to reach. You should get a toothbrush for cleaning such areas.

Does Water Fountain Affect a dogs Interest in Water?

The average human seems more comfortable drinking cool water. Dogs are like humans in several ways and this is one way they act like humans. In very much the same way as humans prefer cool water, dogs also sem more comfortable when they drink cool water.  

Well, unlike humans that can drink refrigerated water,  dogs do not really have the opportunity to drink refrigerated water. Since they like taking cool water, one way to ensure that your dog always HAS access to cool water is to get a dog water fountain bowl.

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