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Top 5 Best Chew Toys for Pugs – Exceptional Chew Toys

Best Chew Toys for Pugs

Looking for the best chew toys for your Pugs? I’ll be listing the best chew toys for Pugs. These toys have been tested and trusted by experts.

One of our favorite dog breeds is the Pug. He has a roly-poly figure, is pleasant and affectionate, and is renowned for having a naughty disposition. Additionally, according to Pug parents, your Pug is definitely up to no good if you can’t see or hear him. 

But what are your options if you can’t watch him all the time? Dog toys are the best and most entertaining alternative. I’ll take you on a tour of the Best Chew Toys for Pugs. I have chosen six of the most fantastic dog toys for Pugs in addition to teaching you how to choose the best dog toy. 

I reviewed each one and explained why it was my top choice. With toys selected for all play styles, considering his flat face and other demands, you’re sure to find the ideal one for your pug friend.

Would you like to begin? Move along!

Best Chew Toys for Pugs

5 Best Chew Toys for Pugs

Here, I’ve chosen the Best Chew Toys for Pugs and offered suggestions for each preferred play style. You can be confident that these are the most fantastic toys for your Pug to choose from because each one is safe and has received excellent reviews. Let’s start the drums.

1. Nylabone DuraChew Axis Bacon Chew Bone

  • Combats boredom
  • Helps to brush teeth.
  • Handles to aid puppies in developing the ideal grip.
  • Flavor of bacon.
  • Long-lasting.
  • Vet-recommended.
  • Produced in the USA.

In the chew toy industry, Nylabone is not well known or regarded. Additionally, this toy is composed of sturdy nylon, as suggested by its name. Because it doesn’t splinter, chewing on rugged nylon is frequently safer than natural bones and wood that he could encounter in the forest. 

It also has a strong bacon flavor, which most Pugs find irresistible. Reviews praised the fact that it occupied their dog for hours. This axis-shaped bone was chosen since it will be simple for your Pug to chew and grasp from any position. 

This toy is made to withstand rough play and should endure for a long time. If he enjoys chewing, he’ll get a lot of enjoyment out of this toy and will happily occupy himself for a long time. The ridges will help with teeth cleaning and gum massage with frequent play, enhancing his oral health.

I adore how this toy is the most excellent choice for Pugs, whose teeth love to get caught in everything. In addition, it will provide a more delicious diversion than your sneaker collection, encouraging better chewing habits.

Most dogs adore balls, so for the ball-loving Pug, this is an excellent option. You can load the hollow honeycomb-shaped ball with his favorite treats to use as a treat-dispensing solo toy because it is open. Additionally, it means that he can run while holding it in his mouth and still be able to breathe. 

He enjoys chasing and fetching it. Considering the Pug’s breathing issues due to his brachycephalic head shape is crucial. Fun can be had in the house or yard with this ball. The natural rubber used in its construction is non-toxic and capable of withstanding repeated chewing. 

Stretchy enough to give upon straining and satisfying chewing. But also vital because of the ground-breaking double-molded design. It is available for shipping in wide colors and sizes to fit all Pugs. Reviewers praised this toy’s adaptability.

We adore the fact that Pugs who enjoy multipurpose balls choose this toy as their top option. You can pretty much do whatever you want with it—chuck it, fill it, tug it.

Where to buy from

The best place to buy this product is Amazon. They’ve got the best product, customer care and delivery service.

2. Frisco Hide and Seek Plush Flying Saucer Puzzle

  • Puzzle toy made of plush with several pieces.
  • Enjoyable for hide-and-seek games.
  • Has squeakers built in to entice pets.
  • Mentally energizing
  • To chew on, be gentle and soft.

The top Pug plush toy is right here. However, there were six Martians and a spaceship, not just one or two. Since the manufacturer claims that it is appropriate for all dog breed sizes, your Pug will have a great time playing with these big soft toys. 

The goal of this toy is to challenge your dog to find all the aliens hidden inside the spaceship. You might need to demonstrate how to do it for him the first time, but after that, he’ll quickly pick it up. This interactive hide-and-seek game will be a great way to strengthen your relationship for you and your Pug.

