Best Water Bowl for Flat Faced Dogs

If you own a flat faced dog, then you need to get one of the best water bowl for flat faced dogs. This is to ensure that you are equipped with the right products for your dog(s).

If you own a flat faced dog, then you need to get one of the best water bowl for flat faced dogs. This is to ensure that you are equipped with the right products for your dog(s).

Flat faced dogs are not really as popular as other types of dogs. Due to this, they seem really special when they are around. This might be a good thing in itself. However, it is not always all about the positives. The fact that flat faced dogs are not so popular means the average tool for dogs is not made with them in mind.

Additionally, the average dog owner does not seem to know a lot about flat faced dogs and the health challenges they deal with. That’s not all. The issue of getting the right instruments for their survival also cannot be swept under the carpet.

In as much as there is a lot about flat-faced dogs that the average person should know, for the purpose of this article, we will be limiting ourselves to just finding out the right water bowls for flat faced dogs. 

If you own a flat faced dog or are looking to buy one in the nearest future, then, knowing how to get the right water dog bowl for flat-faced dogs is very important as they cannot drink from bowls designed for regular dogs. Due to the design of their skulls, if they make use of bowls designed for regular dogs, they could choke.

That being said, let’s take a look at some of the best water bowls for flat-faced dogs. 

What is a Flat-Faced Dog?

If you must buy the right bowl for a flat-faced dog, it is expedient that you know a thing or two about flat-faced dogs. When armed with this knowledge, you will not only know how to get the right dog water bowl for flat-faced dogs, but you will also know how to treat a flat-faced dog well. 

In flat faced dogs, the lower jaw is longer than the upper jaw. Due to this anatomy, the muzzle seems squashed inward or flattened. 

In as much as every dog that has the brachycephalic appearance will be considered a flat face dog, some are actually simply semi flat-faced. 

Flat faced dogs might not be the cutest of dogs around. This might seem quite bad. However, even worse is the fact that their airways are reduced. The implication of this is their windpipe and nostrils are not as wide as those of other breeds. Due to the fact that their nostrils are small, just as you might have guessed, they will struggle to breathe normally. 

Additionally, because of a narrow windpipe, flat-faced dogs will have to put a lot more effort into getting air into their lungs. The effort that they put in could cause them to strain their lungs, as well as the tissues surrounding the windpipe. When left unchecked, this situation gets worse over time.

In the long run, your flat-faced dog will have difficulties breathing and this just might be why you see lots of flat-faced dogs sitting at a spot and breathing heavily.

The issue with a flat-faced dog does not only affect its ability to breathe properly. It could also affect its ability t drink well with a regular bowl.

Best Water Bowl for Flat Faced Dogs

Best Water Bowl for Flat Faced Dogs

Some of the best water bowls for flat-faced dogs include;

1. JWPC Bulldog Bowl Anti-Slip Dog Cat Dish Detachable Rubber Dog Bowl

The JWPC bulldog bowl can be used by dogs, as well as puppies and cats. It has a design that makes it possible for it to get tilted 360 degrees. It is raised in a special way. Due to this, regardless of the tilt in its design, your dog’s water does not get to spill. Furthermore, your pet will never get hurt while drinking as it has a round mouth. 

Although this dog bowl, was made especially for flat-faced dogs, it is not just flat-faced dogs that can use it. It can also be used by regular dogs.

Issues of your dog moving this bowl all over the place while drinking will never occur. This is possible because of its non-slip base.

Additionally, this bowl is made from a very good quality rubber material, is non-toxic, and is extremely safe. It is also scratch-resistant. 


  • It has anti-slip features
  • It weighs 13.2 ounces
  • It measures 8.35 by 6.97 by 3.35 inches
  • It features an adjustable base height.


  • It is scratch-resistant
  • It is durable
  • It is safe
  • It is eco-friendly.


  • It is a bit pricey.

Verdict:  It can be used by several dog breeds and cats also.

Where to buy from

The best place to get this bowl for flat-faced dogs is on Amazon. They’ve got this bowl at the best price.


