Dog Nail Grinder – Everything You Need to Know

Let’s talk about the dog nail grinder.

Let’s talk about the dog nail grinder.

Proper dog grooming can sometimes be a full-time job. While it makes your dog look good and feel cared for, it can be really tasking. When looking to properly groom your dog, there is a lot you will need to do. One of them is making sure your dog’s nails do not overgrow. Keeping your dog’s nails from overgrowing might seem like something that you can get done very easily. However, contrary to what you might be thinking, it is a very demanding task.

Trimming your dog’s nails is something you might have to do after four to six weeks and there are various methods of doing it. If you fall into the category of people that are scared of hurting your dog while cutting its nails, you most likely will do well with a dog nail grinder.

In as much as making use of a dog nail grinder will help you avoid getting your dog injured while trimming its nails, you might not be able to make use of it if your dog is not comfortable with the sound made by dog nail grinders. On the other hand, if your pet seems very comfortable with a dog nail grinder, then, you might want to take advantage of it when grooming your dog.

Dog Nail Grinder

Why You Need a Dog Nail Grinder

It appears a good number of dog owners are scared of cutting their dog’s nails because they do not want to accidentally injure their dog.  While this is something that will always exist, if you do not cut your dog’s nails frequently,  you might be doing it a disservice as your dog might face some health challenges if its nails are left untrimmed. Popular among these health challenges are injured tendons and splayfoot.

If you have a patient dog, then you really might not struggle while trimming its nails. Well, regardless of how patient your dog might be, it will want the process to be done quickly.

Now, the fastest way to actually trim your dog’s nails is by clipping them.  While this is great, if you must make use of clippers in trimming your dog’s nails,  then, you will need steady hands. Now, this might seem relatively easy if you think your hands are steady. However, the fact is while cutting your dog’s nails, it might not be very steady, so, there is a likelihood that you would get it injured in the process.

Beyond simply getting your dog injured while cutting its nails, if you are not careful, you could cut it quick. This is definitely something you do not want to do.

With a nail grinder, you obviously will not be able to trim your dog’s nails very rapidly. All you will be able to do is shorten them little by little. As much as this process is not fast, it definitely is a safe process. You do not really need to have steady hands to pull this through. 

when you make use of nail grinders in trimming your dog’s nails, you will be able to achieve smooth nails that will not scratch a surface accidentally.

Beyond the mere fact, that dog nail grinders can help you cut your dog’s nails without getting your dog injured,  they also come in handy when your dog’s quick is dark and not so easy to spot.

At this point, it really might seem like every dog owner needs to get a dog nail grinder. Well, you have to note that some dogs might not be comfortable around the sound made by a nail grinder. Furthermore, there is a lot of friction when grinding a dog’s nail. This friction could cause a bit of heat for the machine and the nails. This means if your dog must be comfortable, you will need to take breaks frequently.

Dog Nail Grinder

Selecting a Dog Nail Grinder

In other, for you to get the best dog nail grinder, the following should be put into consideration;

Consider  Sound

Nail grinders were designed to make a bit of sound and the sound they make ranges from mildly loud to noisy. since the sound made by grinders can be a put of for dogs, you will need to consider how loud the sound made by a dog nail grinder is before buying it.

If you have a dog that does not seem bordered by the sound made by dog nail grinders, then, you can go ahead to buy whatever dog nail grinder you can afford. On the other hand, if your dog appears troubled by noisy nail grinders, then, you will have to be careful about the dog nail grinder you buy.  You will need to be on the lookout for dog nail grinders that have a reputation for running quietly.

Sometimes getting a quiet dog nail grinder might not be so straightforward.  In situations like this,  you will need to look out for devices with different speed alternatives. This way, you have the freedom to select a setting with reduced vibrations.

Power Source

As long as the power source is concerned, there are two types of pet nail grinders. They are cordless and corded. The cordless nail grinders are battery-powered and give you more flexibility. However, they might not have as much power as corded nail grinders. That’s not all. If you are buying a battery-powered nail grinder,  you have to bear in mind that you will be charging it and if you are quite forgetful, this might be a major challenge.

