Top 6 Best Collapsible Dog Crate for Travel – Expert Review

Are you looking for one of the best collapsible dog crates? There are many options, but we have chosen what we think are the best of them. We have included information on each type of crate and how to choose the right one for your needs.

Are you looking for one of the best collapsible dog crates? There are many options, but we have chosen what we think are the best of them. We have included information on each type of crate and how to choose the right one for your needs.

What is a Collapsible Dog Crate?

A collapsible dog crate is a travel crate that folds down to a smaller size. It’s lightweight and portable, making it easy to carry around when travelling. Collapsible dog crates are also great for indoor use at home, because they take up very little space when not in use.

They’re made from sturdy materials like metal or plastic, so they can withstand the wear-and-tear of being thrown into the back of your car or hauled up and down stairs on a regular basis. Depending on the brand you choose, collapsible crates come with different features such as a removable top panel (for easy access), side doors (for additional ventilation), and wheels (for easier manoeuvring).

What is the Safest Dog Crate For A Car?

You need to know that there are different types of dog crates on the market, and although most of them will work for your needs, it is important to know what makes a good crate before you make your purchase. The safest dog crate for a car is one that is well ventilated, made of strong and sturdy material and has a secure latch on the door.

The crate should be large enough for the dog to stand up, turn around and lay down without feeling cramped or uncomfortable. It also needs to be light enough so that you can carry it easily if needed.

Should A Dog Be Able to Sit Up in a Travel Crate?

Dog Crates: Should a dog be able to sit up, stand up and lay down in a travel crate?

This is something that needs to be considered when choosing your pet’s travel crate. If you have a small breed of dog, they may not need all of these features. However, if you have a large breed or are travelling with multiple animals (like I do), it can be very beneficial for your pet(s) if their crates allow them to turn around and move around comfortably.

How Big Should A Travel Crate Be For A Dog?

The size of a crate you purchase should be large enough for your dog to stand up and turn around. If you have a particularly tall or long-bodied dog, it’s worth buying one that’s slightly larger just so he has room to stretch out a bit.

For most dogs, this means buying a crate that is roughly 30 inches in length, with an additional 10 inches for each foot of height (so if your pooch stands 14 inches tall when standing upright). However, if you have a very small breed (like Chihuahuas or Yorkies), it may be best to opt for something smaller.

How Do You Travel Long Distances With a Dog?

The short answer: for the love of your dog and for the sake of your relationship, find a crate.

The long answer: it depends on what kind of road trip you’re taking and whether your dog is a “destination” or “stopover” traveller. If you’re planning on driving from point A to point B with no stops in between, then the odds are good that you won’t have time for a nap at all (I mean, unless your destination happens to be right next door). In this case, I recommend enlisting outside help like PetPals Traveling Services or Rover Transport so they can take care of all the dirty work while you get some rest along with your furry best friend.

If however, like me, you plan on making multiple stops along the way (and trust me when I say there are many reasons why one would want to do this), then I suggest looking into collapsible crates since they take up relatively little space when folded down but expand easily once unfolded again without sacrificing any comfort level whatsoever!

How Do I Choose A Travel Crate for My Dog?

You’ll want to choose a crate that’s right for your dog. There are plenty of different sizes available, so it’s important to measure your dog and find the one that fits him or her best. If you have a larger breed, like an Akita or Great Dane, then you’ll want one with a wider door—these dogs often need more headroom in order to fit comfortably inside their crates.

If space is limited while travelling (whether it’s in your car or on an aeroplane), then look for collapsible travel cages that can be folded up and tucked away when not in use. Some models even come with wheels so they can easily be rolled from place to place with little effort required on your part! These types of crates also make transporting dogs easier because they’re already built for travel purposes (and therefore more sturdy than traditional ones).

Ensure that any collapsible crate has been built with durable materials such as steel bars rather than plastic ones since these materials tend not only to withstand wear-and-tear better but also resist rusting over time—a crucial element when choosing something meant specifically for outdoor use where exposure may occur frequently depending upon how often/longest trips taken by owners throughout the year(s). Additionally, ensure there aren’t any sharp edges anywhere along the outer surface before buying–these could potentially cause injury (or worse!) if touched accidentally while opening a door/closing the lid/etc.

When Should I Stop Crating My Dog?

