Dog Stroller – Everything You Need to Know

Dogs are very smart and energetic. So, it is not out of place for the average pet lover to feel that their dog does not need physical help. While to a large extent, the average dog might not need to be helped physically, this is not always the case. There are situations in which dogs need to be treated like infants.

Dogs are very smart and energetic. So, it is not out of place for the average pet lover to feel that their dog does not need physical help. While to a large extent, the average dog might not need to be helped physically, this is not always the case. There are situations in which dogs need to be treated like infants.

Elderly and small dogs sometimes do not have the physical capabilities that a regular dog is supposed to have.  Due to this, going for a walk with them might be quite challenging. Although it might not be so easy to go for a walk with an elderly or small dog, you still do not have to leave them at home. You can always go out with them. While at this, however, you will not need to really walk with them. You can simply push them around in a dog stroller.

Dog Stroller

What is a Dog Stroller?

A dog stroller is a tool that works just like a baby stroller. It can be used to move your dog around when you go for a walk or when visiting the vet. It might not look like there was any reason for producing a dog stroller. However, the fact remains dogs are not always in the right physical condition to take long walks. So, if you have a dog that does not always seem interested in walking, you can always rely on a dog stroller to move it around.

What are the Benefits of Using a Dog Stroller?

If you have never made use of a dog stroller, it might not seem like it has any real benefits to you or to your dog.  Well, the fact that you have not made use of a dog stroller SOS does not mean it is devoid of benefits. There is actually a lot to gain from owning a dog stroller.

That being said, some of the benefits of a dog stroller are;

Visiting the Vet Becomes Easier

Some dog owners reside far from their vets. So, they simply drive to the vet. Unlike people that do not reside too close to their vet,  if your home is not too far from your vet’s office, it means you will not need a car to visit the vet with your pet. Since you are not driving a car to your vet, your pet will need to walk.

 You might expect every dog to be able to walk easily to the vet’s office. Well, this is usually not what the case is.  Some dogs are too little too old and a little too heavy to be carried. Others, are elderly and already have weak structures, still, some other dogs are sick and weak and you might not want to carry them.  If you have any dog that falls into this category, then, you will need to move them around somehow. If you think you will struggle at this, then,  you can take advantage of the existence of a dog stroller.

You Can Exercise without getting Your Dog Stressed

It is cool to exercise alongside your dog. This could help your dog keep fit. However, it could be counterproductive. Not every dog is super energetic and always willing to exercise.  So, if you have a dog that is not very active and might not always want to exercise if you want to have your dog move around with you while exercising,  you can keep it in a dog stroller and take a walk or a run while pushing it.

Great for Taking Your Dog to Outdoor Events

Attending outdoor events with y your dog can be very stressful.  However, it feels like something that cannot be avoided by dog lovers. 

When attending festivals, picnics, and dog shows, you can move your dog around easily at these events if you have a stroller.

How to Get  the Right Dog Stroller

Getting the right dog stroller could be a bit of a challenge if you have never attempted doing so. As much as you might need a bit of experience to get the right dog stroller, if you do not have the experience you think you need,  there are tips that can help you get the right dog stroller even if you are buying one for the first time.

Consider Safety Features

The average dog stroller comes with quite a number of safety features. You will need to know the safety features that a dog stroller has before paying for it.

Some of the safety features that you should look out for are safety clips that ensure zippered compartments do not open while you are in motion,  a safety brake located on the back wheels and an inbuilt leash.


The safety of your dog is paramount when buying a dog stroller. For this reason, you will need to settle for a stroller that features proper brakes. You could decide to get one that comes with a dial-rear-wheel brake or a mode that has a single-wheel brake.

With the right brakes, you will not get into situations in which your dog stroller rolls off on a hill. That’s not all. When buying a dog stroller with brakes, you might want to select one with a foot-operated brake over one that comes with hand-operated brakes.

Consider its Wheel Type

Pet strollers come with wheels and tires. This is common knowledge. However, beyond simply coming with wheels and tires, you will need to consider the quality of tires that a dog stroller comes in.  You should consider their suspension and width. This is vital as the width and suspension of a dog stroller’s tires determine how it deals with bumps and how much effort you will need to put into moving it around.


