Best Buy Dog Bowls For Flat-Faced Dogs 2020-Best Choice For All Dog Lovers
Best Buy Dog Bowls For Flat-Faced Dogs 2020-Best Choice For All Dog Lovers

Best Buy Dog Bowls For Flat-Faced Dogs 2020-Best Choice For All Dog Lovers

best buy dog bowls for flat-faced dogs 2020-best choice for all Dog lovers

We love Pugs and so it is important for us to feed them in a good, correct, and hygienic way. So we need to find the “best buy dog bowls ” for them.

It may not think it’s important, but the days when we could feed our dog an old bowl are long gone. Every pug needs a certain type of shell, and of course, I’m not talking about cute and designers Bowls for our fur babies.

Let us take a quick look at how we need to select the best bowl for our pug’s food and water. In this case, we can choose a beautiful stainless steel or silicone bowl that is scratch-resistant and suitable for our pug.

If we talk about some very adorable creatures on this earth, flat-faced dogs are one of them.

There are not many things that will make us more joyful than running home and seeing our furry friends with their smushed face. Eager to see us and holding on to give all of us the affection that they have. With those cute adorable faces, however, comes numerous issues.

Traditional Dog Bowl is not suitable for them. For a more enjoyable eating experience for our puppy, there are many options (Dog Food bowl) available in the market. But when we have come across so many alternatives (food bowl), we always find only a few best options available for our cute friend. Such as a balanced food bowl or we can say special Dog Bowls for Flat-Faced Dogs.

Problems with Traditional Dog Bowls

As regular dog bowls are much deeper, it can cause a harder time reaching their food and can cause unnecessary stress on their bodies. With the traditional dog bowl, the walls of the bowl press hard facing the nose of our flat-faced dog, making it difficult to inhale through the nose.

These dogs have a higher chance of choking on their food because of their narrow nasal passages and windpipes. Our furry friend can face gas or bloat. It may cause vomiting or even excessive farting too.

This is the situation where the flat-faced Dog Bowl Comes in the picture. These bowls are specially designed for our smushed faced pugs.

Actually, the correct term for flat-faced or smushed faced dog is brachycephalic.

Brachycephalic breeds include French Bulldogs, Bulldogs, Pugs, Shih Tzus, Pekingese and Boston Terriers, etc. It describes any dog that has an upper jaw shorter than their bottom jaw – making the muzzle appear flattened or squashed inward. If we have a brachycephalic dog. Then at sometimes, it is usual to observe /heard heavy breathing or panting.

The overwhelming breathing originates from their short snouts, which are normally accompanied by a lot of little nostrils. These small nostrils are responsible to make it hard for them to inhale through their noses typically.

This type of shell is intended for pugs, bulldogs, and boxers, which means that your pug’s head should be able to fit into the shell so that it can get to its food. If you buy a dog pile for your pug, you should shop for the small breed department. Look for shells that are specially designed for brachycephalic (flat-faced) dogs such as pugs and bulldogs, as well as for dogs with small heads.

These kinds of bowls are generally tilted to one end and slightly elevated -making the feeding experience of our pet much more pleasant.

Generally, we find the following features in Dog Bowls for Flat-Faced Dog.

Wide opening to give our pet a comfortable eating experience–

it is comfortable for our pug because the pup doesn’t have to squash his face inside this bowl at the time of eating.

Tilted shape bowl –

Now Our pug doesn’t have to smear his food all over his face as this kind of bowl helps our dog to access their meal in a much easier way.

Slanted rear for giving our Flat-faced dog easy breath –

It allowed him to breathe through his nose while he eats as our pup’s nose won’t be pressed up against the side of the bowl.

Are Tilted Dog Bowls Better?

Tilted dog bowls allow your dog to eat comfortably and this kind of bowls is better for flat-faced dogs. A tilted dog bowl helps our dogs to access their food much easier. This kind of bowl allows the food to gather at one end of the bowl and make it comfortable for flat-faced dogs to eat their meal properly.

