Best Pet Insurance for Bearded Dragons

In this article, we shall be covering everything you need to know about the best pet insurance for bearded dragons and everything you need to know abou it.

In this article, we shall be covering everything you need to know about the best pet insurance for bearded dragons and everything you need to know abou it.

Our creatures, whether they have fur, feathers, or scales, have earned and deserve the very greatest quality of life that we are able to provide for them. Despite taking every precaution and offering the very finest care, it is still possible to suffer from illness or be involved in an accident.

As a result of this, it is essential to ensure that all of your bases are covered by making an investment in pet insurance, which may help offset some of the expensive veterinary expenditures that you may be required to pay as a pet owner.

Bearded dragons are not as commonly kept as other types of pets; nonetheless, you should still consider purchasing pet insurance for them if you are fortunate enough to live in an area where a provider provides coverage for exotic animals.

 Continue reading to find out everything you need to know about getting pet insurance for your bearded dragon and how to keep him as healthy as possible to save costly trips to the veterinarian.

Best Pet Insurance for Bearded Dragons

What are the Advantages to Insuring My Bearded Dragon, and How Much Does It Cost?

The most obvious advantage of purchasing pet insurance for your bearded dragon is the potential relief it might provide in the event that your pet falls unwell and you start to rack up a lot of money in veterinarian costs. 

Your insurance company will be responsible for paying a significant portion of the exorbitant bill, which will relieve you of some of the pressures associated with managing your finances.

Bearded dragons are regarded to be exotic pets, and as such, they will need to be cared for by a veterinarian who specializes in the treatment of unusual animals. It is vital to keep this in mind. 

Because not many veterinarians are able to provide the level of attention that your bearded dragon requires, it is crucial that you choose an exotic physician in whom you have complete faith to look after your reptile. 

Because these specialists in veterinary medicine must complete additional training in order to provide treatment for exotic animals, you should anticipate paying a higher price for even the most routine surgeries and checkups.

What is the going rate for insurance on a Bearded Dragon as a pet?

The price of insurance for your bearded dragon will be determined by the business that you select to work with. At the time this article was written, there were not a lot of options available for pet insurance for reptiles; nevertheless, the following is what we’ve discovered.

Exotic Direct: Reptile owners in the United Kingdom can get insurance coverage through Exotic Direct, which is a provider in this industry. They have the option of choosing between three different policy tiers: Basic, Essential, and Premier.

For a total of 10 months, the Basic Plan will cost you £4.35 a month. A step up from the Basic Plan, the Essential Plan can be had for a total of 10 payments of £12.82, while the Premium Plan can be had for a total of 10 payments of £14.63. The extent of coverage varies from one plan to the next.

Nationwide: It would appear that Nationwide is the only pet insurance company established in the United States that offers coverage for exotic animals. They are far less open about their policies regarding exotic animals in comparison to Exotic Direct, and we were unable to obtain a quote through their website. Give Nationwide a call at this number (888-899-4874) if you would like more information about their coverage for exotic pets.

Petcover: Petcover is an insurance firm with headquarters in Australia that offers protection for a variety of unusual animals. In order for your pet to be insured and for you to get a quote, he or she needs to have a microchip number, which we were unable to obtain for the purposes of this blog. Premier, Plus, and Value are the three tiers of coverage that they offer.

What’s Included with Bearded Dragon Pet Insurance?

The insurance policy you select for your bearded dragon will have a coverage level that corresponds to the degree of protection provided by the firm you use and the policy you select.

Exotic Pet: The Basic Plan offered by Exotic Direct doesn’t come with many benefits, but it does cover the expense of replacing your bearded dragon in the event that he passes away due to an accident or illness.

The Essentials Plan will pay up to $1,000 in veterinarian bills in the event that your pet experiences an accident, illness, or disease.

Both of these are included in the Premier Plan. In addition to the coverage provided by the Basic Plan, this one pays for up to one thousand pounds worth of veterinary bills in the event that your pet passes away while under your care.

