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Top 5 Best Dog Training Treats For French Bulldogs [SUPER]

Best Dog Training Treats For French Bulldogs

Training a French bulldog without treats can be frustrating. You need treats. This article contains the best dog training treats for French bulldogs…

Owning a French Bulldog is an enriching experience since they make excellent companions. However, Frenchies can be obstinate, and you’ll need to exercise patience and effort to teach a resistant dog. 

Luckily, even the most stubborn dog will give in and begin learning tricks with the proper encouragement in the shape of the most fabulous treats for French Bulldogs! You can easily teach your Frenchie to obey directions or even do tricks with the appropriate high-value treats and patience! 

The challenge is finding a high-quality treat that will keep your Frenchie interested during training and not cause allergies or weight gain. The four finest treats for French Bulldogs that genuinely pique your dog’s interest in training without itching him are what I’ll be sharing with you in this article.

Why are healthy treats important for French Bulldogs?

However, many dog treats for French Bulldogs include a lot of fat, salt, corn oil, and other chemicals that aren’t exactly good for them and, in some circumstances, may be pretty unhealthy. According to veterinarian Dr. Rachel Barrack, giving your dog no treats is preferable to giving them goodies since this will assist your dog in maintaining a healthy weight. 

However, to a certain extent, her colleague Dr. Amy Farcas disagrees and advises owners of French Bulldogs to “think about why you’re using rewards, what message you plan to convey, and what behavior you want to promote. Whew! That seems like a lot of thought for a straightforward dog treat!

In any case, we think you should be able to reward your pet sometimes or when they’re learning new tricks, but you should ensure that any treats you give them are as wholesome, unprocessed, and natural as possible.

5 Best Dog Training Treats for French Bulldogs

While Frenchies benefit greatly from treats, it’s crucial to consider your dog’s health when selecting food. Obesity can be a severe health issue for French bulldogs, according to veterinary professionals, and it may result in or exacerbate joint problems, metabolic and digestive disorders, back pain, and heart disease. 

However, you may control your weight by giving your Frenchie snacks that are nutritious and low in calories. Also, use encouragement from others and your child’s favorite toys to avoid overdosing on rewards.

Top-rated training treats that are sure to excite your Frenchie include the following:

1. Healthy Breeds Smokin’ Oven Beef Supermix Recipe Jerky Dog Treats

One of the best treats for French bulldogs is the healthy breed food, made with natural and nutritious ingredients, the main one is real beef. Flaxseed, a source of omega-3 fatty acids, sweet potatoes, blueberries, and cranberries are also included. In addition, the treat is free of artificial flavors and components derived from wheat, maize, or soy.

All breeds of dogs are recommended to eat the treat, and your dog will undoubtedly enjoy its flavor. This meal is the best option you can choose when it comes to caring for your dog. It is not advised to use this as a complete food but as supplemental feeding.

Where to buy from

The best place to buy this product is Amazon. They’ve got the best product, customer care and delivery service.

2. Healthy Breeds Triple Enzyme Dental Sticks

This cutting-edge triple enzyme dental stick is a one-of-a-kind item created just for dogs to freshen breath, prevent tartar accumulation, and preserve the health of teeth and gums. The most excellent thing about this product is that it was created by a veterinarian so that your dogs can enjoy it every day as a treat.

The stick has a chicken liver flavor, and since it has few calories, it will be simple to digest. The triple enzyme mix, which helps enhance periodontal health due to its anti-microbial qualities, is a standout feature of this stick. Additionally, it has been clinically demonstrated that this stick will strengthen the dog’s health.

Where to buy from

The best place to buy this product is Amazon. They’ve got the best product, customer care and delivery service.

3. Healthy Breeds Z-Flex Minis Hip & Joint Support Soft Chews

This is among the best treats for French bulldogs because the primary goal of this canine supplement is to enhance hip and joint functioning. The supplement can be given to small and medium-sized dogs to maximize joint support.

Chondroitin, Perna Canaliculus, Glucosamine, and Omega Fatty Acids are all part of it. The soft chew supplement will taste good, so you don’t need to worry about that. The supplement is sweet and easy for your dog to chew and was created based on the veterinarian’s advice. 

This supplement’s primary function is to improve bone health and joint mobility. The dog’s suggested amount of soft chews will change depending on its weight.