This toy is perfect for solo play, also. Each Martian is squeaky as well, and thus it will appeal to Pugs that enjoy squeaky things. Additionally, he will benefit from it because of the variety of sounds, textures, and shapes. He may also curl up to the material at night because it is so soft. It will feel like he is back at the beginning of Men in Black with the actor, thanks to this out-of-this-world toy and the aliens. The fact that their dog never left this toy alone appealed to several reviewers. We adore the fact that this toy is a fantastic option for Pugs who enjoy soft, noisy toys. Because he will need to figure out how to free the aliens from their spaceship, it’s also a fantastic puzzle game.

Where to buy from

The best place to buy this product is Amazon. They’ve got the best product, customer care and delivery service.

3. Busy Buddy Barnacle Treat Dispenser

  • Rubber is resilient and springy.
  • Three treat storage areas.
  • Contains a selection of sweets.
  • While playing, fun and interaction release goodies.
  • Safe for dishwashers.
  • Available in three sizes.

This toy is a perfect option for Pugs who are constantly chewing or who are only amused when food is involved. You may stow his favorite treats in the three barnacle-shaped pockets on this toy. Observe him as he spends hours figuring out how to get the treats out. 

This is an excellent toy for tossing because of its uneven form and rubber construction. It bounced unpredictably, making it enjoyable every time, according to reviews.  It is safe and long-lasting because it is composed of non-toxic rubber. 

When chewed every day, it can withstand aggressive chewers and aid in plaque removal and breath freshening. To keep the child’s mind active, you can trim the toy to make it more difficult. This gadget does wonder for preventing boredom and reducing worry by keeping his mind occupied. 

For a simple clean, you can also put it on the top rack of your dishwasher. We adore that Pugs, constantly seeking nibbles, choose this toy. You may fill it with your Pug’s favorite treats and enjoy the show for hours.

Where to buy from

The best place to buy this product is Amazon. They’ve got the best product, customer care and delivery service.

4. Bones & Chews Cotton Rope

  • Combined chew and tug toy.
  • Fantastic for dogs who enjoy tugging.
  • Promotes good dental health.
  • Neither preservatives nor colors are made artificially.
  • No use of chemicals
  • Manufactured in the USA.
  • Recommended only for play that is supervised.

Another adaptable dog toy that caters to various play preferences is this one. We selected this toy because it has a rope and is perfect for Pugs who enjoy tug-of-war games. Pugs will play with it gladly since it is short enough, but it is also long enough to leave some space between you and your dog’s mouth for safety. 

Additionally, it makes it a fantastic chewing substitute for people who dislike playing with rubber toys. It is durable and made of a cotton and polyester mixture. At each end of the rope is a beef bone, providing the aroma and flavor to entice him to play for hours. 

To assure his safety, the bones are natural and roasted. This toy can also be used for fetching exercises, although we don’t suggest dropping it on your interior floors. This is a fantastic toy for massaging gums and enhancing dental health because of the bones and fibers in the rope.

We appreciate the robust rope and chewy ends of this toy. It is a fantastic option for Pugs who enjoy engaging in interactive play with their owners or other dogs. Additionally, they are free to freely chew on the bones.

Where to buy from

The best place to buy this product is Amazon. They’ve got the best product, customer care and delivery service.

5. Chuckit! Flying Squirrel

  • Made of a sturdy substance to withstand repeated use.
  • Parts with lighting to enable nighttime play.
  • It can be applied to water.
  • For longer fetches, aerodynamic design works flawlessly.
  • A wide range of highly noticeable hues.
  • Raised sides that are simple to grab.
  • Fun and simple to throw.

Toys made to be thrown for pursuing and fetching games are well-known for Chuckit! And this is the Pug that we think is best. Because it is made of lightweight polyester, your Pug can easily pick it up and carry it. However, it has several layers to ensure longevity. 

It is much easier for your Pug to pick up than flat frisbees because it has four raised feet in each corner. It can be thrown like a frisbee and will also fly like one. For the Pug who enjoys playing in the dark or in low-light situations, the feet also glow in the dark. 

Additionally, it floats on water as if that weren’t enough. This one is the only squirrel you won’t mind your Pug catching. This toy can help your Pug get the most out of its workout. Additionally, reviewers noted that their dogs never seemed to get tired of this toy.

