Dog Bed – Everything You Need to Know

Just like humans, dogs also enjoy comfort. They love cuddling with their owners, eating from clean plates, and sleeping in beds. Although there are beds that were produced to meet the sleeping need of dogs, not everyone knows this.

Just like humans, dogs also enjoy comfort. They love cuddling with their owners, eating from clean plates, and sleeping in beds. Although there are beds that were produced to meet the sleeping need of dogs, not everyone knows this.

Well, if you are on this page, it is safe to say you know about the existence of dog beds and how they can be of benefit to your dogs. 

Quite unlike humans that can almost use similar bed sizes, when it comes to dogs, you cannot just go into a store and buy any bed. Different dogs have various bed needs. Also, their bed needs are a lot dependent on their breed. The implication of this is the dog bed that works for one dog breed might not necessarily work for another. Going by this, if you have different dog breeds, you might have to buy them different beds. That’s not all. In very much the same way as there are baby cots and beds made for adults, there are different dog beds for senior dogs and puppies.

When setting out to get a dog bed for your dog, you will need to know how much it weighs as well as how old it is. There is more. You should pay attention to how it sleeps. Dogs that pee when they are nervous will not do well with a dog bed for dogs that do not have this experience. Additionally, dogs that have a reputation for chewing their bedding will not be comfortable on beds made for other dogs.

There is a long list of things everyone that is looking to buy a dog bed should know. Read in to find out how to get the right dog bed.

Dog Bed

Types of Dog Bed

Below are the types of dog beds for dogs;


This is a type of dog bed for dog owners that do not have a lot of money and might not be able to get a proper dog bed at the time they need one. So, if you fall into the class of people that do not have the funds to get a dog bed, you might want to make use of a blanket.

Blankets are relatively comfortable and several dogs seem comfortable staying on them. The idea of getting a blanket for your dog might not make a lot of sense if it is not one that is comfortable sleeping on blankets. This means you will need to be sure of the type of dog you have before replacing its bed with a blanket.

When looking to get your dog a blanket for it to lay on, you really do not have to get new blankets.  If you have any old blankets that you do not use anymore, instead of throwing them away, you can use them for your dog.  You must note that dogs are not into aesthetics the way humans are. So, the blanket that might not look so good to you just might make a lot of sense for your dog.

When getting your dog to sleep on a blanket, you should avoid laying the blanket just the way it comes. It is important that you fold it severally until it becomes thick enough for your dog to be comfortable on it. This is really important because just like humans, when dogs sleep on surfaces that are not very comfortable, they could also get sore. Going by this, to ensure that your dog does not get sore from sleeping on a blanket, you should avoid making use of any blanket that is not big enough to be folded into several layers. 

Pet Cot with Canopy

There is a pet cot that features a canopy. This type of dog bed is ideal for pets that want to sleep on a bed but do not want to be indoors. If you have a dog that seems very comfortable staying out of your apartment and you do not want it to be simply lying on the floor, this is a type of dog bed you can get. 

Generally, pets that are indoors are better protected than those that are outdoors. This might be a fact. However, it is not a reason for you to expose your dog to the elements.

Outdoor Pet Cot

Just like the bed type above this dog bed, the outdoor pet cot is a type of dog bed that was designed for dogs that spend a lot of time outdoors. The average dog bed might not be very good for dogs that spend a lot of time outside as they were not built for outside use.

So long as your dog spends ample time out of the house and you want it to be comfortable, getting it an outdoor pet cot is one thing you should do. With this dog bed type, it will not have to be on the ground when it is outside.

Generally, outdoor pet cots are about a foot above the ground. This design ensures that they are your dog does not get too cold when it is winter and is able to cope with the heat in summer.

Heated Dog Bed

This is a dog bed for dog owners that do not want their dog to catch a cold in winter. It might not be very important if your dog has very thick furs that can keep it shielded from the cold. On the other hand, if your dog is not rich in thick fur, this is definitely a dog bed you might want to get it.

