Can Turtles Eat Flies? – Well-detailed Explanation

Do you own a turtle and are wondering what foods you can feed it with? If yes, then you might be wondering if turtles eat flies. Well the simple fact is turtles can eat flies. However, there is a lot more to turtles feeding on flies than the mere fact that they are omnivores and can eat virtually everything.

Before feeding your turtle with flies, you have to consider its ability to deal with live food, as well as its age. If a turtle is of age and has the ability to deal with life foods, then, it can eat flies.

Can Turtles Eat Flies?

How Much Nutrients do Flies Offer Turtles?

So long as nutrients are concerned, flies are not average. Turtles that feed on flies will be getting a great deal of nutrients. This is because they are rich in vitamins and essential minerals in trace amounts. A blend of these vitamins and minerals are great for the shell and skin of turtles.

In as much as flies provide turtles with some of the nutrients that they need, they are not entirely safe. Turtles could get into trouble by simply feeding in flies. With this in mind, before feeding your turtle with flies, you have to be certain they can deal with them.

How Safe are Flies for Turtles?

All things being equal, flies are safe for turtles. However, it really depends on the type of fly you are feeding your turtle with. There are various types of flies. Some are just okay for turtles to feed on so long as they do not harbor disease. Others, however, might not be very good for turtle.
If you are looking to feed your turtles with flies, you will need to carry out a great deal of research on whatever fly you want to feed your turtle.

Best Way to Feed Turtles with Flies

At this point, you already know that turtles can eat flies. Nonetheless, when looking to feed your turtle with flies, you must know exactly how to do this. In as much as flies are considered generally safe for turtles, there is a right way to feed them to your turtles.

Some of the things you have to do when trying to feed your turtle with flies are;

Ensure you can always get a hold on the fly if the turtle fails to feed on it right away. This way, the turtle does not go through so much pain trying to get the fly.

When putting a fly into where you house your turtle, it is vital that you put the fly very close to your turtle’s head. If you drop the turtle into the water tank and not close to your turtle’s head, the turtle might get into panic mode and this might make it abandon its food.

After putting the fly into your turtle’s abode, if there is no reaction, you might want to get the fly near the tank’s edge. Doing this will help the turtle spot the fly. If your turtle becomes scared after you do this, you just might have to take out the fly.

Not every turtle really has an interest in flies. So, if your turtle happens to be one of them, you will need to have a great deal of patience. If after a while, it still does not seem interested in chasing the fly, you will need to try the entire process some other time.

You have to realize that not every turtle is used to feeding on live food. If yours happens to fall into this category, you will need to be really careful. Also, it is important to avoid the mistake of forcing your turtle to feed on a fly.

If you are bent on getting your turtle to feed on flies, you might need to teach it to feed on a prey that does not move so fast.
In addition to merely placing a fly in your turtle’s tank in a way that it spots it, you can also do this discreetly.

What Type of Flies Can’t You Feed to Your Turtle

There are several types of flies and while a couple of them seem okay, houseflies are not good for turtles.

Why is this so?


Houseflies have a reputation for passing diseases. They have a terrible eating habit. This can be disgusting. Additionally, they could pass diseases on to your pet.
While you can be sure that feeding your turtles with houseflies can be bad for their health, that’s not all. It can also have a negative effect on your health.
This is possible because pets that feed on disease carrying foods will become host to disease causing bacteria. These diseases are passed to pet owners while they handle their pets without adequate protection.
If you go on to feed your turtle with house flies, you will have to spend some money on medication. Additionally, getting them out of your house can also be very financially demanding.

House Flies are Low in Nutrients

While flies are generally known to help your turtles have access to quality nutrient, the same cannot be said about house flies.
Although houseflies contain some proteins, they do not have the minerals and vitamins that turtles need to stay healthy.

If you intend to make your turtles healthy from just houseflies, you cannot rely on just a couple of houseflies. You will need to feed your turtle with up to 30 houseflies every day. Now, this is a lot of work and even if you manage to give your turtle as much as 30 houseflies everyday, you will be exposing it to a great deal of diseases. Some of these diseases are tuberculosis, gastroenteritis, typhoid fever, conjunctivitis, cholera, dysentery, diarrhea, salmonella, etc.

Are Flies Attracted to Turtles?

Some turtles might not like flies. However, flies are generally attracted to turtles. This is because of how they smell. Additionally, the other foods that turtles feed on can make flies attracted to them. That’s not all. Since flies love feces, if your turtle tank is left dirty, flies will always be attracted to them.

Is It Okay for Turtles to Eat Dead Flies?

Flies are not free from diseases even in death. If this is anything to go by, there will be no need feeding your turtle dead flies.

Can Painted Turtles feed on Flies?

All things being equal, painted turtles eat plant and animal-based foods. This means they will also feed on flies. Nonetheless, they are more interested in eating plants.

Do Red-Eared Turtles Enjoy Eating Flies?

Red-eared turtles are found in the southeastern part of the United States. Also, they seem a lot interested in eating flies.

Do All Types of Turtles Feed on Flies?

While turtles generally eat flies, you have to note that not every turtle is okay feeding on flies. As a matter of fact, just a handful turtle are comfortable eating flies.

Are Baby Turtles Keen on Eating Flies?

Feeding flies to turtles is a lot dependent on how well they can handle live food and their age. So, this might make one wonder if baby turtles eat flies. Well, to a large extent, baby turtles are very keen on feeding on flies.

Should You Give Fruit flies to Your Turtles?

It is technically okay for turtles to feed on fruit flies. However, you should feed them with these foods sparingly. The reason for this is turtles will naturally not feed on fruit flies as they only get a handful of nutrients from them.

Can Turtles Eat Dragon Flies?

It might be uncommon to see turtles eating dragon flies. However, this happens occasionally. If you have never seen turtles feed on dragon flies, it might seem quite like they are unable to catch them. However turtles can be quite agile too.

Getting Flies out of a Turtle Tank

Since turtles smell in a way that will always attract flies, you should not be surprised if you find quite a number of flies in their tank.
Flies might always be attracted to your turtles. Nonetheless, there are things you can do to ensure that flies stay away from your turtle tank. Some of them are;
• Take out feces and stable food as soon as possible
• Ensure there is a screen placed over the tank. This will prevent flies from finding their way into the tank.
• The tank should be far from doors and windows.
When looking to get flies out of your turtle tank, avoid the use of sprays. These insecticides have harmful chemicals that might not be so good for your turtles.


There are several insects in the world and turtles are comfortable feeding on all of them. So, if you must feed your turtles with insects always you do not have to give them flies. Nonetheless, if you are bent on feeding your turtles with flies, you can buy flies from stores. Flies gotten from stores are usually bred in isolation and have no connection to fly-related diseases. While these types of flies are healthy, they are not really rich in content.
If you are just looking to give your turtle insects simply for the sake of protein, then, flies bought from stores can do. However, if you want them to have some calcium and vitamins, you might need to avoid flies sold in stores.

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