2. PERNING 15-degree SLANTED Flat-Faced Pet Bowl, Stainless Steel Dig Food Dish and Pet Water Bowls

This water bowl can be used by dogs of various sizes. So, if your dog is small, medium, or large, it can comfortably make use of it. Regardless of how rough your dog is, it will be unable to displace this bowl from its position because of the presence of its anti-skid bottom.

Lots of flat-faced dogs have to bend their necks in an uncomfortable manner to drink, this bowl has a 15-degree tilt which was designed to prevent this. So, if your dog drinks with this bowl consistently, issues of damage to its spine can be prevented. 


  • It weighs 1.01 pouts
  • It features an anti-slip base
  • It measures 7.28 by 7.13 by 4.o2 inches.
  • It has a 15-degree tilt.


  • It is good for dogs of various sizes
  • It can be cleaned easily
  • It can be dismantled easily


  • It does not always stay in a position

Verdict: This bowl passes for a water bowl as well as a food bowl. So, you can use it for whatever reason you think is best at the time.

Where to buy from

The best place to get this bowl for flat-faced dogs is on Amazon. They’ve got this bowl at the best price.


3. Pawdoer French Bulldog Food Bowl, Slanted Tilted Pug Food Water Bowl

This water bowl for flat-faced dogs might be famous as a water bowl. However, it is not a bowl that is limited to simply being used in serving water. It can also be used in serving food to flat faced dogs. If you keep a Shih Tzu, a Frenchie, or a similar dog, you can always make use of this bowl in giving your dog water.

This bowl comes with a wide opening. This means your dog will not have to squash its face before it is able to drink water until it is full. That’s not all. It is tilted. This way, your dog can drink without putting its entire face into the bowl. That’s not all. Flat faced dogs can be quite messy when drinking. However, this can be avoided since this bowl is one that comes with a non-slip bottom. 

Due to the many features that this bowl comes with, it can always be used for ageing dogs. Beyond being good for ageing dogs, it can also come in handy for dogs with missing teeth. The many amazing features that come with this bowl are not the only things you get to enjoy when you use it. You can also be sure that your dog will not get into any trouble. The reason is this bowl is made from very safe materials. It is BPA free and is made from matte plastic. Also, since it is not made from stainless steel, issues of your dog being uncomfortable with the sound of its bell making contact with the bowl will never exist.  Also, since it is not made from stainless steel, dogs that are not comfortable with their reflection can also drink with it conveniently. 

Cleaning this bowl will never be a challenge. It is dishwater safe. So, if you are not someone that has ample time on your hands, you can simply make use of a dishwasher to clean it up.


  • It weighs 13.3 ounces
  • It measures 7.05 by 6.69 by 3.39 inches
  • It is BPA-free


  • It is safe
  • It can be cleaned easily.
  • It is dishwasher safe
  • It comes with non-skid features


  • It does not work for every flat-faced dog

Verdict: This bowl is not one that you have to use as a water bowl. It can also be used to serve food. 

Where to buy from

The best place to get this bowl for flat-faced dogs is on Amazon. They’ve got this bowl at the best price.


What is the Challenge with Regular Dog Bowls?

Having to get a special bowl for your flat-faced dog when you can simply go to a store and buy a regular dog bowl seems like a lot of trouble.  However, you perhaps only think it is a challenge because you do not know what issues your dog could have if it drinks with a regular bowl. 

Since regular dog bowls were not designed for flat-faced dogs, there are various ways a flat face dog could suffer if it drinks with them. 

That said, below are some of the challenges that a flat-faced dog could have when it drinks with a regular bowl. 

Dehydration: It might not seem like drinking with a regular bowl will cause your dog to suffer dehydration. Nonetheless, it actually does. When dogs get choked after drinking water, it could affect their willingness to actually drink more water from the same bowl. This feeling could be short-lived. Also, it could last for a long time.

Choking: This is something that happens because of the narrow and short airways of flat-faced dogs. Choking while drinking could happen to these dogs because they struggle to drink. While trying to drink, some water could get into their airways ad cause them to choke. 

