Dog Water Bowl – All You Need to Know

In the past, lots of dog owners made use of broken bowls and bowls that the family no longer needed when serving their dog water. In as much as some dog owners still seem to be clinging to this very old practice, a good number of dog owners have realized that getting your dog to drink from a bowl seems easy when the bowl is aesthetically pleasing. Furthermore, the likelihood that a dog’s water bowl will last the test of time increases if it drinks from a bowl that was specifically designed for dogs to drink with.

In the past, lots of dog owners made use of broken bowls and bowls that the family no longer needed when serving their dog water. In as much as some dog owners still seem to be clinging to this very old practice, a good number of dog owners have realized that getting your dog to drink from a bowl seems easy when the bowl is aesthetically pleasing. Furthermore, the likelihood that a dog’s water bowl will last the test of time increases if it drinks from a bowl that was specifically designed for dogs to drink with.

There is a school of thought that dogs simply want to drink clean and fresh water. As much as dogs are very much interested in drinking clean and fresh water, they want more than simply drinking fresh and clean water. They definitely want to drink from the right bowl.

If you are on this page, it is safe to assume that you already know about the existence of the dog water bowl. Well, there is a lot about dog water bowls that you are yet to find out about.

Dog Water Bowl

Read on as we take you through a walk of the various dog water bowls and all that you need to know before buying a dog water bowl.

How Safe are Communal Water Bowls

Moving about with your dog’s water bowl is not the most convenient thing to do when out with your dog. And since it is very important that your dog stays hydrated, you will always have to deal with the alternative of making use of a communal dog water bowl. 

In as much as a communal dog water bowl might be the easiest way to quench your dog’s thirst when you are out in the field, how safe is it?

Well, communal bowls are not totally safe. They are associated with some risks. While your dog quenches its taste in haste, it might be taking in parasites, viruses, or bacteria. Although diseases are more spread in dogs through sneezing and coughing, the place of water in the spread of dog disease cannot be overstated.

If you are considering letting your dog drink from a communal bowl, you have to bear in mind that communal drinking bowls do not get cared for the same way you care for your dog’s water bowl. Also, while some of them get cleaned frequently, you just can’ tell how frequently they get cleaned. So, there is no way of ascertaining how clean they really are.

Beyond the fact that communal dog drinking bowls might not be getting cleaned as frequently as you are comfortable with, a lot of times, they contain stagnant water which is a perfect breeding place for harmful microorganisms.

That’s not all. Communal water could also house some faecal matter. This might seem most unlikely as dogs are not expected to poop in the water. However, you must note that dogs have a habit of putting their paws in the water while drinking and you just can’t tell what other dogs have put their paws into before putting it into a bowl of water that your dog will most likely drink from. Beyond simply contaminating water by stepping into poop, a dog could have sniffed another dog’s bum before drinking from a communal bowl. This way you can be certain the water will be contaminated.

One more thing. If public drinking bowls are left outside, rodents could defecate or urinate into them and this is definitely not what you want your dog dealing with.

Dealing with the Challenge of Stopping your Dog from Drinking from a Communal Water Bowl

 It appears lots of dogs owners settle for communal dog water bowls because of the inconvenience associated with having to move around always being a water bowl. Well, you do not have to move around with a regular water bowl. You can always attend outdoor events with your dog with a collapsible water bowl in hand. Alongside this collapsible water, the bowl should be freshwater.

Since not everyone is comfortable moving around with a water bottle containing fresh water for their dog and a collapsible dog water bowl, it is okay if you do not move around with a dog water bowl. You can always stop by a restaurant and ask for water to quench your dog’s taste.

There are times you might almost have no choice but to let your dog use a communal water bowl. In as much as communal water bowls are not exactly safe, if your dog must make use of one, you will have to be on the lookout for the presence of contaminants such as faeces, leaves, etc.

Is There a Replacement for Dog Water?

There is really no liquid that can stand in as a substitute for water so long as dogs are concerned. You might want to give your dog a bit of juice and milk. However, they can’t replace water.

How Frequently Should I Pour Water into My Dog’s Water Bowl?

 There are no rules to how frequently you need to fill your dog’s water bowl. All you really need to do is ensure the water does not go below a certain level.

Should Dogs be able to Get to Their Water Bowl at Any Time of the Day?