There are various sizes of dog strollers and the right size is greatly dependent on the size of your dog.  The implication of this is you might want to check out the dimensions of a dog stroller before buying it. If your dog is quite large, you must ensure that the dog stroller you are buying has a pet compartment that can house your dog without it feeling uncomfortable. That’s not all. It must not be too big to fit into your vehicle.

If you are buying a dog stroller that is really big, you should settle for one that is foldable so fitting into your car will not be a challenge.

Consider Weight

When it comes to dog strollers, one size fits all does not work.  You will need to settle for a dog stroller that is suitable for your dog’s weight. Since there are dog strollers of different weight categories, you will have to carefully look out for the weight category that a dog stroller falls into before buying it.

Dog Stroller

Can a Baby Stroller be Used in Transporting a Dog?

 It might seem like a baby stroller is a good tool to replace a dog stroller. Well, regardless of the similarities between a dog stroller and a baby stroller, the latter should not be used as a replacement for the former.

The average baby stroller does not come with features that you can trust to ensure that your dog stays secured. All things being equal, a dog stroller comes with a completely enclosed compartment that will keep your pet from jumping out. Unlike dog strollers, baby strollers come with open fronts since babies are not expected to jump out of their stroller.

Are Dog Strollers Allowed on a Plane?

There are various ways pet owners choose to travel with their pets. Well, regardless of the type of pet you have, one way to travel via air with your pet is by using a stroller.

All things being equal, airlines allow dog owners to travel with dog strollers. When you travel with a dog stroller, you will not need to move around with a traditional carrier.

With a dog stroller, you will not need any extra preparations while flying. You simply need to prepare like someone that is travelling with a baby stroller.

Are Dogs Comfortable with Dog Strollers?

There is really no direct answer to this question. The answer is basically dependent on the dog in question.  While a good number of big dogs might not want to be moved around in a dog stroller, a lot of small dogs seem comfortable with the idea of being wheeled around town in a stroller.

The average small dog might not really be able to walk at the pace of humans. So, having to walk with their owners can be quite stressful for them. With a stroller, they get to enjoy a bit of adventure and still remain unstressed.

What is the Best Way to Fold a Dog Stroller

There are various dog strollers in the market and these different dog strollers will need to be folded in different ways. The method for folding a dog stroller is basically dependent on the brand of stroller it is. When you get a stroller and are not sure how to fold it, you simply will need to take out time to go through its manual.

Is it Okay to Enter Stores with a Dog Stroller?

There are various policies guiding different stores.  Some stores have a policy that makes room for pet owners to come in with their dog stroller while others do not. 

It might be difficult to know the stores that permit people to come in with their dog carriers. Going by this, if you have any plans to go shopping in a store, you might need to carry out a bit of research so you do not get embarrassed.

Is the Concept of Getting a Dog stroller Good?

Yes, a lot of dogs might not need a dog stroller to move around. However, a good number of them do. When dealing with sick, injured, or elderly dogs, in the absence of a dog stroller, you might struggle so much to move them around. That’s not all. Beyond the fact that dog strollers help move injured and sick dogs, they also come in handy for travellers and people moving around with several dogs.

What if a Dog is Refusing to Ride in a Dog Stroller?

Dog strollers are very beneficial, however, not all dogs are aware of this. If your dog needs one but is refusing to be transported in a dog stroller, all hope is not lost. There are alternatives. You can make use of carriers or dog backpacks if the dog is not so big.

Types of Pet Strollers

It might seem like a dog stroller is a tool that every dog owner should have to ensure that moving around with their dog is less stressful.  If you are of the opinion that a dog stroller can help make your movement with your dog easier, you might want to get one.

Getting a dog stroller is a good move. However, you might get the wrong one if you are not sure the various types of dog strollers exist. 

Below are the various types of dog strollers;

Double Pet Stroller

This type of dog stroller was designed to be used in transporting more than one dog at a time. This dog stroller can accommodate two dogs and they could be placed side by side or one could be placed above the other.

If you are considering buying this type of dog stroller, you have to note that it only works well for small dogs

Bicycle Stroller

This dog stroller was designed for cyclists that have a dog that might be unable to keep up with their speed. It could come with three wheels or two wheels and is connected to the bicycle’s frame. In as much as a bike stroller was built to work with bikes, you can use it when you are not cycling.

All-Terrain Stroller

If you need a stroller that can work on asphalt, concrete, and several unknown terrains, this is a product you should buy.

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