The best time to stop using a crate is when your dog is no longer a puppy and has been fully house-trained. Once he’s more comfortable hanging out on his own, it’s okay to take down the crate. If he’s not comfortable in the room alone, you may want to try leaving him in a large area with plenty of toys and chewable so that he can feel safe while you’re gone. Think of this as an extension of his bedroom! By now, your pup should be able to go through periods without needing constant supervision or reassurance that everything is okay. You’ll know this is true if he greets visitors happily and calmly or sleeps soundly through night shifts at home while other dogs are awake barking up a storm outside their crates next door (yes, it happens).

Best Collapsible Dog Crate for Travel

Below are some of the best collapsible dog crates for travel. They include;

1. Ruff’ N Ruffus Portable Collapsible Dog Crate – Best Overall

This is the best collapsible dog crate for travel. It is made of high-quality materials and comes with a carrying bag that makes transportation easy. The Ruff N’ Ruffus Portable Collapsible Dog Crate is also easy to set up, fold up, and clean. It can be used in the car or at home, but more importantly, it is large enough for dogs up to 30 lbs!

The Ruff N’ Ruffus Portable Collapsible Dog Crate comes with an adjustable divider so that you can use it as a puppy pen or keep two smaller dogs separate from each other. This feature makes this portable dog crate perfect for owners who have multiple pets because they won’t be able to get into trouble together!


  • Available in 3 Sizes Medium (29x29x17 inches Dogs up To 10LBS) Large (36x36x23 inches Dogs Up To 25 Lbs ) Extra Large (48x48x23.5 inches Dogs 50+ LBS
  • Portable – Ideal for Travel.
  • Superior design- Roomy 8-Panel design with protected seams and reinforced corners.
  • Durable
  • Water-resistant materials.
  • Can be easily removed for indoor use & closed for outdoor use to provide shade.
  • High quality
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Value for money

Where to buy from

The best place to buy this product is Amazon. They’ve got the best product, customer care and delivery service.

2. Petnation Port-A-Crate for Dogs – Premium Choice

The Petnation Port-A-Crate for Dogs is a soft-sided collapsible crate that’s easy to set up and fold back down. It’s made from durable, high-density polyester fabric with a waterproof backing that keeps your pup dry in the rain or when he happens to get wet on a walk.

The crate features adjustable dividers and comes with three zip-on side panels (two solid, one mesh) for versatility and ventilation options. The top flap can be rolled up or folded over depending on your pup’s needs and preferences; this also makes it easy for you to look in on him during travel without opening the entire door.

The bottom of the crate has four heavy-duty feet that prevent sliding around or damaging flooring surfaces while taking care of any spills that may happen along the way.


  • Lightweight, portable indoor/outdoor pet home
  • Tightly weaved mesh fabric panels surrounded by an extra-strong steel frame
  • For pets up to 35 pounds, Extra Small – 16″L x 11″W x 11″H;Small – 20″L x 13″W x 13″H;Medium – 24″L x 16″W x 16″H;Large – 32″L x 11.5″W x 23″H;Extra Large – 36″ x 25″ x 25″
  • Sets up and folds down in seconds; no tools necessary. The pet home comes in a variety of different sizes for dogs from 10 pounds up to 70 pounds.
  • Measures 28 x 20 x 20 inches; made in China.First, measure your pet from the top of his head to the floor (the Port-A-Crate only needs to be one to two inches taller than this measurement). Second, measure your pet from the tip of his nose to the base of his tail (the Port-A-Crate only needs to be four to six inches longer than this measurement).

Where to buy from

The best place to buy this product is Amazon. They’ve got the best product, customer care and delivery service.

3. Zampa Dog Carrier Crate for Small Dogs – Best for Puppies

If you’re looking for a crate for your puppy, the Zampa Double Door Collapsible Soft-Sided Crate is a great option. It’s lightweight and portable, making it easy to carry around wherever you go. This crate is also easy to set up and take apart, so it’s perfect for travel if you find yourself needing one on short notice.

The bottom tray of this collapsible dog crate can be removed, making cleaning a breeze when accidents happen (which they often do with puppies). And even though this soft-sided crate doesn’t have doors on both sides as many other models do, it still has plenty of space inside so that even larger dogs can get comfortable inside of it during car rides or while travelling by plane.


  • ALL-IN-ONE FOLDABLE DOG CRATE – If you’re looking to buy a foldable dog crate that combines all the functionality with a touch of class & innovation, ZAMPA Pet Crate is the perfect choice – All-in-One dog crate for indoor, outdoor, training & travel purposes – Refer to the size chart for size details
  • QUALITY: Durable, Well-Ventilated Pet Crate For Indoor Or Outdoor Use
  • NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED: Pops up in seconds, no assembly needed, folds Flat, lightweight easy to carry,for your convenience we made a video for instructions how to fold
  • WHAT TO EXPECT FROM ZAMPA: Crate, , Carrying case, and a commitment from our customer service team, please don’t hesitate to contact our customer service and BARK, we will make it right.