Where to buy from

The best place to buy this product is Amazon. They’ve got the best product, customer care and delivery service.

4. Healthy Breeds Breath Care Soft Chews

A veterinarian chose the ingredients used in these safe, all-natural chews for good breath. The chews’ primary purpose is to enhance the oral health of French bulldogs by promoting fresh breath, healthy gums, and teeth. Due to its lack of soy and gluten, this soft chew for breath care won’t negatively impact your dog’s health.

The chews will taste like chicken, so your dog won’t identify them as chews and will instead think of them as treats. It will enhance general oral health and is advised for dogs of all ages. You can provide the chew and the portions divided based on the dog’s weight.

Where to buy from

The best place to buy this product is Amazon. They’ve got the best product, customer care and delivery service.

5. Royal Canin Breed Health Nutrition French Bulldog Dry Puppy Food

This is one of the best treats for French bulldogs, especially for puppies, and it was created primarily to satisfy the breed’s dietary needs. Try this dry puppy food for puppies between the ages of 8 weeks and 12 months.

This food has a distinctive kibble shape, which the puppy enjoys as much as the flavor. Additionally, the dog will find it simple to pick up and chew on the kibble-shaped food. Antioxidants and Vitamin E in the meal will assist the dog’s immune system in functioning better. 

The most attractive feature of this puppy chew is that it contains essential nutrients for skin care that serve as a barrier to safeguard the dog’s skin and coat.

Where to buy from

The best place to buy this product is Amazon. They’ve got the best product, customer care and delivery service.

Are French bulldogs easy to train?

French bulldog breeder and owner Sharon Dykes stated that this breed adores education in an AKC article. However, she asserts that training should begin as soon as the puppies are placed in their new homes. Dykes, who is on the board of the FBDCA, advises that it’s crucial to provide puppies activities right early because they can get into problems. 

For example, she advises training puppies to sit and walk on a leash in addition to engaging them in enjoyable pursuits like chasing a ball in exchange for loving attention and goodies. Your Frenchie’s early training must include enrolling him in puppy socialization programs. 

According to the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior, Puppies can begin socialization classes as early as 7 to 8 weeks of age. Puppies should get their initial deworming and at least one round of vaccinations at least seven days before the first lesson.

How do you discipline a French bulldog?

By the time your Frenchie is 6 to 8 months old, hormones begin to take effect, and you might notice some behavioral changes, according to Dykes. For example, your adolescent Frenchie might compete with other dogs for the title of pack leader if you have more than one dog at home. 

This may lead to children fighting or stealing food or toys. Unfortunately, punishment is not a valuable tool for controlling these habits. Instead, when you discover your Frenchie engaging in undesirable behavior, use a stern “no” as a kind of discipline. Then reward your dog for performing the desired behavior by asking him to “sit” or “down.” This highlights the desired behavior.

Finally, if your Frenchie is acting out despite your best efforts, seek a professional for assistance. According to Bark Busters’ training specialists, practical training and discipline entail repetition, positive reward, and consistency. 

Your Frenchie needs to know that you mean what you say and that you have established rules and boundaries. You may adore your Frenchie and still be a strong, positive leader; it’s crucial to keep this in mind.

5 Different Fruits and Veggies that are Excellent French Bulldog Treats

All dog breeds, including French Bulldogs, are happy to chow down on various fruits and vegetables.

  1.  Apples

Apples are one of the best types of fruit you can offer to your Frenchie as a treat because they are packed with excellent, all-natural elements like vitamin C, calcium, and fiber. Even better, apples contain no added fat, salt, or additives and provide energy from natural sugars.

One thing to remember is that an apple’s seeds are unhealthy, so you should slice the apple and remove the seeds before feeding them to your dog.

  1.  Bananas

Bananas can be given to your French bulldog as a treat because they are deficient in cholesterol and sodium but should not be given frequently due to their high sugar content. However, because they are rich in biotin, copper, fiber, and potassium, you should occasionally feed them as a treat. 

They can be offered straight from the peel or frozen in moderate-sized chunks if you want to give your Frenchie something that will keep them busy for a little while.

  1.  Carrots

According to the AKC, carrots are a healthy treat for your dog since they are rich in fiber and vitamin A. However, to prevent your French bulldog from choking, you should break them into more manageable portions before giving them to him. Additionally, you can steam them to soften them and serve them warm or cold.