Yes, you should give your dog the freedom of accessing its water bowl at every point in time. This is really expedient as dogs can get dehydrated really rapidly. This might not be so convenient. However, it is a part of the process of owning and properly training a dog.

Unlike humans that can take off their coats, dogs have natural coats that will obviously make them feel very hot all day long.  Since they feel hot always, they will always need water handy so they can cool off.

Should Dogs Drink from Elevated Bowls

Dogs do not have to drink from elevated bowls. However, if you think your dog will be most comfortable drinking from an elevated bowl, then, it is okay if you get one. While there is no rule that states your dog has to drink from an elevated bowl, if it has a special health condition, it is a step in the right direction.

What Dog Bowls are Considered Safe?

Safety is of utmost importance when getting a water bowl for your dog. This means you will need to consider how safe a water bowl is before getting it for your dog. As much as there are various factors to consider when selecting a safe dog water bowl, the most important factor that you will need to pay attention to when choosing a safe dog water bowl is the material the water bowl is made of. 

There are quite a number of materials that can be used in making dog drinking bowls. However, some of the safest are stainless steel, silicone, ceramic, glass, and aluminium.

Stainless Steel

Dog water bowls made from stainless steel are generally considered one of the safest. There are several reasons for this.  Stainless steel is non-porous. Due to this, it does not hold on to bacteria. That’s not all. Cleaning it is really easy. So, you do not have to struggle to maintain it.


Silicone dog water bowls have not been around for as long as stainless steel dog water bowls. Nonetheless, they are a good choice for everyone that is looking to ensure that their dog stays safe while drinking water. In addition to being safe for dogs, they also are not known to take up so much space. So, if you are looking to save some space, you might want to get a dog water bowl that is made from silicone.

Why don’t silicone bowls take up space? All things being equal, lots of silicone bowls have a design that makes them collapse when they are not being used.  Going by this, they will not take up space when they are not being used.

Furthermore, silicone can be cleaned really easily, does not get stained, does not cling to bad odours, and is irritant to heat.


Next on our list of safe dog water bowls is ceramic dog water bowls. This material might not be as safe as stainless steel and silicone. Nonetheless, if you are careful and pay a lot of attention to hygiene, you will not have any problems.

If you are looking to get a ceramic water drinking bowl, you have to ensure that your dog is not rough. If you have a rough dog, it is only a matter of time before the bowl gets chipped. Since chipped bowls could be a proper breeding place for bacteria, a ceramic bowl might both be as safe as you would want it to be.

Glass Bowls 

Glass bowls are generally considered safe for your dog as they can be cleaned easily, will not harbour any harmful microorganisms, and are non-porous. In as much as they are okay in themselves, you will need to ensure that they do not get chipped. This is because a chipped glass bowl could be a breeding ground for microorganisms.

Types of Dog Water Bowls

The market is filled with various types of dog water bowls and if you have any plans to buy a dog water bowl for your dog, then, it is important you know the various types of dog water bowls.

That being said, below are the different types of dog water bowls.

Elevated Dog Bowls

With an elevated dog drinking bowl, you can be certain that your dog’s drinking area will not be messy. It is a good drinking bowl if your dog is dealing with a special medical condition such as arthritis or megaesophagus. Although elevated drinking bowls work well for small dogs, they might not be the best for big dogs.

Travel Bowls 

Just as the name of this bowl states, it is ideal for moving around frequently with your dog. Generally, travel drinking bowls are made from materials like plastic, fabric, and silicone that are lightweight. This way, they do not weigh your travelling bag down. That’s not all. Travel bowls can be cleaned easily and are known to last the test of time.

Double Bowls

These bowls cater to the feeding and drinking need of your dog. Usually, one bowl is dedicated to drinking and the other, to feeding.  

Water Fountains

This dog bowl is quite different from others on this list. It is a type of drinking bowl that cats will most likely be comfortable with. In as much as the average dog might not be too comfortable drinking from moving water, if you have a dog that seems comfortable drinking from moving water, you can get it a water fountain.

Beyond the mere fact that water fountains are fascinating, they go a long way in keeping water pure and fresh.

Dog Water Dispenser

This is a good alternative for very busy dog owners. If you do not have the patience to keep filling your dog’s water bowl, then, you might want to get a dog water dispenser.


Having a water bowl for dogs and another bowl for dog food is a great decision. All water bowls listed above are great. All you need do is to look out for the type that suits your dog and lifestyle.

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