Discomfort: This perhaps is an issue that flat-faced dogs will face with regular dog water bowls that might be easily noticed.  If you are just a little observant, you will notice the discomfort your dog suffers from when drinking from bowls made for regular dogs.

Flat-faced dogs have to keep their face down for a long time when drinking from regular dog bowls and this is not very good for their structure. Staying this way for a long time could cause them pain in the back and neck.

Why is Important for Flat-Faced Dogs to Drink from Special Bowls

When a flat-faced dog drinks from a water bowl designed for regular dogs, the walls of the bowl hit it tightly in the face and its nose in particular. This situation makes it difficult for flat-faced dogs to bathe from their nose while drinking.

To ensure it gets to breathe from its nose in the shortest time possible, flat-faced dogs end up drinking rapidly and they could also inhale air through their mouths in the process. 

With tilted bowls, your flat-faced dog will not struggle to drink like it would with a regular dog water bowl. This is because the water gathers at one end of the bowl.

In the absence of a special bowl, flat-faced dogs could get tired of drinking because they put in a lot of effort and also from pushing the bowl around and getting the entire environment messed up.

With tilted bowls, your dog can breathe while drinking. This is because it will not need to press its face tightly against the bowl while drinking.

How Flat-Faced Bowls Differ from Regular Dog Bowls

At this point, you are perhaps aware that flat-faced dogs do not struggle to drink when they use a tilted bowl. However, it is also important that you know how these bowls differ from regular dog bowls.

All things being equal, bowls made from flat-faced dogs have wide openings and are tilted. So, your dog can drink without pushing its face against the bowl. That’s not all. They are also slanted backwards. This way, your dog’s nose does not get rubbed against the edge of the bowl while it drinks. This might not seem like something really special. However, regardless of how basic it might seem it can significantly help improve your dog’s quality of life.

Buyer’s Guide for Best Water Bowl for Flat-Faced Dogs

When looking to buy a dog water bowl for your flat-faced dog, you might simply be on the lookout for a tilted bowl. This is good. However, there is a lot more. There are several factors you need to consider to ensure you get the right bowl for your flat-faced dog.

Some of these factors are;


Flat-faced dogs seem to be famous as messy and aggressive drinkers. So, you should not be surprised if they push their drinking bowl around while drinking. You might not be able to stop your dog from pushing its bowl around while drinking. However, you can stop the bowl from moving around too frequently.

When looking to ensure that your dog’s water bowl stays in place even when it drinks aggressively, you should only settle for one that is stable. To do this, you should look out for the presence of rubber grips under the bowl.


Lots of flat-faced dogs are aggressive drinkers. The implication of this is they might not be gentle with whatever bowl you get for them and the bowl might not last long if it is not a strong one.  Beyond the fact that your dog will push the bowl, around, it could even attempt to chew the bowl. Going by this, to ensure that you do not have to buy a fresh dog water bowl every time, you just have to settle for one that was designed to last a long time. 

Consider Portability

 Portability might not be an important factor if you have no plans of moving around with your dog. On the other hand, if you will be travelling with your flat-faced dog, then, you will want to get a dog water bowl that is travel friendly. 

If you fall into the group of people that have to move around with their dog, you will need to settle for a dog bowl that is lightweight.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do Flat Faced Dogs Try Flipping Their Water Bowls?

The average flat faced dog cannot get a lot of value from regular bowls which are usually too deep for them. Due to this, they always make several attempts to get as deep as they can get when drinking. This is usually very difficult and frustrating. So, sometimes, the only choice they have is to attempt flipping the bowl so they can have access to more water.

Beyond the difficulty associated with drinking from some bowls, a flat faced dog might not be comfortable with some of the features that come with the bowl it is given.

What is a Brachycephalic Syndrome

This syndrome is a medical condition that could make dogs with flat faces go through respiratory challenges. Dogs suffering from this condition find it difficult to breathe when exercising. Dogs with this condition also have to deal with a lot of anxiety.

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