In this case, a traditional dog bowl may disappoint your dog, a tilted dog bowl will also allow your dog to be able to access their food in a much easier way. So we can say, a tilted dog bowl really helps to relieve the stress on our dog while making for a more enjoyable eating experience.

These special dog bowls can also help our flat-faced dog to lower the chance of bloat, which can lead to several other health issues.

Top 3 Best buy Dog Bowls for Flat-Faced Dogs

best buy dog bowls for flat-faced dogs 2020-best choice for all Dog lovers

Enhanced Pet Bowl-Stainless Steel made- for Flat-faced Dog

Because of the design of the Enhanced Pet Bowl, it is the perfect choice for our flat-faced dogs. Enhanced Pet Bowls are highly recommended by dog owners of English Bulldog and French Bull Dog etc. So we can say it is the best buy dog bowl for French bulldogs and English Bulldog.

Offering food from a specialized bowl, we can help our flat-faced dog avoid a lot of these feeding difficulties.

It easier for flat-faced Dog to get the kibble out of the bowl as it is slightly upstretched in the back. Because of its design, it will be easier for our pet to fit their head in and so It is shallower too.

During the time of feeding the movement of the bowl is also decreased because this product is equipped with a non-removable rubber ring and this non-removable rubber ring helps reduce movement of the bowl.

It is best to hand wash this product, because of this rubber ring. The bowl is made of stainless steel so it easy to clean.

So, we can conclude the pros and cons associated with this kind of pet bowl


  • Easy Shallow
  • The tilted side makes food easily accessible to Flat-faced dogs.
  • Non-slip grip of Bowl
  •  stainless steel made and 100%safe and free from any kind of harmful chemicals
  • It is easy to wash.


  • Bulky size can make it a bit tough to store
  • Not Spill Proof as per some of the dog owners, it’s not puppy-proof because they can still make messes.
  • Price of this kind of bowl

This kind of flat-faced dog bowls are suitable for Boxer, Brussels Griffon, Bulldog, Cane Corso, English Toy Spaniel, French Bulldog, Japanese Chin, Affenpinscher, Boston Terrier, Mastiff, Pekingese, Pug, Rottweiler, Shar Pei, Shih Tzu, Tibetan Spaniel or similar


Super Design Detachable Stainless Steel Bowl for Flat-Faced Dogs and Cats


best buy dog bowls for flat-faced dogs 2020-best choice for all Dog lovers

The slightly prominent positioning of the bowl matches the overall design. The bowl itself is transferrable, allowing for easy cleaning of it, and the stand

It comes with a variety of color ranges to satisfy your style and with different sizes. So, this kind of dog bowl is  “best buy dog bowls “for our pets.


  • The stainless steel insert pet bowl
  • Elevated stand facility
  • 15-degree tilt suitable for our helps to protect the carnival spin of our per which helps to release the stress of the neck of our loving furry babies.
  • Removable/ detachable bowl for easy cleaning
  • As the inclined design prevents food from overflowing the edge so it is Spill Prof.
  • Price is affordable
  • The non-slip grip helps to reduce movement


  • For extra-large dogs, Sizing may not be suitable

UPSKY Tilted Bowl with the stand for Flat-Faced Dogs and Cats

best buy dog bowls for flat-faced dogs 2020-best choice for all Dog lovers

It is actually a food and water bowl principally designed for cats, but this is the best buy dog bowls for smaller breeds of our flat-faced dogs. This bowl comes with a detachable/movable stand that can help get the perfect angle of tilt for our fur babies.


  • Anti-Spill and Anti-Slip
  • Made with eco-friendly materials
  • Free tilt design for our pet
  • Detachable/removable stand


  • Non-dishwasher safe or not



There are many best buy dog bowls are available in India for our Flat-Faced Pets.

Check some other best buy dog bowls available for pets.

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