We adore this toy’s fun for Pugs who enjoy chasing things around. This squirrel will be exhausted after a few rounds of throwing him as far as you can! 

Where to buy from

The best place to buy this product is Amazon. They’ve got the best product, customer care and delivery service.

Buyers Guide for the Best Chew Toys for Pugs

He might enjoy it, but he also might not, and your misguided buy might end up being a total waste of money. Additionally, it might be the wrong size, be constructed of a hazardous substance, and only last a minute. In this section, you will be guided through each factor you should consider when choosing the ideal dog toy. And stay away from the subpar ones.

  • Type of Play

Pugs are enthusiastic little dogs that adore nothing more than to run around and play with their owners. How do Pugs prefer to play, though? All Pugs are unique, just like people. Others like to simply chew everything they see, while some people want to run and chase after things. 

Some Pugs enjoy playing tug of war with their canine friends or exercising their brains by solving puzzles that reward them with treats. Even though Pugs are not the sharpest dogs, you might have a very astute cookie on your hands. 

So it would be beneficial to consider how your Pug likes to play. If he is constantly chasing balls, choose a toss able object. Find him a new chew toy that will be difficult to destroy if he enjoys chewing. Find a durable toy with a squeaker if he develops an obsession with squeaky objects. 

Some toys integrate various forms of play, which is perfect for Pugs who enjoy engaging in multiple activities. If you are fortunate enough to adopt a puppy, make sure to buy them various toys. And enjoy finding out his preferred style of play.

  • Durability

Even though the Pug is a tiny dog, he is brimming with energy that has to be satisfied. Once he is in the moment, he will gleefully throw his favorite toy to the ground and quickly demolish it. For this reason, you must purchase a toy that is of high quality and built of durable materials. 

You should opt for toys made for poor chewers if your Pug is a heavy chewer. You should keep in mind that dog toys do not last indefinitely. Simply put, extreme chew toys will last longer than traditional dog toys.

Thank goodness you don’t have to buy him a new set of toys with your entire paycheck. Our advice strikes a balance between price and toughness. However, if you spend a little extra on a high-quality dog toy, it will last longer. And as a result, offer better value for the money. 

The best method to pick a toy that will last is to stick with highly rated choices produced by reputable but obscure firms.

  • Safety

You must take safety seriously in light of the plush toy safety warning. After all, nobody enjoys going to the emergency veterinarian! If he chews things up really hard, only get him toys that can withstand that. Likewise, stay away from inexpensive dog toys. 

They frequently include hazardous elements that can be lethal to Fido or are created in poor conditions.

Toys must be safe before they can be enjoyable. Examine the toy you are about to purchase. Does it seem poorly made? 

Does it appear capable of doing the task for more than five minutes? What about components that pose a risk of choking? You can often tell if other dog owners think it’s safe and appropriate by looking at the aggregate rating from other customers.

IMPORTANT: To protect your dog’s safety while playing with any toy, keep a close check on them at all times. Take away the toy immediately if your dog starts disassembling it or acting weird while playing to prevent potential health risks.

  • Size

Because the Pug is a small dog, he definitely needs a small dog toy. Hold on, though, as this isn’t always the case. Once more, you must measure your little friend in accordance with the guidelines by looking at him. 

Some brands could recommend a toy based on breed, others on height or size. Additionally, not all toys are divided into the same size categories. Therefore, you must compare your Pug to the product description.

Size matters when it comes to dog toys. What is risk-free for one dog may not be for another. Your Pug will probably not want to play with the toy if it is too large. Additionally, if it’s too small, he might purposely swallow it if he knows Pugs. And a trip to the veterinarian in case of emergency will follow. 

Always choose a larger size if in question about what to choose. Finding the right-sized toy for your Pug also requires considering whether it will look well on his flat face. Brachycephalic breeds frequently find it challenging to pick up toys that are flat or lack ridges for their mouths to grasp. 

Therefore, you must think about the design and whether it would make his playtime convenient for him.

  • Materials

Its durability and general safety will depend on the material. Sadly, some companies continue to employ harmful ingredients because they are less expensive to produce, which results in higher profits at the expense of Fido’s health. I’ve included the most frequently used and safe materials for your Pug below.