Nail grinders that are corded can be used on the go so long as there is light. However, if you want to use them,  you must be close to a socket. That’s not all. If you want to make use of a nail grinder that comes with a cord, you should ensure you buy a long one that can be manoeuvred easily.

Consider Comfort

 Grinding a dog’s nails is an activity that requires a level of skill. Also, you will need to take some positions that you might not be very comfortable with. Also, grinding is something that actually takes time. This means to avoid getting discouraged, you will need to make use of a tool that you are comfortable holding for a long time.


Convenience might not be the first thing you will consider when shopping for a dog nail grinder. Nonetheless, it is still one of the vital tips you should give attention to. You should think about the ease of assembling the device when bought and how easy taking out batteries will be.

Consider Safety

Safety is an important factor that everyone buying a nail grinder for their dog has to consider. With this in mind, you should not buy just any nail grinder.  You should buy one that was made specifically for dogs.

How to Make use of a Dog Nail Grinder

When looking to buy a dog nail grinder, regardless of the fact that you select one that has a cord or one that doesn’t have a cord,  you will be working with a grinder that is cylinder-like in shape. The first thing you will need to do is get used to holding this device. In addition to getting used to holding a dog nail grinder, there are some other things you will need to give attention to when you get started with a dog nail grinder. You will need to pay attention to safety and also master using a technique.

There is actually a bit of danger associated with using a dog nail grinder. This means you will need to be careful so you do not get into any trouble. 

The first thing you should do when making use of a dog nail grinder is to make sure your dog’s hair is not standing in the way while you trim its nail. If you are dealing with a dog with long fur, you will have to come up with ways to move it away so it does not get stuck in the machine. Beyond your dog simply having long hair on other parts of its body, if there is long hair on its fur, you might want to trim the long hair on its fur first before you proceed to grind its nails.

To get started with the actual grinding of your dog’s nails, you have to extend its paw and hold it firmly. You might have to get ready to temporarily stop grinding its paws if it puts up any resistance. After making it comfortable, you can go on with cutting its nails.

To grind a nail, you need to use the grinder at the bottom of its nail’s tip. After doing this,  you will need to bring it up slowly to the top of its nail tip. Once at the top, take a journey back to the bottom of the tip. Keep at this for a while until you are done taking off the sharp tip.

As soon as you are done taking off the bit you want to, use the grinder in a circular motion. Doing this will help polish the nail.

What Do You Stand to Gain from Using a Dog Nail Grinder to Trim Your Dog’s Nails?

Using a dog nail grinder to trim your dog’s nails is definitely not the fastest way to go about keeping its nails at the right length. This, notwithstanding, comes with several advantages. Some of these advantages are;

It does not cause your dog any pain especially when it is done the right way. In as much as there is no pain, you should not be surprised if your dog seems uncomfortable with the vibrations made by the machine.

With a nail grinder, you can achieve a very round nail tip that is all shades of natural. This is as opposed to a rough tip you might get if you make use of another trimming method. That’s not all. The chances of your dog bleeding because you tamper with its quick is really low.

What are the Challenges You will be Dealing with When Using a Nail Grinder?

 A nail grinder comes with quite a number of advantages. In as much as these advantages are quite significant, to enjoy them you  will have to go through some challenges. . Some of the challenges associated with using a dog nail grinder are;

You might actually spend a while finding out the nail grinder that is best for your dog.  This is even more likely if the grinder has grit sanding bands and stones of various sizes. In this situation, you will have to make use of a couple of stones before getting the one that works best.

 Working with a nail grinder causes a bit of heat and this could be frightening. This means you will need to be really patient and take breaks always until your dog becomes relatively comfortable. When your dog finally gets used to the heat caused by the grinder,  it will no longer put up resistance.

The sound of a dog nail grinder is not something that lots of dogs are comfortable with. Some can cope with it while others seem scared. To help your dog become comfortable with the sound of this device,  you will need to prepare treats for your dog until it is no longer scared of the sound produced by this machine.

Are Nail Grinders Safe?

 Yes, they are. Nail grinders are generally known to be safe. Also, beyond being safe,  you do not need to put so much effort into using them.

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