Pillow Dog Bed

Just as its name states, this dog bed looks like a pillow. Some dogs are not so small to sleep on one’s pillow. So, it will be impossible to offer them your pillow as a bed.  On the other hand, if you have a dog that’s very comfortable with a pillow, the pillow dog bed will be a very good bed for it.

This dog bed is very simple. So it is great for dog owners that are looking at getting a dog bed but do not want to get anything complex. This dog pillow is very comfortable and might come with special features that could make a dog bed stand out. Regardless of the pros and cons of this dog bed, it is a good one for anyone looking to buy a dog bed but is on a tight budget. 

Cave-Style Dog Bed

This dog bed type is associated with fun. So, you should not be surprised if your dog seems to be getting attached to it. There are several types of dogs and a good number of them have the attitude of staying in hidden spots. This is perhaps one reason dogs are found under a car.

So long as your dog enjoys spending ample time in hidden spots, the Cave-style dog bed will be great for it.

Donut-style dog bed

This dog bed type is really popular. So, it might be surprising for you to go to the market and not come across it. It is actually affordable and can be used by any dog. Also, it can be used by digs of different sizes.

Bunk Bed

It is simply a piece of furniture that has two beds that are connected to one other.

What to Consider When Getting a Dog Bed

The following should be considered when looking forward to getting a dog bed;


The style of a dog bed might not be the most important thing you should consider when buying one. Nonetheless, it definitely is one of the facts you should bear in mind before setting up any bed design. Every apartment has a vibe and a decoration style. Also, you will need to consider your apartment style when buying a dog bed. If you get a dog bed that seems to fit into your apartment, you will not really struggle when finding a place to position it.

When you buy a dog bed that works for your home décor, you can always have your dog in sight as lots of dogs spend a lot of time on their beds. Beyond simply choosing a dog bed based on its style, you should consider its color. If you settle for one that has a color that is too far from the color of your apartment, it could make the entire apartment look messy.

Consider Ease of Washing

Just like human beddings, dog beds get dirty and you certainly do not want to leave your dog’s bed dirty for long. This means you will have to wash it every now and then. Dogs get to pee in their bed and even climb on the bed with muddy paws.

If you think a dog bed might not be too easy to wash, then, you might not want to give it a lot of attention. One way to know a dog bed that can be washed easily is they come with covers that are machine washable. If you do not want to settle for one that simply has a washable cover, you can get ne that can be washed in its entirety.


Dogs can get attached to their belongings. This means if you are getting a dog bed for your dog, you should buy one that can last the test of time. Dog beds are not for beautifying your home. Also, they will be used roughly.

Dogs are known to be diggers and scratchers. They also engage in digging. All these activities put together can make a dog bed last only a short time if it is not very durable.  If you get a dog bed that is not durable, it is only a short time before you have to get another. 

To ensure you do not have to buy a new dog bed every now and then, you have to buy a bed that is made from sturdy materials. Look out for beds with aluminium frames and dense mercury foam. That’s not all. You will need to go for beds with cover materials like microfiber, canvas, nylon, etc.

If you are getting a dog bed for senior dogs or puppies that could always get involved in accidents, you will need to select a bed with a cover that is resistant to water. This way, the inner bedding stays free from odor and stain.


To a large extent, the aim of sleeping in a bed is to be comfortable. So, if your dog does not feel comfortable in its bed, you just might not be getting proper value for money. The average dog spends a lot of time in bed. So, if its bed is not as comfortable as it would want, it might not be too happy.

Different dog breeds have various preferences so long as beds are concerned.  Some of them seem most comfortable when they sleep on airy and cool beds. Others, however, seem comfortable in beds that cave in.

It is important you know the average preference of your dog breed before going on to buy a dog bed. In as much as you can buy various beds based on the dog’s preference, ensure you buy one that will help it have good quality sleep.

Sometimes knowing your dog’s preference when it comes to its bed can be difficult. If you are not sure what exactly your dog likes, you will need to take out time to study it. If your dog seems to be interested in spending a lot of time on kitchen tiles or floors made of hardwood, you will do well to get a cool bed. On the other hand, if it seems to enjoy hiding, a cave-style bed will be most ideal.

What is the Most Ideal Fabric for a Dog Bed?

