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Can Rabbits Eat Ice Cream?

Can Rabbits Eat Ice Cream

Ice cream is a tasty treat and several people love it. Beyond just being tasty, it can help one relax after a long and stressful day. Averagely, ice cream comes with several flavors and this gives ice cream lovers the freedom of enjoying ice cream over and over again without getting bored.

If you do not have a pet around, you might only have to share your ice cream with people around you or take it alone. However, if there is a pet around you, you might be tempted to share your ice cream with your pet. 

 There is nothing wrong with sharing your ice cream with your pet. However, if you must let your pet have some of your ice cream, you have to be certain that ice cream is a treat that it can take.

This brings us to the question ‘can rabbits eat ice cream?’ If you do not have a rabbit or have any plans of getting one, you might never be concerned with how safe taking ice cream is for rabbits. On the other hand, if you own a rabbit and want to share some of your ice cream with it, it is important that you know if rabbits can eat ice cream. 

Is Ice Cream Good for Rabbits

Well, quite unfortunately, ice cream is not good for rabbits. If you let your rabbit take ice cream, it will fall ill. 

Do you want your rabbit to stay healthy? Then you will need to avoid giving it human foods that have artificial flavors, foods with sweeteners, and dairy products. Since ice cream is a dairy product, it falls into this category. Also, it is not something that your rabbit’s digestive system was designed to deal with.

What Should I Expect if My Rabbit Eats Ice Cream?

A lot can go wrong if your rabbit takes ice cream. After taking ice cream, there is a huge likelihood that your rabbit will have to deal with diarrhea. Beyond the mere fact that rabbits are herbivores and  do not have a digestive system that can deal with animal based foods of which ice cream is one, rabbits become lactose intolerant as they become older.

Since they are lactose intolerant, they cannot deal with the primary protein that is found in milk and milk based diets.

What should be done if a Rabbit Takes Ice cream by Mistake?

Your reaction after your rabbit takes ice cream should be dependent on how much ice cream it took. If it takes just a little ice cream, you do not have to get too worried. The milk content of ice cream might be bad for rabbits. However, if your rabbit has just a little, nothing serious will happen to it.

On the other hand, if your rabbit actually eats a sizeable quantity of ice cream, there are quite a number of things you can do.

Topping the list of things you should do is keeping a close eye on how your rabbit eats and how it poops. Ideally, rabbits take hay at intervals as the day goes on. Also, when they poop, their feces is supposed to be in form of hard pellets and should be spherical.

So, after taking ice cream, if you notice that your rabbit is not eating the way it should or has not pooped in about 12 hours, you just might need to book an appointment with a vet.

Why Is Ice Cream Bad for Rabbits?

Ice cream lacks fiber. Furthermore, it contains a lot of fats. Rabbits need to feed on foods that are high in fiber and low in fats. This makes ice cream the exact kind of meal that your rabbit should not take.

There is more. Ice cream contains lactose and rabbits cannot digest this sugar. In as much as rabbits will not get poisoned if they take ice cream, when they take a significant quantity, they are bound to have some challenges with their digestive system.

In addition to the common fact that ice cream is not good for your rabbit’s digestive system, there are other reason ice cream is not good for rabbits.

  • Ice Cream is Addictive: There is a huge likelihood that your rabbit will get addicted to ice cream if it gets exposed to it. Rabbits might not do so well with meals that are rich in sugar. Nonetheless, they love these meals. Since ice cream is very sugary, when it is given to rabbits, there is a huge possibility that there will be an addiction. And as soon as your rabbit gets addicted to ice cream, it might reject all other foods.
  • Ice Cream Could Cause Tooth Decay: After taking ice cream for a while, the presence of sugar in ice cream could affect your rabbit’s teeth and you might have a dental disease on your hands.
  • Rheumatoid Lesions: When rabbits take ice cream, as  well as other types of dairy products over a prolonged period, they mgt start experiencing inflammations in their joints. These inflammations are like arthritis and are known as rheumatoid lesions.

Is It Okay for Rabbits to Eat Ice Cream Cones?

Ice cream cones are made from dairy products. They are also frozen. So, they are quite similar to milk and ice cream. Additionally, they contain sweeteners

In as much as your rabbit is bound to like ice cream cones, you should not let it eat one. While ice cream cones are bad for your rabbit’s health, there is more. When rabbits take ice cream cones, they might not want to eat other foods.

Can Ice Cream Cause Rabbits to Experience Brain Freeze?

There is a huge likelihood that your rabbit will have to deal with brain freeze when it takes ice cream. When this happens, your rabbit will react by being surprised and run off suddenly. This, however, is not fatal.

Can Rabbits Take Whipped Cream?

Rabbits are herbivores. If this is anything to go by, they should only take diets that are plant based. Whipped cream is not a plant-based diet. So, it is not good for rabbits.

If your rabbit must have whipped cream, then, it has to be lactose and dairy-free. Additionally, the only time you might have to consider giving whipped cream to your rabbit is when it is a newborn rabbit without a mother

Final Word

There are several other treats yo can give to your rabbit when you want to take a break from hay and regular rabbit food. So, you really should have no reason giving ice cream to your rabbit.

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