Top 6 Best Online Dog Trainer Certification

As with any profession, building up your skill level is important to measure up in the workplace. 

As with any profession, building up your skill level is important to measure up in the workplace. 

While dog training might sound like a basic skill, it also requires a certain level of expertise and knowledge and one the good news is that online training schools are available for this purpose. 

A number of such training schools are available but it is important to learn from the best and the more reputable establishments. 

In this article, we’ll look at some of the best online trainer certifications available from good dog training establishments. 

Best Online Dog Trainer Certification

Dog Training Certifications: Best Online Dog Trainer Certification

Below are the 6 top best online dog trainer certifications, they include;

1. Karen Pryor Certificate 

The Karen Pryor Academy is one of the most reputable dog training academies that offer online courses with certification after completing the program. 

The program spans a six-month period with over 250 videos and training exercises and a mandatory in-person workshop for at least a day. Taking the program requires previous experience in clicker training and the courses offered include: 

– Dog trainer professional course

– Dog trainer comprehensive course

– Dog trainer foundations course

– Puppy Start Right for Instructors

– Game-changing dog training classes 

– Concept training

– Shelter training and enrichment

– Dog sports essentials

Completion of the program earns you a ‘Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner’ title and access to an alumni network of other certified trainers. 

2. Certificate in Training and Counseling

This dog training certification is offered by the Academy for Dog Trainers and is one of the best certification programs for dog trainers. 

The program offers one-on-one video coaching and boasts of a rich, extensive curriculum that covers a wide variety of dog training. 

Requirements for this training program are previous experience in dog handling and the part-time program spans over a two-year period. It covers training in the following areas: 

– Dog training

– Obedience behaviour

– Dog behaviours and behavioural problems

– Fear and aggression

– Client counselling 

– Critical thinking 

– Psychotropic medications

While the program is expensive, it is very thorough and makes for complete training on everything regarding pet training. 

3. Canine Professional Programs Certifications 

This program offers a variety of certifications in dog training via various online programs. The certifications available are:

Associate Dog Trainer certification: offers a 9-14 month program in courses like Pet first aid, basic dog training skills, understanding canine behaviour, and canine cognition, among others. 

Breeding and Genetics Diploma: offers courses in canine genetics, breeding and whelping, puppy imprinting and bonding, and dog origin and history, among others. 

Canine Behavior Consultant Certificate: offers courses like lessons in fear and aggression in dogs and solving separation anxiety in dogs. 

Professional Online Dog Grooming Certificate Program: offers courses in pet first aid and CPR, understanding canine behaviour, anatomy and physiology course

– Service Dog Trainer Certificate

– Dog Breeding 

4. International School for Certified Dog Trainer 

This program offers a certified dog trainer certificate after completion of enrollment. It offers courses in dog training such as:

– Introduction to dog training

– Dog breeds and characteristics

– Puppy training 

– Training challenges

– Dog training business development and support 

– Marker training

 5. Service Dog Coach Certification Program 

This program offers certification for the training of service dogs. A variety of online courses 

in service dog training are offered, some of which include: 

– Service dog fundamentals

– PTSD service dog tasks

– Mobility tasks

– Alert and response tasks

A service dog coach certificate is awarded for completion of the program

6. Certification from Victoria Stillwell Academy

This is an excellent choice for those that are looking for certification, and who don’t have professional experience with handling dogs. Some of the courses offered include:

– Teaching basic behaviours

– Canine cognition

– Positive training tools and methods

– Solving common behaviour problems

– Working with humans

How to Become a Dog Trainer

While these online certifications are important skill sets to acquire in your career, there’s more to becoming a dog trainer than just taking online courses.

Working with dogs not only involves learning all about them and how to handle them, but hands-on experience is also necessary to provide the best skills as a professional dog trainer. 

A professional dog trainer trains dogs as well as instructs dog owners on the best ways to handle their dogs. To become a professional trainer, these are the things you’ll need to do: 

1 Learn all about dogs via animal training workshops, courses and working with them.

2. Practice training your own dog

3. Gain adequate experience by working with other dogs

4. Take online courses and get certified

5. Look out for dog training opportunities and volunteer work 

How Long Does it Take to Become a Dog Trainer? 

The process of becoming a dog trainer requires experience and certification. This can take several months or even years to successfully accomplish, although there are online certification programs that will last for about six months. 

The goal is to ensure that your knowledge about dog training is backed by relevant experience, to be considered a professional. 

The Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers however requires a minimum of 300 hours of dog training experience and completion of its exam to qualify as a professional. 

Why You Need Certification as a Dog Trainer 

As important as experience is, dog trainers looking to further their careers need certification to improve their skill set and provide better qualification options in the workplace. A reputable certification will make you more qualified for higher-paying employment opportunities. 

What Are the Benefits of Online Dog Training Courses? 

Online training courses offer some benefits for the trainer even though they might not be ideal. Some of these benefits include:

– They make for a more convenient learning environment for those with a hectic schedule

– They provide opportunities to rewatch training videos to master concepts

– They make for easy access to a wide variety of trainers in different locations, solving the problem of distance barriers 

– They provide a distraction-free environment which is ideal for starting out dog training.

How Much Do Online Dog Training Certifications Cost? 

The price of getting certified online varies depending on the program you’re going to enrol in. 

Any of these certifications can cost as low as $1000 or less to over $5000 depending on the curriculum, duration of the course and the organization. 

How Much Do Dog Trainers Make? 

Professional dog trainers’ earnings vary depending on a number of factors such as location, experience, area of specialisation and working conditions. 

Some trainers might work for themselves while others may be employed under other trainers or for an organization and this will influence how much they earn. 

Also, trainers that live in more densely populated cities are likely to earn more than those that don’t and those that specialize in more complex aspects like service dog training are usually paid more than general trainers. 

On average, dog trainers can earn between $40,000 to $100,000 per year. 

What’s the Difference Between a Dog Trainer and Dog Behaviorist?

A trainer is responsible for training dogs, as well as dog owners while a dog behaviourist deals with issues regarding a dog’s state of mind. This is often regarding problems like overly fearful or aggressive behaviors in a dog, exhibition of separation anxiety or poor attention span and other abnormalities.

What do Service Dogs Do? 

Service dogs are dogs that are trained to carry out specific tasks for people living with a disability. While there are training that covers service dogs and trainers that deal with them, a service dog can also be trained by people with disabilities and does not require a professional training program. 

How Much Do Service Dog Trainers Make? 

Service dog trainers make an average of $33,458 a year but depending on skill level, expertise and location, they can make between $23,000 to $41,000 a year. 


Dog training certifications are a good way to improve your skillset and provide better employment opportunities for you, even if you have experience as a trainer. While you might not have time to go to a physical school, online training schools are a good alternative to earning certification. The most important part is applying what you learn to gain experience. 

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