Dog beds can be gotten in several fabrics. These fabrics come in various colors to perfectly fit the appearance of your home. In as much as aesthetics is something always considered when selecting a material for your dog bed, you will actually need to look beyond you should aesthetics. Practicality is of utmost importance.

The various fabrics that are used in making dog beds have different qualities and you will need to put these qualities into consideration before settling for any dog bed. To get the best value for your money, you might want to get a dog bed that is made from fabrics that can be vacuumed and cleaned easily. Additionally, you might want to select one that can be washed by machines. While choosing a bed that can be washed by machines is great, this feature might be important if the bed is very big. When dealing with a big dog bed, you might simply have to go for one that features a removable cover. This way, you can always take off the cover and wash it when it becomes dirty.

If you will be buying a dog bed for a dog that is frequently shedding, you will need to settle for a firm bed. This type of bed will be cleaned without you bothering about having issues with the vacuum. That’s not all. When dealing with a senior dog that often bed wets, getting a waterproof bed will be a nice thing to do.

Dog Bed

Choosing a Dog Bed Based on Your Dog’s Age

There are a good number of factors responsible for the type of dog bed you settle for. Age is one of these factors. Ideally, the dog bed that you get for a senior dog might just not be good enough for a young dog or a puppy.

When getting a bed for younger dogs, you might not need to give a lot of attention to how thick the bed is. On the other hand, when getting a dog bed for a big dog, its thickness becomes really important. Since older dogs have weaker joints and they will do well with thick and firm beds.

Can a Dog Bed be Considered Wrong?

You might say a bed is a bed. This could make a bit of sense. However, to dogs, a bed is not just a bed. Dogs are not comfortable with certain types of beds because of their breed and sometimes personality.

Small dog breeds seem to be more comfortable with nesting beds. In the same vein, it appears big dogs are a lot more comfortable with flatbeds that can comfortably take their size.

In as much as different dogs have their preferences; no dog bed can really be considered e wrong bed.

What is the Right Time to Change your Dog Bed?

It seems normal for dog beds to go through wear and tear. With this in mind, you should not feel bad that your dog bed did not last a long time. With humans, mattresses can be expected to last for up to 10 years. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for dog beds.

If you have a dog bed that has lasted up to a year, it can also be said to have over lasted. There are some dog breeds that are strongly associated with dog bed wear and tear. If you get a dog of such breed, then, you might have to change the bed before months elapses.

Is It Okay for Your Dog to Sleep in Your Bed?

Sleeping in the same bed with your dog might seem cool and might also appear as if you care about your dog. However, the fact is, it is not exactly the best thing to do.

People get to roll over when they sleep. This action is completely normal to humans. Unfortunately, we cannot say the same for dogs. 

If you have a dog in your bed, you could startle it when you roll over. When startled, your dog’s aim might not be to bite you. Nonetheless, it could end up biting you. And although this bite will not be intentional, it is not any less painful.

Apart from issues like rolling over while sleeping and health conditions on your part or your dog’s part, if you do not have a dog bed handy, you can always share your bed with your dog.

Is a Bed Really Important to Dogs?

Unlike humans that are good with 8 hours of sleep every day, the average dog gets to sleep 12 to 18 hours daily. This might seem very long for humans.  However, it is just perfect for dogs. Since dogs spend a lot of time sleeping, it just makes a lot of sense that they are comfortable while sleeping. One way to ensure maximum comfort for your dog while it sleeps is to get it its own bed.

Do Dogs Do Better with Hard Beds?

All things being equal, dogs seem to be more comfortable when sleeping on hard beds. When a bed is soft it really does not offer them the right support for their joints. This is even worse if the dog is quite old.


There are various types of dog beds you can give some consideration to when shopping for a dog bed. However, if you want to get the best value for your money, you might want to choose an orthopaedic memory foam bed over other types of dog beds. This type of bed simply takes the dog’s shape as it lays on it and is great for your dog’s joints.

When getting an orthopaedic bed for a senior dog that is beginning to experience bladder leakage, you will need to get an orthopaedic memory foam bed that is waterproof. If you are unable to get one,  get a waterproof cover.

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