  1.  Cucumbers

Cucumber chunks or slices would make a fantastic treat for an overweight French bulldog. Cucumbers have deficient levels of fat, carbohydrates, and oil. That means there won’t be any more weight gain and, in most cases, more incredible energy, which will encourage your pet to reduce weight.

  1.  Celery

The fact that celery can alleviate your Frenchie’s foul breath is one of the best reasons to give it to them! In addition, celery has a ton of vitamins A, B, and C, as well as numerous other elements that researchers believe may help people fight cancer and maintain a healthy heart.

How to Pick the Best Treats for Your French Bulldog

It can be challenging to determine what you need because there are many different kinds of sweets. It would help if you first considered why you require snacks. Next, it would help if you chose a treat low in calories so you can praise your dog frequently, which is also substantial enough to hold his interest. 

However, treats intended mainly for enjoyment may be something significant and delicious to occupy your dog for a time. Finally, it would help if you changed your dog’s lunchtime calories to account for any extra treats he consumes.

Choosing between crunchy and chewy snacks is a crucial choice. Some dogs have a preference for either. Soft foods are frequently simple to cut in half if necessary. On the other hand, some chewy treats are so sticky that it takes your dog a while to consume them.

Flavors and Ingredients

Since not all dog treats are created equal, you should generally look for a treat that contains healthful, natural components that will keep your dog healthy. Most snacks include meat, but a few healthy treats use peanut butter or other protein alternatives. 

Look for high-quality proteins among the top ingredients. Oats, corn, and barley are examples of whole grains that are generally good for dogs. It can be challenging to find a flavor that inspires your dog. Beef, chicken, and salmon are some of the most often used flavors. 

It could take some trial and error to find a protein type your dog like and digests properly because meat sources are the most prevalent allergies in dogs.

Tips for Training

Treats and training don’t usually go hand in hand, but a modest incentive can go a long way for many owners. It’s crucial to rely on more than just delectable food if you want long-lasting effects; instead, concentrate on developing a cordial relationship with lots of praise and reinforcement. 

Although treats can and should be a part of that, you also need other things. If you decide to use rewards for training, it is preferable if your dog is a little hungry and you have chosen food he enjoys. Consistency is essential for teaching your dog proper behavior once you get started.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many training treats a day for a puppy?

Dog biscuits and high-value prizes should only be given occasionally, no more than 1 or 2 treats each day. Training rewards can be provided in larger quantities, mainly if they include between three and five calories per serving.

How do I know if my Frenchie is happy?

How can I tell whether my French Bulldog is content? The only way to know if a Frenchie is pleased is if their bottom wiggles, they give you puppy dog eyes, have relaxed ears and mouths, and are playful. Additionally, French Bulldogs often smile with their lips curled.

How do French Bulldogs show affection?

Frenchies will readily give you a huge, messy kiss to express their love for you. Your dog is doing this shows that they love and respect you, even though you may wish to train them to stop, especially if they have a habit of jumping up and licking your mouth.

Are Cheerios A good dog training treat?

Cheerios don’t offer any nutritional benefits to dogs, but they can be given as a light, low-calorie snack if they’re having stomach problems or aren’t eating well.

Can you give your puppy too many treats when training?

As a general rule, you should limit treats to no more than 10% of your dog’s daily caloric consumption. This is because overindulging may cause stomach problems (including unsanitary feces) in the near term and weight gain in the long run.

Can too many treats hurt my dog?

Although dog treats may include essential nutrients, your dog should eat food as their primary source of nourishment. Avoid giving your dog junk food and human treats as a treat. Similar to how such foods give your body more calories than it needs. Avoid giving your dog chocolate!

How long should training sessions be for dogs?

Lessons with dogs shouldn’t go longer than 15 minutes. Young puppies or easily distracted dogs can require even shorter sessions. Dogs get distracted and bored during lengthy training sessions, which increases the likelihood that they’ll start making mistakes.


It’s a good idea to reward your French bulldog during training, when they perform well, or just as a small yet thoughtful gesture. However, you don’t want to feed them “junk food for dogs” because that could cause them to gain weight, become lethargic, or expose them to dog diseases. Nevertheless, you should be able to achieve it thanks to the following delights!

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