Where to buy from

The best place to buy this product is Amazon. They’ve got the best product, customer care and delivery service.

4. EliteField 3-Door Folding Collapsible Dog Crate

A collapsible dog crate is a great option if you’re looking for a travel crate that’s easy to store when it’s not in use. They’re also convenient if you have limited space in your home, as they can be quickly folded up and stored away when not in use.

Most collapsible crates are made of plastic or metal, with wire openings and doors that fold down to allow the dog access into and out of their new temporary living quarters.

Not all dogs are happy about being confined during travel though – so be sure to use this type of carrier only if your pooch has been trained how to behave inside one!


  • Size: 30″ long x 21″ wide x 24″ high; 2″ wider and 4″ higher than most other brand 30″ soft crates, so the
  • Makes your dog feel more spacious; fully assembled; set-up and fold-down in seconds, no tools needed
  • The crate frame is made of strong steel tube
  • Made of high quality durable 600D fabric and hex mesh fabric
  • Well ventilated
  • Stylish
  • Lightweight
  • Durable crate
  • Great convenience and for sunlight and breathability
  • Comes with two accessory pockets on the top and side
  • Comes with a removable and washable cover and bed
  • Comes with a handle and hand carrying straps on the crate
  • High quality
  • Sturdy
  • Comes with a 2-Year Warranty from EliteField
  • Value for money

Where to buy from

The best place to buy this product is Amazon. They’ve got the best product, customer care and delivery service.

5. Arf Pets Collapsible Dog Crate

If you’re looking for a collapsible dog crate, the Arf Pets Steel Wire Cage is a great choice. This steel wire cage is durable and easy to set up. It has three doors for easy access, so your dog will be able to come in and out easily. The Arf Pets Steel Wire Crate can also be used as home furniture or as an indoor dog pen or puppy playpen. It works well with small dogs and large dogs, who will find it easy to enter and exit the cage.


  • Soft Mesh Crate is Portable for both Indoor/Outdoor
  • Comes with collapsible Bars with Retractable Springs
  • Setup is Simple
  • Storage Efficient
  • Comes with a heavy-Duty All-Steel Frame Construction
  • Water-Resistant Base
  • Washer-Friendly Material offers Easy Cleanup/Maintenance
  • Three Entrances; Ample Ventilation for Use in All Seasons; Carrying Strap Included
  • For travelling
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to fold
  • Sturdy
  • Value for money

Where to buy from

The best place to buy this product is Amazon. They’ve got the best product, customer care and delivery service.

6. Jespet 3-Door Collapsible Soft-Sided Dog Crate

The Jespet 3-Door Collapsible Soft-Sided Dog Crate is a great option if you want to keep your pet in a crate while travelling or at home.

The collapsible design makes it easy to store when not in use. The three doors offer access from all sides, so you can put it against the wall or move it around without having to remove the door and carry it separately, which is especially convenient if you’re using this crate for travel purposes.

It has several different uses: as a house/car/travel crate, travelling carrier/carrier bag and portable playpen (with additional accessories). It’s also suitable for puppies and adult dogs alike.

If you’re looking for something more robust than the previous two options but don’t need something super heavy-duty like those made of metal or plastic this could be an ideal choice.

It has been designed specifically with comfort in mind so there are no sharp edges that could scratch your dog’s skin or irritate their paws as they walk across its surface.


  • Size: 26”L*20”W*20”H; Foldable and Lightweight Pet Crate make it easier for outdoor travel. All dimensions are measured manually, please allow deviation of 1 inch.
  • Three Entrances Door (Top, front and side) for convenience sunlight and breathability; Ample Ventilation for Use in All Season. Adjustable Carrying Strap and Fleece Mat Include
  • The crate frame is make of strong steel tube; the carte cover is made of Durable washable 600D fabric and hex mesh fabric; a well ventilated, stylish, lightweight and durable crate
  • Fleece bed included: Quality fleece bed provide a comfortable place for your pet. Lightweight and easy to carry to all places
  • Collapsible Bars with retractable Springs make setup simple and storage efficient
  • High quality
  • Value for money

Where to buy from

The best place to buy this product is Amazon. They’ve got the best product, customer care and delivery service.

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