Nationwide: When it comes to the specifics of their coverage for exotic pets, Nationwide is a little more forthcoming than they were with regard to the cost.

Their plan will pay ninety percent of the veterinarian services benefit schedule, which can be found here, with payments capped at a maximum of two thousand dollars per incident or illness and seven thousand dollars for the duration of the policy.

There are certain medical conditions that are not covered by Nationwide health insurance, as is the case with all health plans. This includes items such as pre-existing injuries or illnesses, parasites, routine treatment, inherited flaws, elective surgeries, or breeding.

Petcover: The three various policy options that Petcovers offers all provide varying degrees of coverage. Depending on the plan, coverage amounts for veterinarian bills can range anywhere from $2,000 (Value) to $6,000 (Premier). In addition, they will pay for the cost of some alternative treatments, diagnostic exams, and the cost of specialist veterinary services up to the maximum benefit, which varies depending on the policy plan.

There are specific circumstances that cannot be covered by insurance, and the majority of insurance providers for pets will not cover them. This includes factors such as pre-existing conditions, preventative surgery, cosmetic procedures, or anything else that is related to breeding.

Alternatives to the health insurance provided by the bearded dragon

Imagine that you are still hesitant or uncertain about enrolling in one of the available health insurance plans, or that you are unable to pay the required monthly premium for the policy. If this is the case, you should know that there are other options available to assist you in paying for the medical costs associated with your bearded dragon.

This can be accomplished by scheduling a consultation appointment with your veterinarian in order to discuss potential payment options. Your veterinarian will unquestionably find a means to alleviate your concerns and help you find a solution. The following paragraphs will discuss some of the alternatives to using a health insurance plan that is available to you:

Talk to your veterinarian about available payment options.

In the event that you decide against purchasing an insurance policy, this will be an absolute godsend for you. Since the cost of medical care can often skyrocket well beyond what you are able to pay, you might want to inquire about the payment options that your veterinarian provides. It is possible that by utilizing these plans, you will be able to pay the costs using instalments.

Think about applying for a care credit account.

If you have not yet purchased insurance for your bearded dragon, this particular alternative is a prudent choice. It operates in the same manner as a credit card, paying all of your bills at once and then deducting the amount owed from your account in manageable chunks on a monthly basis. In contrast to credit cards, they do not charge interest on any money that is returned to the customer.

Final Thoughts

Purchasing insurance for your bearded dragon is an excellent idea to take into consideration since it can provide you with the peace of mind that comes from knowing all of your bases have been covered in the event that your pet becomes unwell or is injured. If you live in the United States, Australia, or the United Kingdom, we strongly suggest purchasing pet insurance for your bearded dragon. Bearded dragons are prone to serious health problems. At least for the time being, it appears that most of the rest of the world will never be able to realize their hope of obtaining insurance coverage for their exotic pets.

Frequently Asked Questions on Best Pet Insurance for Bearded Dragons

Are bearded dragons allowed to be kept as pets?

Bearded dragons, who are among the most popular types of pet reptiles, are known for their docile nature, their inquisitive nature, and their high level of activity during the day. The most frequent species kept as a pet is the central bearded dragon, which is scientifically known as Pogona vitticeps.

Do Vets treat bearded dragons?

To check for additional ailments, your veterinarian can advise blood tests, bacterial cultures, or X-rays. Your bearded dragon should be awarded a clean bill of health if all goes according to plan. Like other pets, bearded dragons require annual exams by a vet experienced in taking care of reptiles as well as parasite testing of their excrement.

Are bearded dragons difficult to care for?

Bearded dragons kept as pets require a lot of upkeep and are pricey. In comparison to the typical cat or dog, bearded dragons require a lot of care, and the lighting and heating are pricey. This is what? In order to prevent infections, bearded dragons need a unique environment that is kept clean.

What is the price of a bearded dragon’s veterinary visit?

Within the first two days of bringing your bearded dragon home, you must take it to the veterinarian. A series of exams will be done by your veterinarian to make sure they are healthy and free of any parasites that could be harmful. Typically, the initial appointment will run you $75 to $150.13

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