  1. Rubber: A popular material for dog toys is rubber. Particularly for fearful dogs and teething puppies, it is enjoyable to play with and pleasurable to chew. Compared to other materials, rubber is durable and has a long lifespan. You can clean it up relatively quickly as well. 

Always opt for latex-free, 100% natural rubber. Rubber that is also safe for dogs is thermoplastic elastomer.

  1. Rope: Another well-liked option for dog toys is rope. Additionally durable and robust, the rope fibers make them useful for tooth flossing. It works well for tug-of-war battles and fetches games. Instead of purchasing a length of rope from a hardware shop, it is imperative to buy a rope toy designed specifically for dogs. 

The chemicals that were used to treat or treat the rope, in general, may be dangerous to your little Pug. If your dog begins to shred the rope, remove it from them right once to prevent ingesting and any blockages.

  1. Nylon: There are two types of nylon, which is another typical material used to produce dog toys. One type is complex, and chew toys are frequently made from this type. It lasts for a while and is secure for your Pug to chew on. 

Flavored and continually shaped for teeth hygiene, nylon dog toys are available. It is not dangerous if your dog ingests a few tiny pieces. To avoid any potential problems, remove the toy from your Pug immediately if it is making them cough when chewing on it or any other toy.

The other type, soft nylon, is typically used in more delicate toys. Keep an eye on your dog when playing because these toys can be pulled up.

  1. Polyester and plush: Soft toys are frequently made from polyester and plush materials. Although soft toys are adorable, not all Pugs should use them. Polyester and soft toys are off limits if your Pug is a destructive chewer. 

These kinds of toys are appropriate for him if he plays gently or enjoys being carried about and cuddled. Please exercise caution when using these toys, though. The soft interior material and other items, such as squeakers, become a choking hazard once the material tears.

Frequently Asked Questions

You could still have some questions even after viewing our list of the best Pug toys. Let’s examine some of the most often asked queries.

 What types of toys are best for my Pug?

The Pug is a happy, curious, and playful little dog. However, not every Pug plays the same way. You are the only person who can provide an answer to this query. Nobody is more familiar with your Pug than you are. 

Pick a toy that encourages the same kind of play as the ones he previously enjoyed. Choose a toy that you can throw if he likes to stretch his legs.

Is one toy enough for my Pug?

Absolutely not. Your Pug needs to be amused. Additionally, he won’t be able to keep his mind active and stimulated with just one object. A Pug is a straightforward dog, but you’ll need to get him a variety of toys to keep him entertained. Pugs that are bored are frequently mischievous and destructive.

Are some materials dangerous for my Pug?

Yes, there are some substances available that are hazardous and harmful to your Pug. Make sure every product is safe for your dog by carefully reading the description.

Do Pugs like chew toys?

The most significant kind of toy you may acquire for your Pug is probably chew toys. While helping teething puppies, these toys also offer several advantages to older dogs.

Are Pugs heavy chewers?

Are pugs chewers? Regarding chewing, pugs can chew worse than other dog breeds. They view a costly pair of shoes as nothing more than an amusing, oddly shaped toy, and your shouts of surprise are heard as happy yips for a job well done.

Do Pugs like tug of war?

Pugs appear to be constantly game for a game of tug. The L.L. Bark Boots give your dog the ideal item to grip onto while competing to be the best at tug-of-war. Stretchy rope adds a little extra give to the tug sensation, like BARK’s t-shirt rope.

Do Pugs retrieve?

Fetch is a terrific way to use some of pugs’ energy. They might not be natural retrievers, but they can certainly pick up the sport. The following three pointers will assist you in teaching your Pug to play fetch.

How do I get my Pug to come when called?

Get them to hold the leash that your Pug is walking on, then tease your Pug with a goodie and flee from them. Give “NAME COME” as a command while running. Your assistant must drop the lead as soon as the command is given; otherwise, your Pug will charge after you. Stop, turn to face them, ask them to sit, and reward them if they comply.


The Pug is a happy, cheeky, curious, and feisty guy. And your Pug needs some assistance to expend all of that energy. Giving him many toys to play with and enjoy is the best thing you can do to assist him on his journey.

It’s crucial to focus on the play style your Pug enjoys, whatever it may be. Keep in mind that while enjoyment is vital, safety comes first. You may be sure you are taking the best steps toward pure Pug delight by choosing one of the options from our list above.

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