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Every living thing needs food to survive. Humans, plants, and animals. Since dogs are animals, they are unable to survive without food. It might be common knowledge that dogs can only survive when they have food. However, what is not common knowledge is the type of food that is ideal for your dog.

Every living thing needs food to survive. Humans, plants, and animals. Since dogs are animals, they are unable to survive without food. It might be common knowledge that dogs can only survive when they have food. However, what is not common knowledge is the type of food that is ideal for your dog.

With humans, feeding is pretty straightforward. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about dogs. So long as dogs are concerned, feeding might not be so easy. The implication of this is several dog owners are usually confused when it comes to feeding their dogs.

In the world of dog food, there are several alternatives and this can be really confusing for dog owners. This is because the many dog foods in the market all try to claim the spot of the best product in the market. Due to the many products that claim they are the best in the market, you might be struggling to get the right dog food for your dog.

As much as this has always been a major issue among dog owners and you have always struggled to select dog food, you do not have to worry. Contained in this article is everything you need to know about dog food.

Dog Food

How to Tell a Good Dog Food

Averagely, dog owners will either feed their dog canned wet food or dry kibble. As humans, sometimes, it might look like canned wet food and dry kibble are not so great. However, the fact is they are great for your dog and come with virtually every nutrient that your dog needs to stay healthy. Although not all dog foods are great. However, the best ones among them have been tried and trusted. So, you can be certain what they have to offer 

At this point, you already know that the best dog foods are good for your dog. However, one thing you are yet to find out is how to actually pick the right dog food for your dog and the contents of the right dog food.

Nutrient Content

There are various ways to feed a dog.  Regardless of how you feed your dog, you must ensure that it meets its nutritional needs. If a dog food does not meet a dog’s nutritional needs, it really will not be important to give it to your dog. This is more difficult than you might have assumed. 

Why is this so?

Different dogs have different nutritional requirements. So, what works well for one dog might not work for another. The implication of this is you will need to find out what works for your dog before you start feeding it with the wrong food.

The nutritional needs of a dog are not static. They are dependent on several factors. Chief among these factors are breed and age.

Adult dogs have nutritional requirement that is different from those of puppies.

Dog Food

Myths about Dog Food

If you are used to buying the right dog food, there is a likelihood that you have come across some myths regarding dog food. On the other hand, if you have not spent time buying dog food, you might not be aware of the various myths surrounding dog food. 

There are a good number of myths surrounding dog food and if you want to avoid any mistakes when buying dog food, it is expedient that you know the myths associated with dog food.

Beyond knowing the various myths about dog food, you should also know exactly how to deal with them.

Almost as a norm, several people that claim to know a thing or two about dog nutrition frequently put up information online. While it might seem as if this information will always be right, if you cannot trace such information to a reliable source, there will be no point following it as it just might be wrong. So, before following any dog food information you get online, ensure you verify its source. The source could be a scientific study, a canine nutritionist, or a veterinarian. It is okay to be sceptical. So, if you think a piece of information is not true, you just might need to confirm its source.

There are generic dog foods that an average dog can feed on comfortably. Sometimes your dog might not be able to feed on these foods. In a situation in which your dog is unable to feed on a portion of food because it causes some side effects, such food might not be necessarily bad. It just might mean your dog has an allergy.

Is your dog allergic to grains, if yes, then, you might have to start giving it only foods that are grain-free. This is something you can do on your own if you have built a great deal of experience buying dog food over the years. On the other hand, if you are unable to get the right grain-free dog food, you will have to get your vet involved.

The Art of Reading a Dog Food Label

There will always be bad dog food in the market just as there will be good food. And there is close to nothing you will be able to do about the bad dog foods in the market. The only thing you really will be able to do is to come up with a way to distinguish between good dog food and bad dog food.

Three could be a million ways to differentiate good dog food from bad dog food. However, the easiest of them is by going through dog food labels.

Looking through dog food labels might be the easiest way to distinguish between good. However, it is more difficult than it sounds. This is because accurately reading a label is not the easiest of things to do. One reason for this is the small print used in printing them. That’s not all. If you are not sure what you are looking for, a label might actually mislead you.

There is a lot you can get by simply looking at the label of dog food. Most important of these are the ingredients used in making the food and the name of the products.


You might be unable to tell the quality of dog food by taking a look at its ingredients. However, the ingredients make you know the contents of the food. This is generally important. However, it is even more important if your dog has allergies or dietary needs. Furthermore, if you are interested in feeding your dog a special diet, taking a look at a dog food ingredient will help significantly.

Product Name

You can tell what the content of a bag or can is by simply finding out the name of the product. A simple example of this is seeing the term “chicken “ on the product’s packaging means such a product contains about 70% chicken. Furthermore, if you spot chicken player or chicken dinner on the packaging, you can tell that chicken’s about 10% of the product. Chicken flavour implies that the dog food does not contain a lot of chicken. However, it has just enough chicken to make sure the food taste like it contains a lot of chicken.

What Quantity of food should Dogs Eat?

Humans are not the only ones that suffer from obesity. Dogs also suffer from obesity. As a matter of fact, in recent times, the number of dogs that are getting obese has increased significantly. Obesity in dogs is bad in itself. Furthermore, it is a causative factor for many other ailments that dogs suffer from. So, to help your dog suffer from fewer ailments, you will have to control what it eats. This is only possible if you are sure of the food quantity that is ideal for your dog.

Nutrition for dogs is quite different from human nutrition. This means you might not know exactly how much food your dog needs. This is a situation that lots of dog owners can not deal with properly,

Since you might actually struggle to know the right quantity of food for your pet, you will need to make your visit to the vet a regular thing. While on a visit to your vet, you should discuss the right portions with them.

The guidelines at the back of dog food can be able to help you know the right portion. However, it is now quite dicey as several factors can affect the quantity of food your dog should eat. These factors are illness, nursing, level of activities, and season of the year.

Is There Anything Wrong with Mixing Dog Brands?

To get the best from dog food, you might want to avoid giving your dog a mixture of different brands. Your dog might have to deal with gastrointestinal issues when you switch dog food brands frequently.

The temptation to switch dog food brands arises when your dog does not seem to get all its required nutrients from its food. If this is a situation you are facing, you might have to completely change brands or make use of supplements.

How to Know a Recalled Dog Food Brand

If you suspect a dog food to have been recalled, you will need to first speak to your vet. You can also get details on the FDA website.

Getting the Right Dog Food

Below, are some of the factors to consider when getting the right dog food for your dog;

Dog Size

Dogs are of different sizes and have different nutritional requirements because of the difference in their sizes. The nutritional requirement for a big dog was made to be different from that of small dogs. This means they can’t eat the exact same food.

Dog Age

Pretty much like adults, puppies feed on something different from adult dogs. This means the right food for an adult dog is necessarily not the best for a puppy.

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